Monday, 14 May 2018

Barbara Yung 2018 commemoration

Today, 33 years ago, Barbara Yung Mei Ling left us. It was a very painful event for all of her fans, and the sadness still reverberates until now. Yet, I hope that we are all coming to our acceptance of what happened and eventually move on with her smile and laughters, her fullness as a person, in our hearts. Barbara was not a perfect person, but nor am I. None of us are. Hence, I still thank her for her role in making my childhood beautiful.

I thus also want to wish her a very belated happy 59th birthday on 7 May last week. I remembered her birthday last week, but I didn’t have time (or didn't make time) to make a post about it. Thus, here’s an old MV that I made last year, which I hope can remind us of the beautiful, though imperfect, Barbara Yung.  Oh, and if you'd like to entertain yourself with a fanfic, this one is a funny one that I wrote last year for Barbara.