Thursday, 12 January 2017

MB couple trivia

Chor Lau Heung pacifying Song Siu Ching, Ep 25

I made this trivia with Hannah, preventing her from sleeping by us asking each other some silly trivial questions about MB couples (it’s her birthday anyway, so she shouldn’t sleep early!). The couples in question are Li Sai Man/Chun Sik Sik, Chor Lau Heung/Song Siu Ching, Tung Pang Fei/Ho Doh Wan, and Szeto Man Mo/Lam Chor Yin. We at times include Dragon Ying (Lam A Ying) and her long suffering husband A Leung just for fun, and also Wong Yung/Kwok Ching and Yeung Hong/Mok Nim Chi, cos they just have to be mentioned. The results are as follows, a combination of both our answers. Anyone wants to add anything?

Oh, and happy birthday, Hannah! Thanks a lot for your visits, comments and friendship! 

And this post contains a link to a CLH deleted scene as well, which I wrote for Hannah, but of course others can read too... (you don't mind, do you, Hannah? ^_^) 

Q: how would our men console their women when the ladies are sulking?
Icha: at least three of them would pinch the ladies' chins (CLH has been shown to pinch SC’s chin, LSM has been shown to pinch SS’s chin, Michael pinched Barbara’s chin when she was dressed as Doh-wan off screen...). Tung Pang Fei… He'll hold his ears, like in the series, and then peck Doh-wan’s forehead. He’ll also recruit his mother-in-law Mrs Lam, cos she’s such a softie towards Fei…

Hannah: CLH would tease SC, until she gets mad and tries to beat him..then he would scoop her in his arms and whisper sweet nothings into her ear…LSM would hold and caress SS..give her soft kisses all over her face and neck...SMM and CY... SMM would pretend he's sick…make CY worry and then grab her and snuggle her with kisses while she hits him…he’s so goofy sometimes. Hehehe…

Li Sai Man and the sulking Chun Sik Sik

Q: What's the difference between LSM romance n CLH romance?

Hannah: LSM is an intense lover. Remember, CSS is a great stress buffer for him...for them it's like… “love you so much, I  might die tomorrow”, LOL! CLH is more “love you so much, let’s see the world…". A happy-go-lucky type of guy!

[click here for a new CLH/SSC deleted scene]

Q: When buying a dress or necklace for the ladies , which ones would buy them as a surprise? Which one would take the ladies so that the ladies can pick for themselves?

Hannah: LSM would pick for SS ... CLH would take SC to pick her own.  Fei would take DW to pick her own... SMM would take CY to pick her own. Because SC is a princess…she knows what she likes, I imagine. DW, SC, CY don’t have a problem voicing their opinions on things they like. CSS is much too humble, she will say she doesn’t need those gifts.

Icha: I can see LSM n also Fei picking presents for their ladies. Fei did that in the series. But he can also take Doh Wan too... SS doesn't dress up, so LSM is the one dressing her up

Q: Who will invite friends for a wine drinking session?

Hannah: LSM definitely ... wine drinking… CLH definitely....Fei definitely. SMM not so sure…never saw him much with friends.

Icha: SMM’s only friend is Supreme Master. Sad… However, I can see SC as inviting friends for a drink, being a good hostess.

Q: On a group couple date, who will be the late couple?

Icha: LSM-SS will be the first to arrive cos SS just dons the simplest hairdo.

Hannah: In order of first to arrive to last to arrive: LSM/SS, SMM/CY, FEI/DW, CLH/SC, and Dragon Ying will come late because she’s a honeybadger and we all know honeybadgers do what they want. Plus cleaning her whip takes up a lot of time.

Icha: Wait, how come CLH/SSC arrive after Fei/DW? DW spends hours curling her hair, and Fei too with his perm!!

Hannah: LOLOL .. that’s hard to determine... SC is a princess...look at her intricate hair pieces sometimes…and all those embellishments...

Icha: Might be a tie between those two couples then...

Q: And if we include WY/KC and YH/MNC in the couple dinner, where are they in the scale of punctuality?

Icha: I'd say YH/MNC ties with LSM/SS

Hannah: hmm... YH would make MNC late. He’s a prince (high maintenance). MNC is humbler…not as high maintenance. But honestly...YH would not get an invitation LOL!

Q: can we see any of our couple mixing and matching with another?

Icha: I think... not really... SS would see CLH as tai-gor. Besides, LSM would be so jealous. SSC wouldn't take LSM's antics, her being a princess as well. But Fei n CLH might be in competition. Cos DW might like CLH

Hannah: LSM doesn’t seem to fall for spoiled princesses either. LSM and SS definitely made for each other and no else.

Icha: SC would think of Fei as a jerk as well. She fell for CLH because he was a taihap, tho he had girls flocking around him. I actually don't see the four couples changing partners... But I can see who will have more tai-gor and man-mui relationship, like Fei and A Ying. WY definitely will call CLH tai-gor after a period of hostility. CY to CLH too. SC will befriend Fei and Szeto Man Mo.

Hannah: LSM is jealous of every man who looks at SS, and he wears those emotions on his sleeve.

Icha: So, poor SS has to be careful when she talks to others, particularly CLH, though we don't need to worry about CLH not being able to defend himself. DW might actually be able to befriend LSM

Hannah: SS would be kind to everyone…she would probably bore CLH because she too kind and humble...CLH needs spice in life. DW befriend LSM...possibly...

Icha:  CLH will be polite to SS. CLH will have interesting discussions with A Ying, and teach her how to better use her whip, while poor A Leung fumes in jealousy

Hannah: SC would love to learn SMM's magic spells. She seems like a fun gal. I can see her saying "teach me how you do that". She’s a curious girl.

Ho Doh Wan and Tung Pang Fei

Q: so of all the guys…who do you think would be bestie?

Icha: We know LSM n CLH won't have bromance...Fei and CLH can talk. Man Mo... he needs someone silly... no talking politics...So... no one, but perhaps A Leung. Fei n CLH would talk politics, and then the mood shifts when LSM comes, cos CLH still has competition with LSM, but Fei wants to know what LSM think of his strategies.

Q: and the women?

Icha: Oh they're fine with each other, the girls. Except Dragon Ying…Cos she just looks at her whip.

Hannah: DY is better off drinking with the guys while AL holds her whip. I guess it’s better than holding her purse

Q: LOL! So, okay, who's the purse-holder for the ladies?

Icha: A Leung & Kwok Ching

Q: which guy would come to AL's rescue on how to take some control back

Icha: Fei!
Hannah: So right! LSM would look at AL and shake his head

Q: They would invite WY/KC, right? When do they come? After or before SMM/LCY?

Hannah: hmmm... before SMM/CY. OMG, WY can talk! KC will be the one holding her purse along with AL. WY and CLH will be exchanging poetry all day. I think WY and LSM can actually talk too because I can see WY having some really good advice for LSM. KC and MM are not big talkers...AL is but he fears DY. I can see MM KC and AL all having a fun conversation. Then AL whispering to MM and KC how crazy DY can get, while SC and DW will talk about the latest hair style. SS will wish MNC could come... cos they are besties, while Chor Yin... CY might actually join MM in the convo with KC and AL...Dragon Ying and WY, if not at odds, will be comparing weapons.

Q: Who SNORES! Both ladies and gents

Icha: CLH wouldn't snore. He's so refined. LSM wouldn't snore. Man Mo would, totally!

Hannah: Yes, Man Mo would! Fei and AL snore.

Icha: DY definitely snores, and she accuses AL of snoring loud hence she couldn't sleep!
Chor Yin snores or not?

Hannah: no CY wouldn’t snore… SS definitely doesn’t snore

Icha: only Dragon Ying of the girls snore then.

Szeto Man Mo and Lam Chor Yin

Q: who steals the blanket at night

Icha: DY, WY. SC sometimes. SS definitely NOT. She'll give the blanket to LSM and LSM gives it back to her.

Hannah: SMM is blanket hog

Icha: CY steals the blanket too, and SMM just gets another blanket for himself cos he's so sweet.

Hannah: But if SMM hogs the blanket and CY gets mad…he will just pull her into the blanket and hug her to sleep.

Icha: What about CLH/SSC?

Hannah: Neither steals the blanket... They cuddle so much... they are never far enough from each other to be outside the blanket.

Nite, nite, guys! Next post this weekend will be the LOCH 2017 episode recap!


Ernie Susanti said...

Hi, my name is Erni from Indonesia.

You don't know how happy i was when i found your site/blog. I have been an avid fan of michael-barbara pairing. Their chemistry was no joke.

Unfortunately i only watched CLH wit them as a pair. Could you please let me know where I can watch their other series with eng sub?

After decades i still want this ship to sail 😁

Thanks a bunch

Icha said...

Hi Ernie,

Thanks a lot for your comment! Truly appreciate it! Come visit often, and do leave feedback when you have time; I like reading comments from my readers.

Above is the Fearless Duo link for Cantonese version with English subtitle. I love FD, totally a favourite of mine!

For United We Stand, we have no Eng sub yet. For LOCH 1983, I bought the Cantonese audio from one of the Tokopedia sellers, with Eng sub as well. The shop has closed down due to the silly reg of no-piracy (but all DVDs sold in Tokopedia are pirated anyway...), but I am certain you can find blogs that sell LOCH 1983 with Eng sub. Go with the Cantonese audio if you can find it, cos they're original. Plus, you can hear the real voices of Michael and Barbara with Canto ver!

For the Foundation, no Eng sub. We're trying to sub it into English, but we're very slow at the moment. I found the Foundation Cantonese version with Indonesian sub at Tokopedia as well.

thanks again, and look forward to hearing back from you!

Ha Nguyen said...

I still laugh reading this trivia. TOO cute and TOO funny! Love how it brings our most beloved characters to real life in such a light hearted way that we all can relate to. Should definitely do another in the near future.

Perhaps we can do one if our couples had teen kids, how they would describe their parents hehehe. What would CLH and SC's kids say about them? Or LSM and CSS.

Fun Fun Fun.

Icha said...

LOL! That would be funny. Yeah, let's do part two!

Will contact you tomorrow about it. Sleeping time now zzzz...


Ernie Susanti said...

Thanks a bunch for the link. Definitely will check it out. I checked yesasia couple days ago, and found out that TVB has rereleased the Fearless Duo. Really tempted to buy the dvd, but will check your link first.

And please do another trivia of MB, they made me giggle 😁. If LCH had daughter, i bet he would spoiled her to death just like he spoiled her mother...

Icha said...

Thanks Ernie for the FD info. You know, I wish TVB would release the English-subbed version, cos I will definitely buy it for safe keep!

CLH has a daughter, you know... at least in my fan fictions:


Hey you just gave me another idea of trivia... gotta contact Hannah, see if she's not sleeping yet...

thanks again!