Thursday, 28 December 2017

‘What could have been’ – an LOCH 1983 fanfiction

I had a very weird dream the other night. I saw Yeung Hong and Wong Yung in a fight, but YH wasn’t fighting WY. Instead, he (in his gorgeous orange white Jurchen garb) protected WY from something. I can’t think of anything permanent from his outburst of heroism, but I find it interesting that the scene appeared in my dream. Hence, this fanfiction. Hope you like it, and Happy New Year!

Wong Yung lost count on how many times she and Yeung Hong had been head-butting since they knew each other. Surely at least 10 times? Fifteen times? The thought passed by uninvited, of course, as she flung her sword forward and then lifted it again to parry Yeung Hong’s slashing spear. To think that the spear once belonged to Uncle Yeung, Ching gor-gor’s adopted uncle...

“Why don’t you just give in?!” Yeung Hong screamed as he whirled and slashed low to target Wong Yung’s legs. Missed again. “I’m getting tired of fighting you!”

“Same here!” Wong Yung retorted. “It’s so boring to always defeat you!”

Yeung Hong’s dragon eyes flashed. He disliked being patronised, much less by Wong Yung. “Well, today you’ll know defeat!” He whirred and executed a series of close-range attacks before suddenly delivered a roundhouse kick. Wong Yung ducked, but a naughty protruding root from one of the many trees in the bamboo forest they fought in caught her. She tripped and fell on her back, just in time to avoid Yeung Hong’s roundhouse kick.

“Hah! I got you!” Yeung Hong lifted his sword high to execute a fatal, if not lethal, strike.

“You say!” Wong Yung reached for her fallen sword to parry again.

Yet a sudden roar froze both enemies to their own positions.

Monday, 25 December 2017

Season's Greetings and Michael Miu news and photos

One can wait for 40 years... but one finally wins an award!!! (Source)

Apologies for the lack of updates... I'm still in love with Michael Miu and Barbara Yung, it's just that I am more engaged with another genre and actor at the moment (Okada Masaki and J-ent, if you must ask...), in addition to being quite busy with work.

Anyway. Merry Christmas 2017, and may you have a beautiful end to 2017 and a beautiful 2018. Be happy, healthy and in peace.

In the jianghu news, I have just found out that Michael Miu won the 2017 TVB Malaysia "King" award, along with Jessica Hsuan (who won the "Queen").  Apologies that this news is a month late, for they won it on 25 Nov 2017. But hey, this is the first award for Michael for 40 years IIRC, so congratulations!

Michael won the King award for his role in "Line Walker: the Prelude" while Jessica won for her role in "My Unfair Lady". Michael and Jessica also won the "My Favourite TVB Drama Characters" award for their roles in the respective dramas.

I was always a bit sad that, prior to this award, Michael never won an award despite his amazing skills... but now yeah! He won one! Michael himself said that he made movies not because he wanted to win an award, but it's good to have them nonetheless.

They should give you more awards, if you ask me, Michael! Congratulations once again! Some recent Michael Miu photos after the break.