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"The Dragon Dancing under the Moonlight" - a CLH 1984 fanfiction

The wedding night between the Wanderer/King of Thieves and the Princess. Shyly emerges, triggered by the very few sensual scenes between Chor Lau Heung and Song Siu Ching in the New Adventures of Chor Lau Heung 1984 (TVB Hong Kong). Rated R.

Being the 80s production, one of the very few electrifying scenes in CLH 84 is this...


Ignoring his thumping heart, the Wanderer opened the door and entered the bedchamber. A silver strand of moonlight fell into the chamber floor from the lattice window as the amber light of some candles warmed up the rose-scented bedchamber. The object of his excitements and anticipation was sitting on the bed, decked to the nines in red, glowing in the candlelight. He couldn't see her face right now, but during the ceremony a few hours ago, he did steal a glance to see the beautiful face thinly covered by a red veil. She was beautiful, like a mysterious flower; a rose or chrysanthemum, shyly smiling at him. Now, he saw her, his Princess, his Bride, his wife, her hands fidgeting with a red silk handkerchief. He realised she was nervous. The trouble was that, unexpectedly, he was too.

He took a few more steps inside the chamber. The Princess stopped fidgeting. Now, she stayed still. Very still. Despite himself, the Wanderer smiled. They've known each other for almost two years now, and yet they both acted like they were just introduced during the wedding ceremony. He called her name gently, a name which always sounded like a melody to his ears.

"Siu Ching." She tensed again. "Siu Ching, shall I sit next to you?"

Princess Wing Ching, a.k.a. Song Siu Ching, didn't say anything. She just nodded; her hands started fussing about her red wedding dress. Yet, when Chor Lau Heung sat next to her, she stayed still again. 

"Siu Ching, are you nervous?" When he received a barely perceptible nod, he decided to take over the situation. He was nervous too, but they couldn't just sit there doing nothing the whole night. They've come too far, waited too long, for that. Thus he reached for her hands and enveloped those trembling hands with his.

"Well, if you want to know, I'm nervous too."

That got her attention. She perked up, and said the first words since the ceremony. "No way!"

Her disbelief melted the situation. He laughed, just the way he'd laugh when she made him laugh. "And why not?"

"You're Chor tai-hap, you're always in control of any situations!"

He chuckled and shook his head. "Not always. And certainly not this one." He proceeded to open the veil. His emerging jovial attitude evaporated as his heart once again ached with longing at the beautiful sight in front of him. A mixture of longing, passion and nervousness boiled up from within him. His hands developed their own lives as he reached for her alabaster face.

"By Heaven, you're so beautiful..." he whispered, almost to himself. She said nothing, but she blushed furiously as she closed her eyes. When his palms caressed her cheek, she tensed again. When his thumb travelled down to her lips, a sigh escaped her, triggering a flood of memories from within him. Memories of their travels together, of the times they held onto each other after escaping death, of times when he so desired her, yet he respected her thus he waited until both of them were officially united. Until today. 

Artwork by Ibuki Satsuki

And now, he brought her face closer to him. She opened her eyes, they were glassy. She also longed for him. He bent to kiss her, she closed her eyes and kissed him back. An ancient gate opened within him as he reached for the back of her neck and kissed her deeper, tasting the sweet honey that was her. Another moan escaped her again. He opened his eyes and saw her clinging onto him, almost as if she had no backbone. Her breathing was short, her big eyes was even glassier when she opened them. She desired him as he desired her. He took off her ceremonial headdress to reveal a very intricate coiffure beneath it. Deftly and swiftly, he dismantled her mounting jewellery one by one. He then looked at her in the eye, silently asking permission to derobe her. Trembling, she nodded her permission. With heavier breath, he proceeded to derobe her outer red cloak and all the red layers beneath it. Then there was only the white zhongyi (the upper part of inner garments) as her first layer. The weather that night was cooler than usual for a late summer's night. She trembled, but he wasn't sure if it was due to the cooler temperature or for his touches. But then when he, with a hoarse voice, asked her to derobe him, witnessing her short breaths as she dismantled his robes, he realised she wasn't trembling because of the weather. She, like him, was trembling because of passion.

Yet, he could wait a few more minutes. When her shaking hands reached for his white zhongyi, he held them and, smiling slightly, shook his head. He led her to the nearby table and sat her on a chair. Ignoring her questions, he took a comb from the table and proceeded to open the coiffure arrangement one by one. 

"The girls did a good job with your hairdo," he later explained as he undid the coiffeur. "But it's too complicated and will obstruct your sleep later."

"Or..." Siu Ching managed to smile as she calmed her beating heart and rousing passion, " - or you just want to caress my long hair."

"Or I just want to caress your long hair, unobstructed by these pleats." Lingering Fragrance replied as he slowly yet methodically undid the little pleats that made up the coiffure of his bride. Of his wife. As his fingers released his wife's hair from the pleats, his fingers touched her neck every now and then. She shivered, she tensed, as she realised that her husband was just extending the foreplay between them.

After undoing all the pleats, he combed her long black hair. Slowly, tenderly, betraying his heart that beat faster as the comb slid effortlessly down her hair. The jetblack tendrils fell freely on her shoulders down her back, down her white inner garment. Only then, he derobed her last white upper layers. He sighed as he saw the black jet hair falling poetically on her bare porcelain back. Some strands of her hair fell on her ample breasts that were covered by a tiny triangular silk cloth. A tiny silk cloth that failed to veil her budding endowments. He bent down to kiss her two buds; she sighed. He kissed her bare nape and gently left a mark there, causing her to sway in her seat as if she had no backbone. He then reached for the knot at her back and releasing the last piece of garment that covered her body. Now her black hair tendrils fell freely on her uncovered milky white hills.

Chor Lau Heung sighed. "You're beautiful...". He knew she was a virgin, and before the wedding he had told her that he was not one, for he had experienced some nights with women before, exquisite women who offered themselves to him (excluding his adopted sisters whom he truly treated as sisters). She didn't mind. In fact, she had smiled and commented that he could actually help her in their first adventure together. Remembering this, he realised that of the few women he had bedded (he encountered many but had bedded only a few), Siu Ching was the only one he had been desiring for so long. She was the only woman he had wanted to take as a wife. And now, she was his, in all her bare porcelain glory.

Artwork by Ibuki Satsuki

He gently spun her to face him and kissed her again, deeper and more demanding this time. As she replied in kind with moans, his one hand traveled down her lower back and his other hand moulded her endowments. She arched her back and gasped. Her hands developed their own wills as they reached for his inner garments and released him from them as he dismantled her trousers with urgency, the last piece of garment she wore. Now the candle lights danced with the moonlight on their bare skins, free of all garments. His kisses grew deeper, she responded with more urgency, such that she didn't realise when he carried her to bed and laid her down. Yet, when he whispered her name again with passion, she opened her eyes and saw him caressing her face with the back of his fingers.

"Siu Ching..." Lingering Fragrance's eyes were red with fiery passion, his voice hoarse and trembling, "...may I claim you as my wife?"

She knew the time had arrived for her to feel what it was like to be owned by a man, to own a man. Trembling with anticipation, she whispered her consent. Then, when his muscular frame enveloped her, when his searing breath touched her naked neck right where he marked her just now, when his lips went further down her porcelain front down towards her valleys, and before rainbow took her, she vaguely remembered what the matchmaker said when she was dressed for the wedding...

"The dragon will visit the lady of the forest and enter her sacred cave. A blissful reunion of body and soul, a reunion that rocks her whole world..."


Artwork by Ibuki Satsuki

The ancient dragon came in a tremble of thunder. The lady of the forest heard his roar from a far. He rained her green hills with his sweat accumulated from the long journey hitherto. The lady of the forest was expecting his arrival long before she knew she missed him. With anticipation, she felt the dragon slithered his long body across her hills, rubbing his scales against her trees. She felt the dragon's red blaze almost burned her hills from his mere touch. Despite the new scorching sensation, she felt her hills jolting in recognition, in anticipation. As the dragon caressed her hills with his scorch, her cave slowly but surely opened, a silver creek started to flow from within. The creek's water was warm; it flew harder and hotter as the dragon approached the cave. As the dragon slithered closer to the cave, leaving a blaze of trail on her hills and valley, the cave door opened wider. Its silver creek water flew with more passion, pumped by the pulsating walls of the cave. The dragon stopped in front of the cave. His eyes glowed redder as he drank the silver water as if his thirst was never quenched.

Then he tried to enter the cave. The cave was already open, but it never was opened before. The slit was still too small for the dragon to freely enter. Patiently, the dragon rubbed himself against the cave door as he resumed drinking its silvery water. The lady of the forest trembled as she felt her cave door opening wider, the pathway gaping further. Soon, it was wide enough for the dragon to enter slowly. It was painful at the first try, but his patience gave way to a wider opportunity.  The dragon was finally able to wriggle his way into the cave. The lady of the forest felt her cave walls relaxed, the cave groaned and contracted as the dragon inserted almost his entire length.

The dragon's eyes glowed red with passion in the long-awaited reunion. Soon, it trembled and shook violently as it rubbed itself several times on the cave walls in an attempt to fully enter the cave. The hills jolted as she experienced her cave walls shaking, pulsating and contracting like never before. Outside, she felt the dragon's claws raking her ample porcelain hills. She felt her trees suddenly danced in the unexpected ecstasy, clawing the dragon's back with their branches. In fact, her whole forest seemed to have developed their own lives as each tiny aspect trembled and shook in this union.

When the dragon burst his final blaze of glory, searing hot from its ecstasy, the cave trembled her final tremor. A primal, guttural moan escaped the lady of the forest as fireworks exploded within her walls, the moan mixed with the dragon's own hoarse cry as he released his deepest blaze. The hills and the whole forest shook violently as the forest and the dragon exploded in colourful rainbows.

And a few hours later, as the dark starry night sky grew a blush of orange mauve of the dawn, as the ancient dragon revisited the ancient cave and roared within, the cave walls shook violently once more, and fireworks filled the dawning mauve sky with a mixture of their ecstasy.

Author’s note:

The unabridged version of this fan-fiction is available here. Mature contents, so consider yourself forewarned. I've also made it available to all, for earlier I accidentally set it to "by invitation only" and "unlisted". Now all can read it.


Oktavia Mutiara said...

frankly I like so much these I just want chor lau heung for siu ching there are not another girls

Icha said...

Hi Mutiara, thanks a lot for dropping a comment! It's an unorthodox fanfiction, so I'm not sure people will rrad it.... I thought of making the wedding night the first night of CLH making love too, but it doesn't seem right. He was a flirt and a flamboyant man anyway, surely he had slept with other women before. But I'd like to think that Siu Ching changed him, for I do notice that he didn't even pinch his sisters' chins anymore (except once or twice, but affectionately), after he realised he loved SC.

You can also drop comments in Indonesian, I'm cool with that too.

Anonymous said...

Wow! This was quite passionate and I applaud you! I read the M version as well and again very well done! If you're so inclined I would love to see a fan fiction based on The Foundation LSM and SS's first encounter. I believe it could have totally happened after the scene LSM upsets SS then pulls her arm frack to tell her she is his and he would never let another man have her! SWOON!!! I believe from the look in his eyes that he completely desires her in that very moment. Please oh please can you bring this moment (M version) to fan fiction? Wink wink, nudge nudge....

Icha said...

Hahaha!! Thanks a lot, Anon, for reading both versions, your comments and your suggestions. Actually, i have started an LSM/CSS fanfiction, but the normal one. But if Tian would have it, i can switch to that M scene you suggested.

Just to confirm, that's when LSM found out that SS used to be Kong Fung's lover, right? He was wearing black and she yellow. I remember that look. Agree that it's the "you're mine, no one's else!" look!! It always gave me shivers...

Just gimme 1-2 weeks to work on it, okay? I have some works to do first... Real work, unfortunately...

TinyGinTX said...

Hi! It's Anon but really TinyGinTX! Yep....that's the scene! It's such an awesome scene and it gives me shivers too! I can totally see him so overcome with jealousy, desire and passion that he half drags her to her room to ensure she's his and no one else's! Not nonconsensual, mind you, but I could see him being forceful here bc he's so incredibly jealous. She'd be scared at first but then realize that this is what she wants as be his and no one else's! Again, wink wink, nudge!!

Icha said...

Hahaha, hi TinyAnonGin!

Hehe, that scene gives me shivers too... and yeah, I can totally picture your scenario right now! In fact, I've been thinking about it (more like, it entered my mind when I was doing other things...), and yeah, what I thought fits your description... (blush).

Dang, now if I abandon all my works for this fic this weekend, it's all "your fault"! Hehehe, nudge back!

Lia Rosmaindah said...

Hi icha I hope you don't mind if I share this in my fb account
I love so much your fanfiction

Lia Rosmaindah said...

Hai icha maaf aku minta ijin share ini ke akun fb aku

Icha said...

Dear Lia, mohon maaf sekali saya baru semita approve request dari Lia. Minggu lalu saya menikah, jadi social media saya rada keteteran. Maaf ya...

Tentu, silakan share fan fiction saya ke FB Lia. Terima kasih banyak atas requestnya, dan sekali lagi mohon maaf atas keterlambatan ini...