Saturday, 1 April 2017

Fourteen years without Leslie Cheung

Those who watch my MVs might have realised that I'm a big fan of Leslie Cheung. Well, not really big apparently, cos I forgot that 1 April 2003 was his suicide, hence this Saturday 1 April 2017 was already 14 years when Leslie left us...

Thanks to Pangchu from Kaypang Gallery, I remembered just before the day was over. I didn't make the deadline before my midnight, but at least in Asia it's still 1 April now. Hence... these videos are for us all, Leslie Cheung fans...

The Invincible Courage 勇者無敵 From Yang's Saga (1985):

A Floating Dream 浮生若夢,  the opening theme of the Fallen Family (1985):

Only You in My Heart 心中祗有你 (with Susanna Kwan), the closing theme (or romance theme) for Fallen Family 1985:

During his own (Leslie's) concert, singing Danny Chan's song 喝采 Applause with Danny Chan...

Singing Teresa Teng's iconic "The Moon Represents My Heart":

And last but not least, the very short video of Leslie and our darling girl Barbara Yung:

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