Saturday, 19 November 2016

Runaway Dragon and Missing Phoenix part 3

Artwork by Ibuki Satsuki

On Li Sai Man’s return to Cheung’on... without Sik Sik. Containing a link to a new ‘deleted’ (mature) scene. Part 1 is here, Part 2 is here. There is an artwork in this chapter that is poetic yet might also be interpreted as sensuous for some readers. Hence I have kept the link on, but I don't display it right on the chapter. 


Li Sai Man felt his senses returning after his internal storm abating. He turned to see his beautiful wife lying next to him, smiling dreamily at him. He smiled back and kissed her. Heaven, she was so beautiful, gentle, kind and precious…he always felt very grateful every time they communed. He asked Sik Sik how she felt, but she didn’t reply. Instead, she rose and reclined next to him, her long ebony hair caressed his chest. She caressed his face with a saddened expression. Then, just as he registered her sadness, from the corner of his eyes he saw Sik Sik lifted her arm high; her hand holding something shiny. His brain registered everything too late, for the next thing he knew was that blood splashed on his face and body. He gasped, a wild thought occurred in a flash that his wife just killed him. Has she actually never forgiven him all these years?!

Yet, he was quick to realise that he felt no physical pain at all. Then, with a sudden emotional pain, he realised that Chun Sik Sik just stabbed herself.

“No!!!” Sai Man bolted up and held the swaying body of his wife. Blood oozed from the large wound on her chest, right where her heart was. He cupped Sik Sik’s face in panic, trying to revive her. Yet, the light in her eyes was fading away too quickly as she whispered, “Now you can return to Cheung’on… without regrets…”

Saturday, 12 November 2016

United We Stand (生繡橋王) summary of episodes 10-12

Too cute not to post upfront: Fei kissing Barbara's forehead (Ep 12)

This is the last three episodes of the United We Stand (Saan sau kiu wong). Watch it at Yueyuyy (complete, annoying ads) or Youku (patchy, not so many ads). Or buy it from YesAsia (free international shipping!); mine arrived in less than two weeks. Special thanks to Sandy for filling me in on some plot holes. Click here for all UWS episode guides.

Ep 19 Yueyuyy (officially Ep 10)

Episode 9 ended with Tung Pang-fei, Andy Tai and A Hoi joined forces to reveal Mr Ho’s illegal weapon trade. They were supported by A Leung and Mr Leung, as well as the Lam family. However, when A Fei et al just found the weapons, some thugs hired by Mr Ho came and defeated them. A Fei recognised the thugs, hence A Hoi thought A Fei betrayed them. After the thugs left, A Hoi almost hit the unconscious A Fei had Andy Tai not intervened. A Hoi returned home and reported A Fei’s ‘treachery’ but his family was all lukewarm about it (because they knew A Fei was in their team).

Wednesday, 9 November 2016

United We Stand (生繡橋王) summary of episodes 7-9


I'm dividing the last half of the United We Stand (Saan sau kiu wong) into two parts, for I might pepper the episodes with screen shots later. Watch it at Yueyuuu (complete, annoying ads) or Youku (incomplete, not so many ads). Or buy it from YesAsia (free international shipping!). Special thanks to Sandy for filling me in on some plot holes. The next installment will complete the series (Eps 10-12). Click here for all UWS episode guides.

Ep 13 Yueyuyy (Ep 7a Youku)

A Leung talked to Barbara, apologising and asking her about Tung Pang-fei. I think Barbara said that A Leung is A Leung, Fei is Fei. Anyway, A Leung went home disappointed. Fei met A Leung and, in a very stylish scene, gave A Leung a pistol to shoot him, but A Leung just shot something else to vent out his frustration. Later, Barbara was courted by a rich young guy (seems to be the son of Mr Ho’s business partner or something like that). Fei was not happy to learn that Barbara was going out with this Chiu guy, but Fei had to tag along as an escort for Barbara. Later, Chiu directly told Fei to just walk somewhere while he and Barbara had a chat, but Barbara told Chiu that Fei was her friend, so it was okay for him to sit with them.

Sunday, 6 November 2016

What to bring while travelling

I have almost finished summarising United We Stand episodes 7-12 (until the last episode). However, I need to do some real-world stuff first today before being able to post the next UWS summary. It will take me at least three hours to do that, so I might not be able to post it today. But I'll try.

Meanwhile, here's something for you in case you're going to travel and in need of packing. I love travelling, but I hate packing with a passion, hence I created this joke below. It compares the items we pack these days to the items the wanderers packed during those jianghu era. The answer is below the break (have been updated to include some extra essentials).

Have a nice weekend!