Monday, 30 January 2017

Jiangsu TV Chinese New Year TVB concert

It's nice to see some Mainland channels appraising the TVB oldies. A few years ago, the main crew of LOCH 1983 (except Barbara, sadly), were invited for an LOCH 1983 celebration by a Mainland channel (will add the name later). Now, for the Chinese New Year 2017, we had Jiangsu TV inviting Michael Miu, Felix Wong, Gallen Lo and Kenneth Joe Ma singing five TVB oldies songs, including "You're the Best in the World" (LOCH 1983) and "Shanghai Tan" (The Bund 1980).

Assisting the four main TVB giants are TK11 and Zero-G plus some all-men background dancers. I have no idea who Zero-G is other than they are six modern boybands. Nevertheless, the all-men configuration really gave the New Year positive fighting energy. Love the all-white suit that the background dancers gave (and that they actually backflipped! OMG, I thought no one in the Central Plains could do that anymore these days!)

Below the break I have the original clips of the TVB songs performed here. Thanks to Ian Liew, Sarafina and Mandred Skavenslayer from the SPCNet for identifying the other songs I had no clues about. 

Update 4 Feb 2017:

Thanks to TVBFan for letting me know about the first song (Triumph in the Sky) and fixing the identity of the actor singing with Gallen Lo. The actor should be Joe Ma instead of Kenneth Ma. 

The 5 min performance covered some series from 1980, 1982, 1983, 1995, 19992001, 2003 and 2004. We have 8-9 songs here in the New Year clip if my ears are correct. So at least one of the series has two songs performed. Or I mis-identified one song as two songs.

The first song (Cantonese) is 'Triumph in the Sky', originally sang by Eason Chan and Joe Ma. I can recognise the actor who played A Man with Michael Miu in The Academy 2005. Thanks a lot, TVBFan!

The second song (Cantonese, with fingers clicking) is the OST from the Demi Gods and Semi Devils 1997 (thanks, Mandred!).


The third song (Mandarin) where three to four Caucasian singers (TK-11) came to join in was "Love and Passion" (thanks Ian). Here we have the Cantonese version below sung by the wonderful Liza Wang (thanks Sarafina for the link):

The fourth song was "Shanghai Tan" (Cantonese ver.) from The Bund 1980.

There is a Mandarin song after The Bund. Sarafina and Mandred identified this Mandarin song as a song from Return of Condor Heroes 1995, originally sung by Chyi Yu (I've made a Chor Lau Heung MV using Chyi Yu's "Turning" last year). Here's the Cantonese version of the one sang by the boys on the New Years gala. I'm still not sure if the rap is part of the ROCH 1995 song, as in, the lyrics were used, but the music has been rearranged as rap. So I'm just treating it as one song now (Song #5). 

Then we have Gallen Lo and Joe Ma for the 6th song, singing a theme from At the Threshold of an Era. Thanks Sarafina for identifying this song!

Right afterwards, we have the 7th song, "You're the Best in the World",  LOCH 1983 (Michael Miu and Felix Wong).


The last song was the Legendary Fok 1982 (thanks Ian!), performed by Michael, Felix, Gallen and Joe. Beautiful back-flip by the background dancers, everyone! That back-flip art still exist in China!!!

Happy New Year again. Let's work smart!


Ha Nguyen said...

I now just got a chance to watch this. Seeing Felix and Michael up on stage singing made me smile ear to ear. M really has a good singing voice.... OMG its soooo lovely watching him. Thanks for posting this!

Icha said...

No worries! Yes, Michael really has a good singing voice! He definitely can sing!

TVBfan said...

The first song is the theme song of TVB's drama Triumph in the Sky sang by Eason Chan with Joe Ma (the fourth guy in the video) as the lead, not Kenneth Ma.

Icha said...

Thank you so much! Yes, that's the song. And thanks a lot for revising Joe Ma (I'm sorry for misidentifying Joe with Kenneth Ma...).

I will fix the information now.

kimberly ly-c said...

I totally forgot to tell you, I found your blog off SPCNET. Lol. I guess me and you have been messaging back and forth for a while now!

But I think you shared this on SPCNET forums and I thanked you for sharing <3


Icha said...

LOL! So, are you Sarafina? Serafina? Or someone else?