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'You're the Best in the World' Huang Yaoshi MV part 2 (LOCH 2017)

Finally I have time to make another MV of our charming Michael Miu as Huang Yaoshi from the LOCH 2017. I hope YouTube and Huace don't take the MV down... cos I'll be so down... (update 24.04.2017: YouTube so far allows my MV... but Dailymotion blocks it. Go figure...).

This is the second time I used 'You're the Best in the World', the iconic 3rd OST of LOCH 1983, sung by the ever-present Roman Tam and Jenny Tseng. I made the first MV in July 2016. It was a still MV, consisting of still images from the LOCH 2017. Since LOCH 2017 has ended now (yessshhh I haven't finished recapping the episodes...sorry...), we have all the scenes from the series. Huang Yaoshi had very limited fight scenes, and the first few ones were drop dead disappointing because of the excessive use of 'internal strength' (read: CGI-ed wind etc) instead of hand-to-hand combat. But after he encountered the Quanzhen, we finally enjoyed some good fights between them. I also include the Mt. Hua contest between HYS and Guo Jing.

Enjoy! The Vimeo version, the Dailymotion version (blocked by DM),  the translation of the Cantonese lyrics and the Yale romanisation are below the break. Oh, and the Cantonese version of LOCH 2017 will be aired on TVB on 8 May 2017 (thanks Wkeej and CBWarm for the info). I hope we can hear Michael and Ray Lui in their own voices...

'You're the Best in the World' from Icha74 on Vimeo.

You’re the best in the world, 世間始終你好
Performed by Roman Tam and Jenny Tseng

Source: this site (Thanks to Cynthia of the MB Network for finding it for me)
Translation adapted by Icha and Meenchee

Man sai gaan si fau chi saan jeui gou
Asking the world, whether or not this mountain is the tallest?

Waak je ling yau gou chyu bei tin gou
Maybe, another mountain is higher than the sky?

Joi sai gaan ji yau saan bei chi saan gang gou
Surely a mountain taller than this mountain exists

Daan oi sam jaau bat dou bei nei hou
But in love, I could find none better than you


Yat saan waan bei yat saan gou
a mountain higher than other mountains
[Mou yat ho bei nei
no one is comparable to you]

jan oi yau yu tin gou
true love is high
[oi gang gou
like the heavens above]
Chin baak yeung hou
(you have) endless virtues

Leun mou gung juk sai jung bat ji bin go gou
Who knows the real champion in the martial world?

Waak je jyut jiu tung tou yi lou
Or perchance, people are not what they seem?

Daan ngo ji leun oi sam jaau bat dou gang hou
Yet, I know that I could not find a better love

Doi ngo sam sai gaan chi jung nei hou
My heart stays the same, you are the best in this world

Doi ngo sam sai gaan chi jung nei hou
My heart stays the same, you are the best in this world

And this is the TVB announcement!


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