Friday, 24 February 2017

LOCH 2017 commentaries for Eps 21-28

Resort-owner Huang Yaoshi welcoming his guests (including myself) at the gorgeous Peach Blossom Island

Apologies for the lack of update, I have an (exciting) personal matter (which Hannah helped sorted) which temporarily halted other things …

I’m so late with the commentaries for episodes 21-24 last week, hence I just combine them with the comments for eps 25-28. I haven’t finished re-watching episodes 24, 27 and 28, so I will add the comments for those episodes later.

Also, yesterday was the cremation of the body of Mrs Liu, Barbara Yung’s mother. May she rest in peace now and reunited with her gorgeous daughter…

Episode 21

Wednesday, 15 February 2017

Barbara Yung's mother passed away

The late Mrs Liu Ming Yee by Andrew Chan, Barbara's godson, via Rob Radboud

Barbara's mother passed away last January, and I didn't know this until now. Some fan I am... Mrs Liu Ming Yee was 90 years old when she died on 17 January 2017 in Cambridge... and I was too busy with deadlines to notice this!

hung head in shame...

Back to Mrs Liu's death... Andrew Chan provided info from his Weibo that Granny Liu had been ill since she was born, and she had a stroke a few years back. Her funeral will be on 23 February 2017 (next week!) in the Cambridge City Crematorium, and her ashes will be buried next to her daughter's grave. Which means, the next time me (and Hannah) visit Barbara's grave, we will also pray for Mrs Liu...

Beautiful jianghu artworks of Barbara Yung

 Definitely taken from Song Siu Ching (see her hairstyle and necklace)

When browsing Rob Radboud's website, I unexpectedly found two beautiful artworks of Barbara in the jianghu style. I can't read the Chinese characters, hence I cannot identify the artists. However, their arts are really gorgeous that I need to put them here. I have, however, identified the original art pieces, hence I also put them here after the artworks of Barbara.

If you know any other pieces with such a style, do let me know. The other artwork is after the break.

Barbara Yung's letters part 4: UWS & FD 1984

The United We Stand ceremony (Mrs Lee Hung-kam was standing next to Barbara,
and Michael was slightly behind Barbara), from Rob's website

Apologies for the slow update. I just returned from a holiday last weekend and had to readjust to the hot weather here so I've been a bit sluggish. Happy Valentine's Day for you all, belatedly for those in Australasia and Europe, but still within the day for friends in the American continent. I've actually been writing a post for V-day, but I haven't finished it. Hence this post in lieu:  a letter from Barbara to her UK family, containing Fearless Duo 1984 and United We Stand 1984. 

In her only letter containing UWS and FD, Barbara also mentioned a 10 days tour with Michael on 15 May, a day after UWS was aired (and a year before her death...). Not sure where the tour was, was it in Malaysia or Singapore? I need to look into this later. Also we learn that Shela (Barbara's aunt now, now that Shela has married Barbara's uncle) had given birth to a baby (Andrew Chan). In June 1984, Barbara and Kent Tong went to UK to visit her family. Afterwards, directly she filmed Chor Lau Heung with Michael as described in her June 1984 letter (seems to be dated 22 June 1984). 

Thursday, 9 February 2017

LOCH 2017 commentaries for Eps 17-20

Michael Miu as Huang Yaoshi with a passage from the novel

I’m still traveling on holiday now, so I will just post short commentaries on episodes 17-20 of LOCH 2017. For Michael Miu fans, here’s what you need to know: He appears again as Huang Yaoshi in Eps 19 and 20. For Han Dong fans, he makes a debut in Ep 19 as Wang Chongyang, the Central Divinity. He certainly looks the part IMO, albeit a tad too young. Some important episodes for Yang Kang fans as well. I will update this post as I re-watch the episodes in due course; a bit difficult to do that when you’re traveling…

Episode 17

Wednesday, 1 February 2017

La Vie en Rose (United We Stand 1984 MV)

I love 'La Vie en Rose' both in French (Edith Piaf) and English (mostly Louis Armstrong) versions. Somehow I wanted to use this song for a "United We Stand" MV, and I wanted to use the French version. I've never used a French song for any Michael/Barbara song... but whyever not, actually?

Then, when I found the version sang by Ye Bei Lei (叶蓓蕾) earlier this month, I realised that I do want to have Bei Lei's version for "United We Stand". So here it is. I hope YouTube does not delete it, for I'm sort of done with guessing which song is okay or not in YouTube. Louis Armstrong and Edith Piaf should be fine for they had passed away a good while ago. Ye Bei Lei's version was sung during the Tianjin TV Spring Festival 2012, so that should be okay?

The lyrics and translation are below the break, as well as the embedded Vimeo of this MV and the YouTube video of Bei Lei singing 'La Vie en Rose'. She really sang this French song superbly well!