Wednesday, 28 December 2016

Old photos of Michael Miu and Barbara Yung

My new favourite: MB singing (during a tour in Malaysia Singapore)

Hannah had given me a beautiful Christmas present yesterday by sending me her old collection of photos of Michael and Barbara. She also sent me photos of Barbara alone, Barbara with Kent, and Barbara with friends (including with Felix Wong, Maggie Cheung Man Yi and Andy Lau). I was very touched with the old photos of Michael and Barbara... the photos showed how close they were, how happy they were, that I can't wait till New Year to post them. Thus, my dearest readers, these are the old photos of Michael and Barbara, some of them very hard to find in the cyberspace. 

I will post other photos in due course. Thanks a lot, Hannah! Enjoy! 

I've seen some photos here, but I was happily surprised to see "new" photos. Of all the new photos I never saw before, I love the Michael and Barbara singing the most (photo above). Sandy informed me that it was during a tour in Malaysia Singapore. Michael looked like he enjoyed their time there, and Barbara looked sooooo happy with him; she looked comfortable locking arms with him. 

Basically though, I love all photos here, thus I post them here. FYI, Hannah sent me the black and white versions, but many photos were actually taken in colour. 

Chicken, anyone?

More chicken...

Their autographs were a bit different from the photo above...
Keep eating, Girl...(The Foundation off-screen)
More off-screen during The Foundation (oh what arms...)

Michael, Barbara and Austin Wai (during the Foundation)
Sexy Barbara...

Again... our sexy Barbara...

Never saw this photo (during Fearless Duo shooting), 
but whatever Michael was doing, it was interesting for Babs!

Kent Tong, Barbara and Michael (can't help noticing 
how Barbara leaned towards Michael...)

MB with Chan On-ying (Cousin Mary) in United We Stand
(not sure who the lady between Michael and Barbara was)

Enjoying food, guys? (happy sigh...)

This photo and the two photos above and below seemed to be from the same venue

He looked tired, but he still took care of her...

Here's the coloured version of that event

Another of my favourite. Babs was crying, and Michael consoled her...
(my fave not because she cried, but because she smiled again because of Michael)


Ha Nguyen said...

Gosh, what I wouldnt do to see the video of MB together in Malaysia at that concert! We can only dream. Does it even exist?

Icha said...

It SHOULD exist! Sandy said it existed... so I hope it still exists. Once we find it, we HAVE to download it for the record, cos I also really really wanna see it!