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"The Dream on a Floating Boat" - a CLH 1984 fan fiction

Despite distancing himself from the Princess, Chor Lau-heung was just a normal man. I often wonder what he thought of when he was just alone with Siu-ching on the boat... Contains a link to the mature content. This old MV of mine has the background story...

The waning moon was high in the sky when several coastal birds suddenly flew past the floating boat. Chor Lau-heung absent-mindedly watched the birds flew past, wondering how similar he was, just recently, to the birds. Just recently, before he met her. Song Siu-ching, the girl who turned his world upside down.

He remembered their argument, or rather, her objection to his "indifferent" attitude to her love. Then, after he made peace with her, she consoled him about his mistakes. And just over an hour ago, he managed to persuade her to sleep in So Yung-yung's cabin, because the extra cabin wasn't ready yet. Her tiredness was the only thing that made her obliging to his suggestion; she yawned as she said good night. She asked if he was going to sleep soon; he said yes.

Yet, he couldn’t sleep. Too many things in his mind that just prevented him from sleeping that night. He did try to sleep in his cabin, but after an hour of tossing and turning, he gave up and returned to the deck.

A noise was heard from the girl's cabin. Wasn't an alarming noise, one that didn't warrant his worries. Yet, he left the deck anyway and went to the upper deck, to the inner cabins. Just outside Siu-ching's (well, So Yung-yung's) cabin, he stopped. He just realised that, although he had entered Siu-ching's rooms beforehand, it was always when others were around, and he always knocked. This time, they were alone. Also, if he knocked, she'd wake up, and she - like him - needed her sleep.

He was about to abort his plan and returned to the deck when he heard the noise again. Some rustles, some whispers. She must be talking in her sleep.

Not his business, then. He turned and walked away, just as the girl inside screamed.

Alarmed, Lingering Fragrance opened the cabin door and leapt inside. He saw the Princess sitting straight, yet she didn't seem to see him. She screamed "Chor tai-gor, don't go!", yet when Lau-heung walked towards her bed to calm her, she already closed her eyes again and slammed herself back to the bed. With eyes completely closed, tossing and turning, she begged him not to go, because Zo Hing-hau was a formidable enemy.

Chor Lau-heung sat on her bed and held her sweaty hands. He'd wake her up, but it was better than a nightmare. "Siu-ching -" he said gently, "I'm here. I'm not going anywhere..." he squeezed her sweaty palms as he tried to calm her. His voice and his touch woke her up.

"Chor tai-gor..." she opened her eyes and whispered his name, in the way he loved the most. Then she suddenly sprung from bed, sitting straight and hugging Lingering Fragrance. "You're still here!"

"I'm here... I promised to keep you safe, hence I'm here..."

"Zo Hing-hau... he – I thought..."

"It was a dream..." he reassured her. Then, watching her trembling in front of him, his left hand developed its own life as it reached out to touch her cheek. The Princess closed her eyes as she felt his familiar touch. Soon, she calmed down. Her right hand reached for Chor Lau-heung's and squeezed it back. Suddenly, a sigh escaped her cherry red lips.

The sigh roused Lingering Fragrance's desire such that he jolted. Yet, he couldn't extract his hand from Siu-ching's cheek. Instead, his right hand followed suit and caressed the girl's hair, bringing her pretty head towards his lips. He closed his eyes and touched her forehead with his trembling lips; she sighed again. His right hand moved past the braids of her hair, down to her hair-covered neck. He set aside her ample hair and, clamping her smooth neck, bringing her closer to him. She moaned as he bent to kiss her.

Her moan brought back his common sense. Opening his eyes to see her lips an inch from his, he let her go with an audible gasp.

"I..." He stuttered. "I..."

She opened her eyes too, they were glassy with desire.

"Princess...I'm terribly sorry..." shame-faced, Chor Lau-heung distance himself from her. "I took advantage of you, I'm - " he exhaled. "My sincere apologies..."

Yet, she leaned back to him. Too close. "Chor tai-gor..." his impaired nose caught the sweet scent of her sweat. "- I don't see you taking advantage of me..."

"Princess..." Lau-heung didn't trust himself anymore. "I shouldn't be here." Hastily, he rose from the bed. "I bid you good night."

"Don't you want me?"

He blinked. Did she just ask him that question?! It took him a while before he replied, "I don't see how we can be together."

"That was not my question," Princess Wing Ching reached for his hand. He should have stood further away. "I asked if you do not want me."

He swallowed. He could see her eyes glassy with passion, her wet and inviting lips glistening in the moonlight. "You're beyond my reach."

Unexpectedly, she chuckled. "I can definitely assure you that I'm within your reach."

"Princess, I mean-"

"Is kissing me really a bad thing to do?"

"Of course not!" He surprised himself with his answer and his tone. "I mean..." he exhaled. "I should not do that."

"But what if... " her hands didn't let him go. "What if I'm just a normal girl... would you still restrain yourself?"

"You're not -"

"Would you kiss me if I was just a normal girl?"

He sighed. He might do more than that.

"I would." Again, he surprised himself with his response.

"Then..." She rose from her bed, standing just an inch from him. He should have just left the cabin. "Just for one night... please pretend I'm just a normal girl..." her breathing was short, Lau-heung could see her beautiful breasts rising and falling beneath her white inner garment. He looked away.

"Please kiss me."

"I'm afraid I'd do more than that."

"How is that a bad thing?"

The magma within him erupted. Slowly, yet dangerously, he looked back at her. He couldn't hear the night birds singing outside, nor the crashing waves. He could only hear her heavy breathing mingling with his.

"Please kiss me."

As his common sense screamed a loud "No!" in his head, Chor Lau-heung found himself cupping the face of his beloved and deeply kissed her cherry lips.


Author's note: 

Link to the deleted scene is here.


Anonymous said...

WOW! Quite a dream CLH had there LOL. You did it again ICha. Thank you for another great fan fiction. I really like how you stay consistent with the story lines and timing of the other fan fictions. Great writing skill! Can't wait to read another CLH-SC adventure, do keep them coming please. Thanks ICha for taking your time to write these stories.


Icha said...

Thanks a lot, Phuong, for the comment! Yes, I purposely stay true with my timeline and connectivity with other fan fictions of mine, though some of them (like the Return of the Bat Prince) takes an alternative twist to Yuen Tsui-wan's fate.

I hope you also like it that I stay faithful to CLH's attitude to Siu-ching at the end of the M-rated version. I had you in mind when I wrote the ending...

Anonymous said...

Hi ICha,
I definitely appreciate your thoughtfulness and I do enjoy your portrayal of CLH and his internal battle on his desire for SC. I truly believe having him wait til the wedding night only solidify the depth of his love for her. This fan fiction definitely made up for the lack of intimate moments between them in the movie! Thanks ICha for your creative mind :)