Wednesday, 15 February 2017

Barbara Yung's mother passed away

The late Mrs Liu Ming Yee by Andrew Chan, Barbara's godson, via Rob Radboud

Barbara's mother passed away last January, and I didn't know this until now. Some fan I am... Mrs Liu Ming Yee was 90 years old when she died on 17 January 2017 in Cambridge... and I was too busy with deadlines to notice this!

hung head in shame...

Back to Mrs Liu's death... Andrew Chan provided info from his Weibo that Granny Liu had been ill since she was born, and she had a stroke a few years back. Her funeral will be on 23 February 2017 (next week!) in the Cambridge City Crematorium, and her ashes will be buried next to her daughter's grave. Which means, the next time me (and Hannah) visit Barbara's grave, we will also pray for Mrs Liu...

Rob Radboud's website has the full info from Andrew Chan (that's where I got the info from) I will just copy and paste the first few paragraphs, and the rest you can visit his website directly.

Wow... I'm so sad now... cos I just recognised Barbara's mother last night in the photos in Rob's website, and now I learned that she was gone...

OTOH, Barbara is now with her mother again. May they rest in peace...

Mother and daughter are now together again (pic from Rob Radboud)

Andrew Chan's message (Andrew is Barbara's godson):

Dear all, 
Gran passed away peacefully in her sleep on 17th Jan 2017 in her home. At the age of 91, she had a rich and fulfilling life, taking on everything with energy and vigor. Her smile, love, and cuddles will be dearly missed.
Her funeral will be held Cambridge City Crematorium on 23rd Feb 2017. Due to limited seating, we have decided to have the service as a private event. For those who wished to fly over to attend, you have our sincerest thanks but I hope you understand. Instead, it would have made gran very happy if you could consider spending more time with your friends and family, especially elderly members who may not be so mobile, or perhaps some voluntary work to help those in need during the Chinese New Year. Life is precious and we must make the most of it. 
Many have asked how you can donate to charity so here's a link below. Gran always helped those in some of the poorest countries in the world so we decided that GiveWell can fulfil her wishes. GiveWell is a non-profit organisation that examines the effectiveness of multiple charities. Every year they publish a list of top charities doing the most effective work in alleviating suffering and saving lives. You can donate directly to them and they will then distribute it amongst their top chosen charities or pick and choose yourself (they do not take a commision from your donations). Their top charities include Against Malaria Foundation, who distribute cost effective bed nets to prevent the spread of malaria; and other initiatives aimed at controlling debilitating parasitic diseases. Please go to their website to read more about their research and finding. 
Here's how to donate: 
1) Go to
2) Enter the amount(s) you'd like to donate
3) Under “A few more questions”, tick “Would you like to dedicate this donation to someone?”. Please enter:
4) Dedication name: Cheung Ming Yee
5) Dedication email:
6) Under “Where did you hear about GiveWell?”, enter:
7) Press the Donate button
Residents of the UK can use the link below to allow Gift Aid to be claimed (25p extra for every £1 donated). Please email if you wish to leave me a comment or wish to inform me of how much you’ve donated so I can keep a record.

More information about GiveWell can be found here:

For those who wishes to send floral tributes, please use this website:
Tel: +441223350761

You can select the flowers you wish to send and pay online with PayPal or a credit card. As gran was over 80, you can select pinks and other colours (she liked pink roses and lillies). Please no red flowers. You can also leave a message in English or Chinese. Please order by 15th Feb and confirm by emailing me at .

The rest of the message is at Rob's website, including Q&As with Andrew Chan, Barbara's godson...

Some more photos of Mrs Liu can be found at Rob's website too.

I also need to apologise to Barbara's family, for I thought that her grave was not attended to often when I visited Cambridge in July 2016. However, it turns out that Barbara's family still lives in Cambridge. It's just it would be difficult to arrange weekly cleaning up, and grasses grow very quickly in the summer rain... Andrew Chan et al, my sincere apologies...


Ha Nguyen said...

Thanks for the update Icha. You are so my go to site that I have your site shortcut and bookmarked on both my desktop and cellphone hehehehe.

May she rest in peace. I imagine she is with Babs now. Such a beautiful thought...brings a tear to my eye.

Icha said...

Awww... thanks a lot for the bookmarks!!

Yeah, it gives me solace that Barbara is not alone anymore up there... and that her mother's grave is just next to hers. I feel much happier that now she has her mother with her...

I miss Babs... but I'm sure she's enjoying time with her mum now...