Sunday, 29 May 2016

GIFs for Michael/Barbara Behind the Scenes

Michael catching the falling Babs, CLH 84 BTS

Even though one does not have Adobe Photoshop, I now know that making GIFs is actually quite easy using free tools like Hence, I created some GIFs of Michael and Barbara from their Behind the Scenes of CLH 1984. I also made a GIF from the Foundation 1984 promo and re-inserted the GIFs from the LOCH 1983 BTS here. All videos were sourced from Rob Radboud's website.


Chor Lau Heung 1984

If you play the video, you'll hear Michael panicking that Barbara's face almost hit the ground (Take 1) and how Barbara caressed Michael's face after Take 2.

Take One, Ep 16

Take Two, Ep 16

Ep 26 when sheltering in the rain

The Foundation 1984

Look at how close Barbara was standing against Michael... (swoon...). And yes, Kent Tong was standing on Bab's left, and then Felix Wong was standing left to Kent.

The Legend of Condor Heroes 1983

You've probably seen these ones from the LOCH BTS post...


Aja Indah said...

Waww Michael is so warm guy I can even know from his gesture..the way he talked and took pics with female friends..but Barbara must be the closest one..

Icha said...

IKR! These GIFs always make me swoon....