Monday, 22 May 2017

Yeung Hong singing, Huang Yaoshi in talk show

I'm going away for two weeks' business trip, so I might not have time to post something new soon. I certainly did not last week, but I will try to post something small by next weekend...

In the mean time, here's Michael Miu's Yeung Hong (LOCH 1983) singing "Iron Blood, Loyal Heart" and the second 1983 OST with Sharon Yeung Pan Pan. I like Sharon's sweet voice... and I totally am hearting Michael's voice. Like, TOTALLY. I'm a bit restless today, but just listening to his voice singing calm my heart just now. He's magical to me...

Then, after the break, we have Michael Miu, Li Yitong (2017 Huang Rong) and Chen Xingxu (2017 Yang Kang) talk show and TV coverage in Hong Kong. The news coverage was in relation to the LOCH 2017 airtime in HK, which reportedly receives good rating.

Here's the interview with several TV channels; the trio also visited the TVB exhibition site of old series, including the LOCH 1983.

We can see the iconic photo of Felix Wong, Barbara Yung, Sharon Yeung and Michael Miu as Kwok Ching, Wong Yung, Mok Nim Chi and Yeung Hong (next to the cover of Andy Lau's and Idy Chan's ROCH 1983) at 0:20". I would LOVE to go to that place and see those iconic items!

Felix Wong, Barbara Yung, Sharon Young and Michael Miu (LOCH 1983), next to Idy Chan's ROCH 1983

And here's the talkshow. The interview and talkshow are (rather unfortunately) in Mandarin, but I understand that, given LYT and CXX cannot speak Cantonese. I wish someone would translate the interview and talkshow... sigh...

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