Wednesday, 15 February 2017

Beautiful jianghu artworks of Barbara Yung

 Definitely taken from Song Siu Ching (see her hairstyle and necklace)

When browsing Rob Radboud's website, I unexpectedly found two beautiful artworks of Barbara in the jianghu style. I can't read the Chinese characters, hence I cannot identify the artists. However, their arts are really gorgeous that I need to put them here. I have, however, identified the original art pieces, hence I also put them here after the artworks of Barbara.

If you know any other pieces with such a style, do let me know. The other artwork is after the break.

The one above with the blue hue definitely was taken from Barbara's role as Song Siu Ching (her hairstyle and necklace match SC's). The artist must have combined a Siu Ching shot from Chor Lau Heung 1984 with the original artwork.

The one below here has the Chun Sik Sik vibe... I wish I had found it when I wrote 'Runaway Dragon and Missing Phoenix'... 

The original artwork for the blue hue art is this one:

While this one is the original artwork for the purple hue art.

Gorgeous... but Barbara's face actually made the original arts better!

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