Friday, 20 January 2017

Manga of the LOCH 2017 characters

So the producers have released the lovely manga of the LOCH 2017 characters. So far, we have only the four main leads, and not sure if we will have more. But I definitely want to see the Five Greats' manga (particularly Michael's laaaaah), hence I hope we will have more!

I'll post more manga artworks here if we have more.

Huang Rong (needs a better facial expression) 

Guo Jing

Yang Kang (needs a better facial expression)

Mu Nianci


Lovepearl said...

The LOCH manga is not as good as Bu Bu Jing Xin manga if you noticed.
It's more rough drawing and less cute. Hopefully in the future there will be more manga about Loch 17 especially MM ��

Icha said...

Oh yeah I do agree. The BBJX manga are so cute... The recent manga for LOCH are better now, check the ep 9-16 commentaries for one of the examples...

Thanks Lovepearl for the comments!