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The first trailer of LOCH 2017!

Finally, after months of waiting, here's the first trailer of LOCH 2017! Thanks to SPCNet members for the info. Screen caps and scene commentaries are below the break.

The series will air in China on 9 January, so it's much faster than I thought. It will be 4 episodes per week of 52 episodes. The one shot YouTube has up there is Ouyang Ke flirting with a blushed Mu Nianci. TBH, I was disappointed with the way OYK looked like (so different from the 1983 OYK by Wong Wan-choi or the 2008 OYK by Li Jie), but I'm surprised that the 2 min trailer gave a decent OYK here. We'll see though...

I also love the look of Guo Jing (William Xu) and Huang Rong (Li Yitong). Michael Miu only had a few seconds screen time in the trailer (in which he looks gorgeous as usual), but I'm fine, cos other aspects of the trailer look great. Except of the wire-fu... but that seems to be a given for modern wuxia productions (blergh...).

These are the scenes that I can register with speed 0.25x and 0.5x normal in YouTube. There are at least 80 scenes of them. For the extended trailers, if any, can we have more Michael Miu please? And we haven't seen Ray Lui's Southern Emperor either!

1. Mongolian vs Jurchen attack?

2. Guojing vs Yang Kang’s cronies (including Llama Lingzhi?)
3. Mongolian vs Jurchen (or Mongolian vs the other grassland tribe?)
4. Houses on fire
5. Chasing in the snow (either the first chapter where Qiu Chuji was chased by the Song-Jurchen alliance or the attack of the Guo and Yang families by Wanyan Honglie)
6. Mei Chaofeng
7. Seven Freaks of Jiangnan vs Qiu Chuji
8. A temple…perhaps Quanzhen’s Seven Stars Formation?
9. Another wire-fu… of Huang Rong perhaps (cos the girl is wearing white)
10. Ouyang Ke vs Guo Jing
11. Huang Rong (with very pale blue and pink tunic, already with the Beggar Clan’s Dog-beating Stick) and Guo Jing
12. Huang Rong again, but different dress (blue)
13. Someone swirling over the water… Hong Qigong?
14. Mei Chaofeng vs Guo Jing

15. Qiu Chuji vs either Yang Tiexin or Guo Xiaotian
16. Peach Blossom Island: Guo Jing chasing Ouyang Feng the West Venom
17. Back to the Ox Village, first chapter, either the chase of Qiu Chuji or the attack of the Guo and Yang families by Wanyan Honglie

This is ep 1, the chase of Qiu Chuji (cos it was in the winter)

18. Peach Blossom Island: Zhou Botong vs West Venom

19. Huang Rong and Guo Jing back-flipping
20. Mei Chaofeng
21. Guo Jing and green leaves (this might be when Hong Qigong trains him in exchange of Huang Rong’s delicious meals)

22. Yang Kang and his Nine Yin White Bone Claw
23. Two people fighting above a giant bell, my take is Qiu Chuji and one of the Freaks
24. Mei Chaofeng
25.Hong Qigong

26. A street fight. Probably Qiu Chuji’s Quanzhen brother (Wang Chuyi)
27. Finally!!! My Michael Miu!!! I mean, Huang Yaoshi the East Heretic with his jade flute!

28. A white eagle flying despite a snow blizzard (the CGI looks okay)
29. Peach Blossom Island: HR in light blue dress
30. Yang Kang and his Nine Yin White Bone Claw
31. Mu Nianci in the Fight for Spouse
32. Ouyang Ke vs Guo Jing
33. Guo Jing in Peach Blossom Island
34. Ouyang Ke vs Guo Jing
35. Guo Xiaotian’s death Yang Tiexin falling into a cliff

36. Peach Blossom Island: Ouyang Feng’s deadly zither
37. Peach Blossom Island: Guo Jing protecting Huang Rong (while my Michael, I mean, Huang Yaoshi) just stood behind her in feigned indifference…)

38. Huang Rong’s first appearance as a girl, which turns Guo Jing into a gold fish out of the water… Just add snow, and it will be exactly like the original novel

39. Guo Jing, but I think he’s in a town, not by a river

40. Nice two hearts on the bell!

see the two hearts? It might be unintentional...

41. Peach blossoms… but not sure the setting is in Peach Blossom Island or in the Cloud Manor
42. Two people riding two horses. Guo Jing and Huang Rong?
43. Mu Nianci and Yang Kang? Or, since Nianci was also seen with Ouyang Ke in the same colour setting, is that her with Ouyang Ke?

44. Huang Rong trying to cure Guo Jing in their hideout

45. Huang Rong and Guo Jing by a river (washing GJ’s horse?)
46. Genghis Khan in a function

47. Snowy mountain
48. Mu Nianci and Ouyang Ke
49. I think this is when Guo Jing and Yang Kang paid respect to their fathers, perhaps after Yang Kang killed Duan Tiande

50. Guo Jing and Huang Rong being cuties (then William Yang and Li Yitong later had vertigo because of the spinning…)

51. A very nice shot of the steppe
52. Beautiful lake shot (the boat goes to the Cloud Manor?)

53. Mei Chaofeng again (lots of her in this trailer!) with blood sprays on her face
54. Mrs Huang (‘A Heng’)

55. Guo Jing (who possibly lifted the candles)
56. Possibly Liang Ziwong (he has fangs, which I associate with the snake that almost ate Guo Jing and GJ later bit)
57. Mu Nianci falling (or diving) into a water body
58. A stick circling a forest ground
59. Yang Tiexin and his spear circling a snowy ground (vs Qiu Chuji I guess)
60. Guo Jing
61. A girl with a sword… not Mu Nianci. My take is this is Cheng Yaojia (who’s secretly dating Lu Guanying, the young master of the Cloud Manor)

Not Cheng Yaojia. This is Han Xiaoying, the 7th of the Seven Freaks (Ep 2)

62. Qiu Chuji again (or I could be wrong. He could be Master Wang Chuyi?)
63. Yang Kang (in the Fight for Spouse?)
64. Quanzhen vs Mei Chaofeng in an inn. Isn’t this where Huang Yaoshi was supposed to fight with Quanzhen?
65. Huang Rong with the Dog-beating Stick
66. Guo Jing chased by a twister of leaves…generated by Huang Rong?
67. The death of Yang Tiexin and Bao Xiruo

68. Yang Kang’s grief (over his mother’s death I guess)
69. The cremation of Yang Tiexin and Bao Xiruo?
70. Baby Guo Jing and Li Ping (his mother)
71. Guo Jing helping Mei Chaofeng
72. A Quanzhen priest vs someone in black
73. The fight in Ouyang’s boat between West Venom and North Beggar
74. Wanyan Honglie
75. Qiu Chuji vs the Seven Freaks of Jiangnan
76. Yang Kang vs Guo Jing in a cave… when they were trying to retrieve the Book of Wu Mu?

77. Qiu Chuji
78. The four useless female guards of Ouyang Ke
79. Guo Jing trying to shoot an eagle over a snowy mountain

80. The LOCH title

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