Wednesday, 13 January 2016

Chor Lau Heung, the Detective (a CLH 1984 MV)

Chor Lau Heung and Wu Tit Fa sleuthing the Bat Prince, ep 35

Chor Lau Heung was not just famous for his gravity-defying skills and martial arts. He was first and foremost a great detective. This MV is an attempt to portray some sleuthing scenes in "The New Adventures of Chor Lau Heung 1984" series, in particular surrounding the mystery of the Bat Prince and the Viper Sword. The series is the property of TVB Hong Kong; no copyright infringement intended. Music is from my favourite spy/detective series; the BBC "Spooks" opening theme by Jennie Muskett. Also featuring Ying Man Lei (Kwok Fung), Song Siu Ching (Barbara Yung), Wu Tit Fa (Chan Wing Chun) and Yat Dim Hung (Austin Wai) as some of my favourite characters in the series. 

I'm uploading the MV at Vimeo only because I don't want to risk my Dailymotion account being banned, since I'm using a Western music. Hence, MV is under the break. Hope you like it!

"The Detective" - a Chor Lau Heung 1984 MV from Icha74 on Vimeo.


Tamuyen Truong said...

I love this Icha! Wonderful job on finding the music and clips! They go very well together!

Tamuyen Truong said...

I love it Icha! You did a very good job on finding such suspenseful music and matching the clips with the music! It was very well done and I enjoyed it!

Icha said...

thanks, Tamuyen! I was a bit doubtful that the British commentaries inside would disturb the MV, but good thing it wasn't.

It could've been better had I used another software, cos Windows Movie Maker is very limited in effects etc. But I don't want to pay for another software, so it will have to do for now. Unless you or anyone else can suggest me a free, good movie maker software?