Thursday, 20 April 2017

MB Couple Trivia Part 2

Tung Pang-fei and Ho Doh-wan (UWS Ep 12)

It’s been a while since I post my first MBTrivia… Recently, with all the problems around me, I feel like I need something light to ease my day. Hence, the second MB Trivia here, about birthdays, favourite meals and the number of kids that MB characters would have (plus A Leung – Dragon Ying, cos we can’t just leave them out…). Hannah and I did this session last January, but I haven’t been able to post it until now…

Now, moving on! Special thanks to Hannah for this post, she provided most of the answers here.

Oh, and I hope to post the next batch of LOCH 2017 episode highlights this weekend. Deadlines, stay away from me now, God knows I need my MB/jianghu time!

Q: What would the gents do for their ladies’ birthdays?

(Hannah gave all these answers, cos I was lazy)

Li Sai Man taking Chun Sik Sik for a country excursion (TF, Ep 4)

Li Sai Man/Chun Sik Sik:  for SS's birthday, LSM would take SS on a surprise 1-week trip to a beautiful countryside location that has exotic landscaping that SS has never seen before.  Perhaps beautiful majestic mountains with rivers and streams, and an abundance of wild flowers like in a fairy tale.  She would love the intimate time with LSM and LSM would love to get away from the tiresome work of running a country. Knowing that CSS doesn’t fancy high price tagged items, LSM would probably give SS a custom made hairpin that has the symbol of her birthmark [plum blossoms] on it. It would be elegant yet simple, something she can wear everyday.

Chor Lau Heung taking Song Siu Ching's hairpin (CLH, Ep 40)

Chor Lau Heung/Song Siu Ching:  these two like a little more excitement.  For SC's birthday, CLH would take her to a show with martial arts, dance performances and music.  Coming home she would get a surprise dinner with her close friends and family.  SC does like to socialize so being with her family and friends would be something that makes her happy. After an early dinner, CLH would end their evening with one on one time, perhaps a romantic night sail around the bay. For the birthday gift, since SC is a princess, there really isn’t anything she can’t buy for herself. hmm....  I bet anything from CLH is something she would cherish because it would be a token of his love to her.  Maybe a set of pearls that CLH got on one of their adventures which he had made into a piece of jewellery for her, like a necklace?

Szeto Man Mo/Lam Chor Yin: I see SMM perhaps serving CY breakfast in bed, then taking her to the city for some shopping and eating.  Maybe get her a couple of new bunnies for pets.  They probably would have at least one kid by then, and tonight for CY's birthday they will be working on kid #2!!!

Tung Pang Fei/Ho Doh Wan: Fei would take DW to Shanghai for a few days’ getaway. They would definitely go to a romantic fancy restaurant for dinner and after a horse carriage ride through town, he will give her a magical music box imported from India, engraved "to DW with love"

Dragon Ying/A Leung: DY and AL would probably go about their day as usual…until near dinner arrives when DY starts to get irritated thinking AL really had forgotten her birthday.  She gets attitude with employees and at home with the kids getting rowdy all the while AL is gone half the day to who-knows-where doing who-knows-what. Finally, AL comes home and is about to get a mouthful of nagging from DY when he quickly presents her with a cutely wrapped present and says Happy Birthday.  Inside there will be a fine jade necklace (Fei and DW obviously helped him pick out cos A Leung wouldn’t have a clue!).  Then AL would try to romance Dragon Ying while screaming at the kids to be quiet and go to your Grandpa's.  She would slap his arm and tell him "you are so bad" while blushing red. AL would reply "I’m going to be".


Q: How many kids would they have?

Uh, 2 for CLH/SC; 4 for LSM/SS; 2 for Fei/DW; same with DY/AL; 3-4 for SMM/CY

Hannah: DY/Al I think would have more…; LSM/SS 4; Dragon Ying/A Leung 5 for DYAL... hahahaha as much as they fight; I see Fei and DW only having 1; LSM/SS = 3 boys 1 girl

Q: Favourite Chinese/Oriental food!

(Hannah gave all these answers, cos she is the better chef between the two of us)

LSM = SS's marinated grilled pork (has a meat kinda guy) and SS's eggplant dish. SS would like braised bean curd with minced pork

SMM loves a pork belly stew with lots of tendons; CY loves dried scallop soup with stir fry bean tip.

CLH and SC LOVE seafood…everything seafood!

AL= chicken feet (LOL! that’s bad huh…AL deserves more than just liking chicken feet).

DY likes chicken sauteed with cashews and black bean sauce...super spicy while AL complains it TOO spicy. A Leung loves a pot of Pha Lau (which is pig’s feet, ears, honeycomb, spleen, heart, tongue all braised in a soy sauce star anise 5 spice sauce).

Pha Lau (braised intestines)

What about dumplings?

CLH and SC LOVE shrimp dumplings, SMM and CY loves pork n ginger soup dumplings, SS loves taro root with minced pork dumplings, LSM loves pork and chive dumplings, AL eats all kind of dumpling…even he doesn’t know what is in them that he’s eating at times…



Hannah said...

Hahahaha too fun to answer and even funnier to read! I wonder if others are enjoying this as much I do!! Thanks for posting Icha. This is relaxing for me....great way to end a day.

Icha said...

LOL! All answer credits to you, my dear! We should do another round soon!

Anonymous said...

Thanks ladies for a very interning and funny piece. Since SC is a princess and have everything, I would say jewelry is not special enough. She loves flowers so I think it's more meaningful for CLH to get some seeds from the palace's most exotic (and her favorite) flowers and either present that to her as they will start growing them together or he would grow them ahead of time and present to her :)


Icha said...

Hahaha, thanks a lot, Phuong for your comment! You're right as well, SC would appreciate some flowers too.

I guess the point is that CLH didn't buy the present, but obtained it himself. So, for a jewellery, SC would still appreciate it ss long as CLH obtained it himself, perhaps from one of his adventures, or given to him as a token of gratitude from someone he helped...

It's fun to have more readers chipping in for trivia input! Keep them coming!