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Chor Lau Heung 1984 summary eps 24-30

The followings are episode guides for the New Adventures of Chor Lau Heung 1984. My sincere gratitude the Dramanice for uploading the series with English-sub for us. Major spoilers as the series progresses, hence stay away from this post if you haven’t seen it and want to see it without spoilers. Click here for the summary of other episodes. Click here for Fearless Duo episode summary and here for summary of The Foundation 1984.

My Velcro Couple being so cute together, ep 25

Ep 24: Sam Leung was playing a zither for the Emperor when he had an asthma attack.  The Emperor was then taken to the Bat Prince who demanded the Emperor to hand him the crown. The Bat Prince also told the Emperor that he (the Bat) would be a much better ruler for he built the Palace by himself. Chor et al arrived at the old entrance on the dessert but couldn’t find the entrance. They then went to the seashore to find the exit, where they found some masked dead corpses floating on the water. One of them, Luk Ching Wah, was still alive, hence Chor et al changed plan and took him to the Peace Mansion. Inspector Ying met Au Yeung Fei again (actually, prevented Au from committing suicide for failing to save the Emperor) and then they paid another visit to Huashan. Scary Nun denied that, but then she paid Yuen Tsui Wan a visit. Yuen greeted his mother who pressed him to find the Emperor’s whereabouts. Scary Nun also barked at her son for not being ambitious enough. Kam Ling Chi paid Yuen a visit but Yuen was being cold to her under the pretext that he still had some unfinished business to do. Poor Miss Kam... she was just too innocent...

Chor arrived and asked Yuen to invite all grand masters to devise a plan to attack the Bats. The masters then arrived with their students, which brought a moment of hesitance to Chor and Miss Wah before they greeted each other. Wu Tit Fa, on the other hand, had to be injured in a battle against the Bats before Koh A Lam took care of him, to the jealousy of Miss Kam. Scary Nun barked again asking her student to stay away from Wu. Meanwhile, during that fight, Ting Fung tried to kill Luk Chin Wah but was prevented by Yat Dim Hung, who had been impersonating as Luk so far (Luk didn’t survive his injuries and died while under Rosie’s care).

Chor tai-gor and Yat Dim Hung talked about love, ep 25

...and confessed his insecurities to Fell Cut (ep 25)

Ep 25: Yuen Tsui Wan wasn’t happy that Chor et al hid the fact that Luk was already dead for quite some time. Chor insisted to carry out the original plan and have Yat hiding just to be safe. Yat and Chor talked about their plan and how Yat still had the burning desire to avenge Yin. Chor said Yat’s love to his wife really awed him. Although he had three belles surrounding him that made people jealous of, Chor said he couldn’t compare himself to Yat. Fell Cut said that Chor was quite loyal to love, that was why ladies flocked around him. Chor said it might just be his good luck. When Fell Cut talked about Song Siu Ching, Chor stopped him and said it would never work between him (Chor, I mean) and SC. Fell Cut said that personal background means nothing for love. Chor said Yat might be right, but he preferred to take it as things go and not avoiding fate at all. Cries! But at least Chor didn’t dismiss Yat’s notion that he (Chor I mean) loved Siu Ching! Later, the Lingering Fragrance found Siu Ching talking about flowers with Yuen. Yuen offered SC the chance to see a particular flower blooming that night, and he invited Chor too. Chor gaily refused, saying that he was a rough guy who couldn’t appreciate flowers, and that his presence would spoil someone’s mood. SC was disappointed, because she actually just said yes to Yuen’s offer to make Chor jealous.

Yuen Tsui Wan trying to court Siu Ching, ep 25

Meanwhile, Koh A Lam finally got the courage to leave her master, but Wu Tit Fa didn’t want to leave just yet because he wanted to help Chor with the Bat attack. 

Despite his own love problem, Chor tai-gor talked love with Wu re: A Lam

...but his advice still didn't make Wu more decisive (ep 25)

That night, some (early version of computer-generated) bats attacked the Mansion and hit some random people. The bat venom caused people to spill out their innermost secrets, affecting among others Wah Jan Jan who babbled about her feelings to Chor (leaving Chor wrong-footed in front of everyone and SC looking so jealous) and Yat Dim Hung who mistook Rosie as Yin Yi and Chor as the Bat Prince. Master Yuet Hung from the Wutang Clan arrived, informing them that Dr Cheong was their only hope. To save Jan Jan, the three girls took her to Dr Cheong for treatment. Fell Cut stayed behind despite being infected because he really wanted the Bat Prince’s head. Chor Lau Heung lectured him that with his current condition, Fell Cut wouldn’t be able to kill the Bat even the villain is shoved to his throat. Fell Cut stubbornly still refused to get the medical help. The Lingering Fragrance asked SC to take care of Fell Cut but SC preferred to be with Chor as they waited for the Bat Prince. Chor cutely pinched Siu Ching’s chin, telling her that he didn’t want her to get hurt (so cute!!), to which SC replied that she might be kidnapped again if she was alone. Chuckling, Chor relented. Wu Tit Fa asked if Chor was sure that the Bat Prince would come the day after. Chor gaily told him to ask Mr Bat himself, and SC cutely agreed with Chor (I swear, our Velcro couple was so cute in this episode!). During the Judgement Day, the Bat minions arrived with their master to attack “Luk Ching Wah” who was Chor in disguise. Battle ensued and the Bat Prince was killed by Fell Cut. 

Chor et al going to Dr Cheong (ep 26). See how comfy Chor-SC are!

Ep 26: Chor unmasked the villain to reveal Mr Yiu from the Diancang sect. As the event ended, Fell Cut held a simple ceremony to pray for his wife before leaving for Purity Temple to become a monk. Siu Ching, Chor, Wu, Koh A Lam and Kam Ling Chi went to Dr Cheong to check on the girls. Our Velcro Couple immensely enjoyed their journey; they walked and talked together the whole way (and really, I don’t think MB were acting here, they were, like, really close and comfortable with each other). On the contrary, Wu/Oh/Kam triangle had some problems between the three of them. Once it was raining and Wu Ti Fa was being nice to A Lam. Ling Chi got jealous and left the hut they stayed on, leaving Wu and A Lam wrong-footed. Chor, SC, Wu and A Lam (the ultimate pairing of this series, I should say) arrived at Dr Cheong’s place to find the place in disarray. Despite searching the vicinity, they couldn’t find any clue. 

Chor-SC grinning at Wu Tit Fa's love dillema, ep 26

Au Yeung Fei and Ying Man Lei met General Kwan Cheuk and Officer Pak nearby and soon they joined Chor et al at Dr Cheong’s. A Lam returned to Huashan to inform her teacher. Gen Kwan suggested he escorted the Princess back to the capital. They took a break at Gen Kwan’s mansion. Kam Chi Chung found out about it and reported to Madam Kam, who was concerned about it because Kwan was one of the traitors who sided with the Dukes. Gen Kwan reported some suspicious activities at the capital and suggested a detour via a route that Chor considered too dangerous. Chi Chung tried to set up a meeting with Inspector Ying by sending him a letter, but both of them were ambushed such that they suspected each other. Inspector Ying managed to track down the paper to the Kam family, hence rousing Chor et al’s suspicion that the Kams were behind the attack. Ying also met Miss Kam in town and invited her into Gen Kwan’s house. Kwan started to spread gossips about the Kams. Meanwhile, Madam Kam hired Sit Yi Yan to kill Gen Kwan Cheuk. Sit did that, but not before fighting Chor Lau Heung. Sit Yi Yan got away and reported back to Mrs Kam, telling her that had he known Chor was there, he wouldn’t have taken the job. Mrs Kam asked how much would it be to kill Chor, and Sit told her to forget that idea, cos Chor was like the toughest man on earth (or at least in China). Chor told Wu that Miss Kam might not worth his trust. Wu had to interrogate Miss Kam, which was innocent actually, but her reaction made him think of her as guilty. Ling Chi overheard the conversation between Chor and Wu and was angry for that. Chor went to the Kams to ask them why they killed Gen Kwan.

Chor receiving blames from Kam Ling Chi, ep 27

Ep 27: This episode has so many important things. A fight ensued between Chor and the Kams; for which the latter got injured. Ling Chi was furious and wanted to kill Chor, but Madam Kam prevented her for she had no chance to defeat Chor.  Realising there was a possible catch, Chor returned to the Kwan Mansion. Inspector Ying suggested they searched the mansion thoroughly and they did find evidence of Kwan’s treachery. In horror, Chor realised he had wronged the Kams. He immediately went to the Kam Mansion to apologise, only to find the Kams having been slaughtered by a masked killer. Chor arrived just in time to prevent the killer from killing Madam Kam, but the old lady was already blind, and Ling Chi’s father and uncle murdered. Chor fought the killer and realised his identity from his fighting style. Ling Chi was livid and blamed Chor for the destruction of her family. Chor couldn’t say anything because he did feel guilty. Madam Kam, who had made peace with Chor, asked him to return to the Princess to protect her.

A tearful, guilt-ridden Chor Lau Heung, ep 27

A worried Siu Ching, ep 27

Chor returned, but that night during dinner he just gulped cups after cups of wine such that it concerned SC, Ying and Au Yeung Fei (and me! It pained me to see Chor Lau Heung like this, stripped of his usual smile and jokes). Michael, I mean, Chor, also had tears streaming down his face, but he was also very angry to himself (he reminded me of Yeung Hong/Yang Kang here instead of Chor Lau Heung). Chor told SC et al to leave him alone but later apologised for his rudeness. Wu appeared and wanted to challenge Chor, who said he still had to finish a business, but if Wu had to do kill him, just do that for Chor wouldn’t dodge. SC made herself a human shield in front of Chor, such that Wu then left. Chor later told SC that it hurt so much to be betrayed by his best friend. When SC asked whether it was Wu that Chor meant, Chor said no, it was someone who was supposed to be dead already.

Siu Ching protecting her lover, ep 27

The next morning SC found a letter from Chor, telling her that he got a business to take care of, and that Mr Ying and Au had to take her to the capital. SC, Ying and Au managed to catch up with Chor. SC demanded that Chor left to the capital with her, or else she wouldn’t go to the capital. Chor pulled a Mr Knightley to his Emma here by telling SC to stop acting like a baby and considering her immense responsibility to the country. What with the Emperor missing, it was now SC’s job to manage the court. Chor also told SC not to forget that the Kam brothers died to protect her. SC realised her mistake and let Chor go, but not before promising him that she’d wait for him.

God... look at this expression (ep 27)

Later, Chor arrived at the abandoned Zo Mansion to find Zo Hing Hau waiting for him with wine. Anger burned Chor’s face like amber as he approached Zo and drank the wine the latter offered him. Angrily Chor said, “To the dead Zo Hing Hau!” before drinking the wine. Zo agreed that he was dead already the day he betrayed Chor. Chor asked why, and Zo explained that years ago he promised the Duke that he’d do anything the Duke wanted him to do in exchange for a medicine for Zo’s daughter Ming Lai. Thus Zo had pretended to die and had killed the Kams, all for his promise to the Duke. Chor asked Zo to hand himself in, Zo challenged Chor by handing him a sword. Chor had to use the sword to fight Zo who defeated him in the first round. In the second round, when Chor did an attack from above, Zo didn’t dodge, hence Chor accidentally killed him. Zo thanked Chor for killing him and apologised that Chor Lau Heung had to kill, for the Lingering Fragrance never killed. Zo asked to drink with his friend for the last time. Receiving the wine from his best friend, Zo recited the poetry they shared in the first ep, and left his body. Chor finished the drink, buried Zo next to his daughter, then returned to SC who was waiting for him.

Chor and Zo Hing Hau. It really hurts... (ep 27)

Concerned about SC’s safety, Chor suggested that Ying and Au Yeung Fei investigated the political situation at the Court to know how much influence the Duke had gathered. Chor took SC to his boat to keep her safe. There, SC asked about their relationship. Chor told her that a wanderer and a princess would never be able to make it happen. SC got angry and entered the boat chamber, leaving Chor alone. She later played the zither as she recalled the important moments in their relationship. On the deck, Chor listened to the music SC played with a pained and conflicting look on his face.

When our ladies' man is unsure about what to do with his love... (ep 27)

Meanwhile Ying and Au managed to sneak into a Court meeting to know enough about the names and positions of the Duke’s supporters, and that the Duke had the Jade Seal. They were caught spying and had to escape, but not without killing some soldiers first.

Ep 28: No Velcro Couple in this episode, but it was a busy one anyway. The Duke had a rendezvous with Ting Fung. The Duke apparently paid Ting Fung (or, rather, the Bat Clan) to snatch the princess a while ago, but since Ting Fung failed, the Duke didn’t want to collaborate with the Bats anymore. Ting Fung said he had Emperor Yan Hing with the Bats and he demanded some imperial treasures in exchange with the Emperor. Meanwhile in Hua Shan, Koh A Lam asked Scary Nun if they could just ask for Chor Lau Heung’s help in looking for Wah Jan Jan. Scary Nun refused cos to her Chor was just a villain. Later, A Lam got a message that Wu Tit Fa was waiting for her down hill, but she refused to meet him. Apparently, it was a ruse from her teacher to see if she still liked Wu. Scary Nun was happy that A Lam had put Wu in the past, such that she asked A Lam to be the interim leader while she was away for a Taoist meeting at the Pak Wah Temple. En route, Scary Mum met Yuen Tsui Wan and re-barked her order to find the Emperor. In Pak Wah, Scary Nun witnessed the Duke’s envoy being rude to the Pak Wah nuns. Annoyed, Scary Nun trailed the envoy when they were secretly going out that night. She witnessed the exchange between the Duke and the Bats. Since the Duke fooled Ting Fung with a box of stones instead of gold, chaos ensued and Khoo Mui took her chance to rescue the Emperor. However, she was outnumbered thus had to flee without the Emperor. She then went to the Peace Mansion and told the reluctant Yuen that they really had to rescue the Emperor because Yuen was the Emperor’s son. Surprised at this turn of event, Yuen agreed to leave for Mt Wutang to organise an attack plan. Back in Mt Hua, Wu Tit Fa successfully annoyed Koh A Lam and was about to have a darling fight with her when the imperial troops attacked the nunnery on the pretext that they had been hiding the Emperor. Wu and A Lam were captured, Hua Shan was burned. In Wutang, Scary Nun was livid that the Duke dared to attack her nunnery. Master Yuet Hung distributed the invitation for attack meeting. Nearby the capital, realising the Duke had gone too far with the Mt Hua attack, Inspector Ying, Au Yeung Fei and Officer Pak attacked the Duke’s envoy. They failed. Officer Pak died while Ying and Au had to escape.

Chor Lau Heung still cares about his 'friend' Siu Ching, ep 29

Ep 29: Ying and Au Yeung Fei escaped to Chor Lau Heung’s boat to meet our Velcro couple who were playing chess (SC finally got the hang of it!). Chor devised a plan to steal the Jade Seal which worked like magic. It was a fun change from the sombre looking Chor we saw since the last few episodes. It cost Wu Tit Fa’s health tho, for the Duke tortured him to reveal Chor’s location, which he of course didn’t do. Chor et al went to Mt Wutang to regroup with the rest of the wuxia leaders. There, during the debate about the merits and flaws of her father’s reign, SC blurted out that she was the princess. Chor had no other option but to vouch for her. Later, Chor received a letter from the Bats, demanding him to meet them the day after to rescue the girls. Chor went to the Pine Forest alone, but Yuen Tsui Wan followed him. The Bats asked Yuen to return home, for they only invited Chor. Chor then met the Bat Prince who asked him to join the clan. Chor refused. Bat Prince challenged him to save Sugar three times, or Chor would have to kill himself. Chor tried twice, then decided to attack the Bat Prince instead. Chor ripped the Bat Prince’s mask, but he couldn’t see his face for the Prince hit him as a counterattack. The Bats left the forest with Sugar. Chor returned to Wutang, followed by Yuen a few minutes later. Yuen admitted he was ambushed by the Bats too, but he escaped. Chor sniffed something, then realised his snuff bottle was broken during the fight with the Bat Prince. Meanwhile at the Bat Palace, the three girls, Wah Jan Jan and Dr Cheong were indeed captured there. Dr Cheong was captured to treat the Emperor’s asthma. Later, they devised a plan that enabled Rosie to leave the Palace to collect herbs for the Emperor.

Ep 30: the smart Miss Lee managed to trick her Bat guards to eat a poisonous plant and escaped. She was then saved by one of the Wutang alliances and met her Brother Chor again. Chor was happy to see his adopted sister (he really cared for them). He was also pleased to learn that Rosie had put markers to bring them back to the Bat Palance. But wait... all of these were actually planned by the Bat Prince so that Rosie escaped. What would his plan be?? Meanwhile, in jail, Wu Tit Fa and Koh A Lam grew closer and were eventually married. They managed to escape, but was captured again. Wu received some serious beatings due to the failed escapee. Wu and A Lam consoled each other. Wu hoped that Chor Lau Heung was en route to save him. So he had forgiven Chor after all for the Kam-gate...

Tung Sam Leung died protecting Chor Lau Heung, ep 30

Back at Wutang, almost all fighters marched to attack the Bat Palace. SC and Inspector Ying stayed behind to reduce complication (in case she was injured or whats not). The attack went rather smoothly, tho Chor was trapped inside the quick sand. He had Tung Sam Leung saving him tho, not just by pulling him out of the quick sand, but also by fending off the Bat troops, despite her having zero fighting skill. Miss Tung died helping Chor, who was too furious to restrain his strength, hence he killed all Tung’s killer. Before she died, Tung said she was happy to be able to help Chor, who befriended her benefactor Fell Cut (btw, the actress who played Miss Tung actually played as looked very similar to Bao Xiruo, Yang Kang's mother in LOCH 1982 in which Michael Miu portrayed Yang Kang/Yeung Hong, but they were actually played by two different actresses). Chor later left the Palace looking rather stunned to see so many victims of the Bats. 
Siu Ching welcoming her Brother Chor, ep 30
Later as they arrived at Wutang, SC privately asked her father to reward Chor for his heroic deeds. Inspector Ying and Au Yeung Fei grinned at each other as they teased SC that the Emperor should reward Chor Lau Heung with something precious, like his daughter. 

Emperor Father supporting his daughter's choice, ep 30

The Emperor played the part and told SC that he was planning to give Chor a nominal post, for to be his future son-in-law, he had to have a decent identity. SC blushed so cutely. Oh, and try to save the end credit for this episode, for it has the nice music that SC played on the boat (also the theme song for any romantic or light-hearted scenes, particularly MB scenes!).

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