Saturday, 29 July 2017

LOCH ep 39-52 contents and highlights

GJ's last meal with his Freaky (but lovely) teachers, Ep 43

My apologies for my absence last week; I was just busy with some private stuff… I also didn’t make anything special this week. One of the main reasons was because I have been immersing myself with another genre (J-manga), specifically on my recent awareness that a Candy Candy novel that rewrote Candy White Ardlay’s love story exists since 2010 (Candy Candy the Final Story). For those also growing up with Candy, you can read my reverie here. For those who don’t know what or who Candy is, and have no intention to read, perhaps I can direct you to the last few episodes of LOCH 2017? I haven’t finished uploading the episode highlights, despite the fact that it ended last April. My apologies, but at least now I have kicked myself to post this… next weekend I should be able to return to the old 1980s MB series once more.

Ep 39
Content: GJHR found the Book of Wumu; MNC jumped off the cliff to prevent GJHR from giving the Book to WYHL; YK mourning MNC; GJHR found Yinggu’s hut and got the instructions to meet the Southern Emperor

Highlight: MNC jumped off the cliff.
Downfall: Yinggu’s wig…OMG please rescue me from that wig…

Monday, 17 July 2017

Tinker Belle

The girl walked nervously towards the bush, her red bells tinkling merrily as she walked, betraying her trepidation. Upon arriving at said bush, she looked behind to see that no one was following her before entering the bush, carefully such that the branches did not unravel a single thread of her sky blue dress. The dress, as blue as the sky above the gentle river behind her, was, after all, her favourite.

The person she was waiting for was sitting in the bush, waiting for her, fidgeting. She tsk-ed.

“You know, Chor tai-gor is the thief here, not me! I don’t like this hide and seek!”

“Well…You’re supposed to be his adopted sister, surely you share the trait in hide and seek…”

The girl glared. Although she had been missing him earlier, seeing him sitting like a coward annoyed her. She snapped. “Shut up! Now tell me that you’re ready for this.” When the person she talked to mumbled, her blood boiled. She stomped her left foot and, as she said, “I knew it! You’ll never be ready!” she turned back to leave.

Sunday, 16 July 2017

Jianghu meetings vs modern meetings

I'm still slow in updating because of my recent European trip... so pardon this short trivia. I have a fan-fiction in mind, short as it is, which I hope to post in the next weekend or earlier. Meanwhile, have a nice weekend, and please help us with the relocation of Barbara's tombstone! (Chinese translation is here).

Just in case the writing is too small:

Thursday, 13 July 2017

The Chinese translation for our appeal about Barbara's tombstone

Thanks to Anna Zhou for translating this message for me. Anna used simplified characters, hence for our Taiwanese and HK readers, I also include the traditional characters here. My apologies for any mistakes in the translation. Also sorry for not uploading anything last weekend, I was knackered after the overseas trip...

朋友們,我和Rob Radboud需要你們的幫助。正如我前一篇文章中提到,Barbara(翁美玲)劍橋的家人將會更換掉之前的白色墓碑,添加她母親的名字上去。我和Rob一致認為之前白色的墓碑值得保留,而不是被丟棄......對我們而言,最好的去處就是Barbara在香港紀念堂。




Saturday, 1 July 2017

Barbara Yung's life in Cambridge

The CCAT art building where Barbara used to take her art classes

So the previous post was about my visit to Barbara's grave last week, accompanied by none other than Rob Radboud. This post is about the "Barbara Tour" I had in Cambridge with my knowledgeable guide, Rob. Click this to read Rob's report on this trip and click this to read our appeal to relocate Barbara's old tombstone to Hong Kong. 

I spent the first afternoon in Cambridge, a fine Thursday afternoon, visiting the CCAT (Cambridgeshire College of Arts and Technology – now the Anglia Ruskin University), about 10 min walk from the city center. CCAT was Barbara's and Rob's pre-university school back in the late 1970s. Rob showed me the place where he first talked to Barbara; a CCAT canteen that has now become a computer lab. He'd notice her already, the quiet Chinese student, always sitting by herself with a black note book, writing. But it was one day in that CCAT canteen that he first talked to her. He approached her and asked what she was writing. She looked up and, with a very bright smile, showed him what she'd been writing, in Chinese.