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Runaway Dragon and Missing Phoenix part 5 (prelude to deleted scene)

Belated Merry Christmas, guys! Sorry that I couldn’t post this last weekend, but Christmas has been busy for me… This instalment is the prelude to the deleted scene of Runaway Dragon and Missing Phoenix part 5. Contains a link to the real deleted scene…


He didn't mean to wake her up, but she stirred in her sleep as his fingers caressed her pure face.

"Sai Man..." she whispered his name even before she opened her eyes. Then, as she realised he was indeed in front of her, she grabbed his hand and pressed it to her face. "It's you! Tien, it's you..."

"It's me... it's me, Sik Sik..."

"I heard your proposal was accepted. Congratulations..." When he smiled to acknowledge her, she added, "It must feel so good now..."

"Not as good as having you back," he told her the truth. "I was planning to not come to the Court when Kong Fung told us he'd found you."

She smiled. Then, suddenly, she hid her face behind her palms and sobbed. Li Sai Man's heart sank as he realised he didn't even know half the pain she had gone through. "I'm so sorry..." he laid down next to her and hugged her. "I'm so sorry it took us so long to rescue you..." She burst into tears.

"Sik Sik..." he was helpless to see her crying, but he knew she needed the release. Hence, he just embraced her tighter and buried his face in her sweet hair. "I'm so sorry..."

It was a while before she stopped crying. He helped her up, cleaned her damp face and gave her water to drink. She drank the whole cup and let Sai Man fixed her tousled hair. As he did so, he realised something he missed: her cracked lips.

"They indeed dared to hit you?!" Blood boiled again inside him, he suddenly checked her other parts of body. He found her wrists red due to the chains. "And they tied you..." Li Sai Man's eyes glowed red in anger.

"Sai Man..."

"They hit you and they tied you..."  Li Sai Man suddenly made a move to leave.

"Husband, where are you going?" Alarmed, Sik Sik sat on the bed.

He turned to answer her. "I'm going to the jail and kill the people who did this to you!"

Tears welled in her eyes as she realised how much her kidnapping mattered for him. "Kong Fung had killed all of them. We had only four guards left, and they weren't the ones who hit me. I couldn't recognise people who tied me, for it was very dark when I arrived there."

"They are still involved in your kidnapping!" Sai Man approached Sik Sik again with anger, more at himself for lowering the guard, which allowed her to be kidnapped.

She shook her head. "Sadly, we need them for witnesses..."

Sai Man stopped on the spot. Sik Sik was right, they needed witnesses. It was a while before he sighed and sat next to her again. "At least you're safe now..." he searched for assurance in her eyes. His heart sank deeper when he saw her quiver.

"Sik Sik," his voice dangerous again, "what else did they do to you?"

She shook her head, but teardrops fell again.

"Sik Sik!" This time, alarm went off in his head. "Tell me what else they did!" Fear rose in his heart as he asked again, "Did they..." he inhaled. He had to ask this. "Did they dishonour you?!"

"No!" Her fierce reply suprised him. "No, Sai Man, they didn't dishonour me. They did say disrespectful things -" Sai Man gritted his teeth as he realised what she meant, " - they said disrespectful things, but they didn't touch me. I'd kill them myself if they had done so, and then I'll kill myself!"

When Li Sai Man asked that question, he knew he would still accept Chun Sik Sik if the guards had tainted her. Yet, it would be a hell of a healing process for them both. Sik Sik would feel unworthy and he'd feel like a failure for not protecting his wife. And now, witnessing how she was so ready to kill herself to protect her honour made him washed with a mixture of feelings. Relieved and pride for having such a wife, sorrow and anger for her pain, anger and disappointment for himself for failing to protect her.

"Sik Sik... please don't do that. You're not responsible for anything that happened to you. I am the one to blame instead!"

She shook her head. "I've learned how sorrowful you were when I was kidnapped... this is no way your fault..."

"Still..." he barely knew how bad her kidnapping impacted her, and yet here she was, the one who consoled him again. When would he console her in return?

"Just..." she looked at his face, he looked up. "Just...kiss me." When he lifted his eyebrows, she explained, "I've missed you so much. I thought I'd never see you again... and..." he suddenly realised that her breath was shorter. "And now you're here... I miss you so..."

Slowly, his frown was replaced with a smile. "A kiss?"

"Yes." Her eyes glassy as she cling on him. "Kiss me, please."


[Continues at the deleted scene of RDMP part 5, a.k.a. the Pearl Necklace]

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