Monday, 22 May 2017

Yeung Hong singing, Huang Yaoshi in talk show

I'm going away for two weeks' business trip, so I might not have time to post something new soon. I certainly did not last week, but I will try to post something small by next weekend...

In the mean time, here's Michael Miu's Yeung Hong (LOCH 1983) singing "Iron Blood, Loyal Heart" and the second 1983 OST with Sharon Yeung Pan Pan. I like Sharon's sweet voice... and I totally am hearting Michael's voice. Like, TOTALLY. I'm a bit restless today, but just listening to his voice singing calm my heart just now. He's magical to me...

Then, after the break, we have Michael Miu, Li Yitong (2017 Huang Rong) and Chen Xingxu (2017 Yang Kang) talk show and TV coverage in Hong Kong. The news coverage was in relation to the LOCH 2017 airtime in HK, which reportedly receives good rating.

Sunday, 14 May 2017

Commemorating Barbara: 'Who Can Change' - a Michael/Barbara MV

Today, this morning, 32 years ago, Barbara Yung left us.... I have written quite a lot about her passing; notably my analysis that she had a depression. I have also written a timeline of her and Michael Miu here.

Since the last few days, I've been watching Fearless Duo at night, one of the reasons was because it was a funny series... yet at the same time, it rings true the most to Michael's and Barbara's story. Because of that, I also use Fearless Duo's famous OST for this latest MV. Performed by the ever charming Alan Tam, 'Who Can Change' is without doubt the closest song I can think of that tells the story of Michael and Barbara... their friendship, and their (possibly restrained) affections. Granted, it's a sad MV... but it also gives me some bitter-sweet MB moments. I hope you like the MV despite its sad tone.

The Vimeo version is below the break. For this MV, I have also revised the translation of 'Who Can Change' provided by Wehaiyo, for I feel that translation is not prosaic enough for the MV (thanks a lot, though for the translation!). My version of the translation is also below the break.

So... yes, once again... we love you and we miss you, Barbara. This time though, people will be laying flowers on your grave next to your mother's...You're not alone now...

Take care, my dear girl... always shine like the brightest star up there...

Sunday, 7 May 2017

Many Happy Returns!

Okay I'm SO going to make this!

“Chor tai-gor, long time no see!”

Chor Lau Heung nodded excitedly as he saw Szeto Man Mo walking into the garden pavilion with Lam Chor Yin, who was carrying a medium-sized colourful package. “Glad that you make it here, A Man,” Lingering Fragrance nodded to the couple, “ – considering your wife’s pregnancy.”

Chor Yin smiled as she caressed her enlarging stomach. “I’m fine. Plus, I can’t miss her birthday!”

“True,” A Man said as he took the package from his wife’s hand. “Where should we – Ah! Li tai-gor is here!”

Chor Lau Heung whipped his head to see Li Sai Man sauntering into the pavilion; one of his arms holding Chun Sik Sik tightly as if she’d run away if he didn’t do so.  It’s not a secret in their small group that Chor Lau Heung and Li Sai Man had an unspoken rivalry, hence Man Mo held his breath to see if the two dashing tai-haps can actually act civil this time.

'The Manslayer' - Huang Yaoshi LOCH 2017 MV

Today is Barbara's 58th birthday! Happy birthday, my darling girl! I miss you so much...

So, I plan to make something for her... but I had to finish a Huang Yaoshi MV first... the 4th one I made (the 3rd one with the real action scenes, not just the stills). Music is from Rurouni Kenshin Samurai X movie (2012), Track #7 (Hitokiri Battousai). Hope you like it!

The Vimeo version is after the break.