Sunday, 2 September 2018

A fan account of visiting Barbara’s grave

Barbara's new grave in August 2018 (photo courtesy of Joy)

As some of you may know from Rob Radboud's website,  in January this year, Barbara’s old white tombstone was replaced with the new black one to accommodate her mother’s. Barbara’s old white tombstone is now buried underneath the black stone, along with her ashes and her mother’s ashes. However, I didn’t visit her grave when I was in Europe in 2018 because I didn’t have time, hence I couldn't tell the impression upon seeing Barbara's new grave.

A few weeks ago, a fan of Barbara contacted me about visiting Barbara’s grave in Cambridge. Her name is Joy, and what is very special to me about her is that she is 18 years old, yet she is a fan of Barbara Yung. Joy said that she became a fan after watching the LOCH 1982 series with her mother. Joy was in the UK recently (or perhaps still is), thus she wanted to visit Barbara’s grave in Cambridge. I gave her some tips based on my old post in 2016 and 2017. Later, she sent me an account of her visit and also some photographs; here they are below, edited slightly to secure her identity.

Joy, thank you so much for the gift.