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LOCH 2017 commentaries for Eps 17-20

Michael Miu as Huang Yaoshi with a passage from the novel

I’m still traveling on holiday now, so I will just post short commentaries on episodes 17-20 of LOCH 2017. For Michael Miu fans, here’s what you need to know: He appears again as Huang Yaoshi in Eps 19 and 20. For Han Dong fans, he makes a debut in Ep 19 as Wang Chongyang, the Central Divinity. He certainly looks the part IMO, albeit a tad too young. Some important episodes for Yang Kang fans as well. I will update this post as I re-watch the episodes in due course; a bit difficult to do that when you’re traveling…

Episode 17

I love the way the series handled the revelation that the "one-eyed" person was Duan Tiande and how DTD rattled about his and WYHL's role in the demise of the Yang and Guo families. At times I felt that Chen Xingxu's YK handled his role well, but sometimes he missed it. Ep 17 was one of the examples where he did handle the scene well, IMO. His shock as he learned the truth was admirable, just like in the second edition novel. William Yang also handled this scene very well, but I generally have no problem with his performance anyway. I think William Yang portrays GJ very well. 

Now, he didn't act the way YK did in the second ed novel, i.e. hesitated when GJ suggested them to kill WYHL. instead, YK wholeheartedly welcomed the idea. I'm not sure if this is aligned with the 3rd ed novel, but doesn't matter, cos I actually like it.

Then we have the Mongols again and I'm very pleased to see Jebe again.

Episode 18

Jebe the Divine Archer is always pleasing to watch!

Wow, the fight between GJ and OYK in Ep 18 is really good! The one where OYK had the upper hand, I mean. No slow-mo, just fast moves. Also it doesn't hurt that I really like Liu Zhiyang's OYK, I think he's very entertaining. However, the scene where GJ defeated OYK could have been improved. The candles were not as impressive as the water pot, somehow…

Warming up to HQG as well, though not nearly half the level of Bryan Leung yet, let alone Lau Dan...

Love the small scene with Jebe, for I can see his amazing archery again.

Love the scene between YK and WYHL where YK almost killed the Jurchen prince. I understand that WYHL had done despicable things and I’m not defending him at all. But I’m never a fan of YK killing WYHL like in LOCH 2008. WYHL did love YK as his own sone, and that should count for something.

Love that YK was wrong-footed when he realised that MNC was inside the coffin all the time he almost killed WYHL and decided to abandon that plan when he remembered how WYHL did really care about him.

Episode 19

I think it’s good to have HR leaving GJ after she learned about Huazheng. This is contrary to the second ed novel where HR and GJ actually arrived in the Peach Blossom Island together. HR’s departure actually made GJ’s arrival in Taohua Island more specia.

I love the brief appearance of Michael Miu's HYS, he definitely brings out the dignified and scary persona of the Taohua Island owner. HYS's mansion was imposing but still poetic, and he was imposing as well.

Peach Blossom Island is gorgeous! And I love the flower petal wall effect, really cool IMO...

Han Dong's entrance as Wang Chongyang was impressive!

Also love the debut of Wang Chongyang (Han Dong), definitely exuding the air of the Central Divinity. I'm now excited to watch the Dali episode, for we'll see Han Dong and Ray Lui there. I remember the 1983 LOCH had two episodes of the Dali flashback which included WCY visiting the Southern Emperor, and also the part where WCY talked to ZBT, asking the latter to destroy the book. So yes, there has been an instance in the past where WCY made a longer appearance...

We also have Zhou Botong’s debut here, definitely better than the 2008 ZBT, which was a miss for me. My ZBT is definitely the 1983 one, but I enjoy the 2017 incarnation.

Episode 20

The (gorgeous and) young Huang Yaoshi (Michael Miu)

Very nice to see GJ bonding with ZBT, and the flashback with Feng Heng and the younger HYS (I swooned of course to see Michael Miu with long black hair, though his old Huang hairstyle is actually better). I want more scene of HYS and Feng Heng, I do want to see his sorrow as she died, just like Anthony Wong did in 2008. Michael did show his anger and sorrow as he kept playing the flute to hurt ZBT... but I also want to see his HYS heart broken when A Heng died...

HYS bullied Zhou Botong and GJ with his deadly flute melody

Wasn't expecting YK to stab Mei Chaofeng, but she wanted to kill him first. Have to check if that was the case in the novel... In the series, Mei Chaofeng wanted to kill YK because she taught Yang Kang the White Bone whatever skills. That's why YK had to die, cos no one outside the Taohua clan can learn that skill unauthorised by HYS... But I’m not sure if in the novel she really chased YK to kill him or not.

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