Saturday, 7 January 2017

LOCH 2017 Opening Theme, Closing Theme and other OSTs


Jeffrey Chiang et al. actually use 'Iron Blood, Loyal Heart', the very opening theme of LOCH 1983 for this new series!!!

Okay, they rearranged the song, it is now the instrumental version, but my God, what a beautiful rendition of the original opening theme! Click the YouTube above and hear and see for yourself! You can see our Michael Miu as Huang Yaoshi flying over the peach blossom trees there, as well as new scenes of Bao Xiruo and Wanyan Honglie with poor Yang Tiexin listening outside the house. Also can see Ray Lui's Southern Emperor and Huazheng hugging the torn Guo Jing. 

Click here for the LOCH 1983 OSTs, including the original 'Iron Blood and Loyal Heart'. 

Update 9 Jan 2017: I have added the extended ver of the opening closing theme. It's official: LOCH 2017 is using the instrumentals of "Iron Blood, Loyal Heart". The iQIYI link is here, the embedded YouTube below the break, as well as some Michael shots as Huang Yaoshi in the extended closing theme OST.

Update 10 Jan 2017: I have embedded Eps 01 and 02 from YouTube below the break. So far so good!

A very beautiful re-arrangement of the classical "Iron Blood, Loyal Heart"(full version, 2:24 min), for the ending theme of LOCH 2017:

Some screen shots of Michael as Huang Yaoshi:

Huang Yaoshi (Michael Miu) vs Quanzhen's Seven Stars Formation

The green-dressed tai hap opens his mask...

And someone calls 911 for me cos I faint to see East Heretic's beautiful face...

And here's the other OST for the LOCH 2017 (not sure if it's the closing theme or it will be 'just' an MV, I suppose). I like the use of the Chinese musical instruments in the beginning. I could hear something resembling shakuhachi there, and shakuhachi is a Japanese instrument, but it might not be shakuhachi (and I'm fine if it is). But I'm not warming up to the rest of the song yet.

Will add more OSTs later. 

Update 10 January 2017

For now, my quibble is that, as much as I love the 83 Iron Blood, Loyal Heart, I want to hear and see the producers actually coming up with another ending theme, for instance, the instrumental music when Wanyan Honglie lied to Bao Xiruo and told her that Yang Tiexin had died...

Whoops, is that a spoilers?

Anyway... Episodes 1 and 2 are in YouTube already, you can see them below:

Check Ep 01 about 3/4 of the way to listen to a nice mellow instrumental piece that I think would suit the ending scene...

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