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“You’re the best in this world” MV (Michael Miu as HYS 2017) & LOCH 1983 OST 3 translation

I just made this MV since we have now enough photos to make just one MV of Michael as Huang Yaoshi 2017. Since Michael played as the very memorable villain Yang Kang (Yeung Hong) in the 1983 ver of LOCH, I think it's apt to have the LOCH 1983 OST used for this piece. The OST is titled "You're the best in this world" 世間始終你好 sung by Roman Tam and Jenny Tseng. I have the YouTube, Vimeo and Dailymotion versions for Michael as Huang Yaoshi here. 

Since I'm also doing the translation of the LOCH 1983 OST, this post is also for that. Hence, the translation of "You’re the best in the world" (世間始終你好) is after the break. The MV of LOCH 1983 OST part 3 with Barbara Yung as Wong Yung and Felix Wong as Kwok Ching is after the translation. Romanisation is Cantonese Yale (converted from Jyutping using this site), translated into English and Indonesian.

I love this song so much, I think it's just slightly below the iconic part 1 (Iron Blood, Loyal Heart) theme song, so I enjoyed making the MV. I hope you like it too. Translation of 2nd LOCH 1983 OST will be done next week or so...

"You're the best in this world" Michael Miu as Huang Yaoshi 2017 MV 苗僑偉 黃藥師 from Icha74 on Vimeo.

You’re the best in the world, 世間始終你好
Performed by Roman Tam and Jenny Tseng

Source: this site (Thanks to Cynthia of the MB Network for finding it for me)
Translation adapted by Icha and Meenchee

問世間 是否此山最高
man6 sai3 gaan13 si6 fau2 chi2 saan1 jeui3 gou1
Asking the world, whether or not this mountain is the tallest?

waak6 je2 ling6 yau5 gou1 chyu35 bei2 tin1 gou1
Maybe, another mountain is higher than the sky?

在世間 自有山比此山更高
joi6 sai3 gaan13 ji6 yau5 saan1 bei2 chi2 saan1 gang13 gou1
Surely a mountain taller than this mountain exists

daan6 oi3 sam1 jaau2 bat1 dou3 bei2 nei5 hou2
But in love, I could find none better than you

一山還比 一山高 [無一可比你]
yat1 saan1 waan4 bei2 yat1 saan1 gou1 [mou4 yat1 ho2 bei2 nei5]
a mountain higher than other mountains [no one is comparable to you]

真愛有如天高 [愛更高]
jan1 oi3 yau5 yu4 tin1 gou1 [oi3 gang13 gou1]
true love is high [like the heavens above]

chin1 baak3 yeung6 hou2
(you have) endless virtues

leun6 mou5 gung1 juk6 sai3 jung1 bat1 ji1 bin1 go3 gou1
Who knows the real champion in the martial world?

waak6 je2 jyut6 jiu1 tung4 tou4 yi6 lou6
Or perchance, people are not what they seem?

但我知 論愛心找不到更好
daan6 ngo5 ji1 leun6 oi3 sam1 jaau2 bat1 dou3 gang13 hou2
Yet, I know that I could not find a better love

待我心 世間始終你好
doi6 ngo5 sam1 sai3 gaan13 chi2 jung1 nei5 hou2
My heart stays the same, you are the best in this world

待我心 世間始終你好
doi6 ngo5 sam1 sai3 gaan13 chi2 jung1 nei5 hou2
My heart stays the same, you are the best in this world

Indonesian version (translated by Icha)

"Kau yang terbaik di dunia"

Bertanya kepada dunia apakah gunung ini yang tertinggi
Mungkin ada gunung lain yang lebih tinggi dari langit?
Pastinya ada gunung yang lebih tinggi dari gunung ini
Tapi dalam cinta, aku tak bisa menemukan yang lebih baik darimu

Gunung yang lebih tinggi dari pegunungan yang lain 
[tidak ada yang bisa menyamaimu]
Cinta sejati itu tinggi seperti Langit di atas
Sifat-sifatmu sangat mulia

Siapa yang tahu pendekar terbaik di dunia persilatan?
Ataukah para pendekar ini menyimpan maksud yang lain?
Namun kutahu bahwa aku tak bisa menemukan cinta yang lebih baik
Hatiku tetap setia, kaulah yang terbaik di dunia

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