Tuesday, 24 May 2016

Legend of Condor Heroes 1983 OSTs

While waiting for the full list of the major characters for LOCH 2017 (we know that our dear Michael Miu is the new Huang Yaoshi, yay!), I have been reminiscing on the OSTs of the LOCH 1983 where Michael was playing as our crooked but undeniably charming Yang Kang (Yeung Hong). YouTube has loads of the LOCH 1983 OSTs, but I thought I'd just put them here for easier access.

LOCH 1983 has three parts, each part has its own opening theme. My favourite is definitely part 1, which is the iconic opening theme for LOCH 1983 . The second favourite is part 3 OST actually, for it has that rushing adrenaline feeling to it. I also remember part 3 OST very well, for they played it as Yeung Hong (Yang Kang) read the goodbye letter from Mok Nim Chi (Mu Nianci) in Ep 47.


Oh, and I've changed the year for LOCH 1982 into "1983" for this series was first aired in Hong Kong in February 1983, not in 1982. And I made two new gifs of MB at the LOCH 1983 BTS. One is Michael hauling Barbara into the boat, the other one Babs glancing and grinning at Michael. Swoon...

Part 1 OST (Iron Blood and Loyal Heart, 鐵血丹心)

Click here for translation

Part 2 OST (A Meaningful Life,  一生有意義)

Part 3 OST (You're the Best in the World, 世間始終你好)

Click here for the translation

Willing to Undertake Love (肯去承擔愛, Yang Kang/Mu Nianci theme)

The Peach Blossoms (
桃花開, Huang Rong/Wong Yung theme)

Yang Tiexin's passing (The Whole River Red滿江紅)

(Michael was superb here!)

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