Monday, 2 January 2017

Hannah's beautiful sketch of Barbara Yung

Beautiful teenage Yung Mei Ling, imagined and created by Hannah

I am giddy with excitement! I have been in love with the piece of art above... but I never knew who drew the beautiful piece. I love it so much that I featured it as the first image in one Barbara Yung MV (see after the break too).

Then, today, as I chat with my new friend Hannah, she just sent me a beautiful piece. I knew she was a good (well, great!) artist, for she sent me an example of her artwork last week. Then when I saw the artwork she just sent today, I was like, "Oh my God! OMG OMG OMG!"

For it was the above artwork that she sent me. She said she imagined Barbara as a teenager, and this is the beautiful result.

So there you go... Apparently, Hannah was the artist I've been looking for so long... and I've roped her in! Hehehe... I need to finish chapter 6 of Runaway Dragon first, apparently, though I did 'threaten' her with hostage situation, an artwork for an artwork, in exchange of a totally new Michael/Barbara artwork!

Anyway, I hope I can finish Chapter 6 soon so that I can get the MB artwork soon. Fingers crossed. And thank you Hannah, for contacting me in the first place, and for the beautiful artwork!

And here's the Barbara Yung MV that I posted last May 2016 for her 57th birthday:


Ha Nguyen said...

Funny how things come together in the end huh? Makes me want to get to Cambridge all the more. Love the video you did for Babs 57th birthday. Its so sweeeeeet.

Icha said...

IKR!!! I'm still SO STOKED that we found each other, OMG!!!

Yes, let's go to Cambridge next July! Any other takers?...