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Yang Kang's demise (LOCH 1983 screen caps)

Below are the screen caps of the final scene of Yang Kang where he finally accepted his demise. It's a total tearjerker for me that I delayed it for two weeks since I saw this ep 52, but I feel like I owe myself and MB/LOCH fans the screen caps. The screen caps started from the moment Guo Jing found the poisoned Yang Kang inside the Iron Spear Temple. 

GJ trying to save YK but the latter knew he had no hope

Then the kind Guo Jing dashed to the Heart Break Valley to find Mu Nianci, while Yang Kang trying not to fall asleep (lest it would definitely be the end before he could meet Nianci). 

Then she left without realising how heart-broken he was...
Confused, Guo Jing asked why Yang Kang lied again to Nianci. This was his answer...

Yet Nianci saw through her husband's final lie. She returned to the temple and saw how seriously injured he was. 

YK to MNC: "Why did you come back?"

MNC: "You're not going to die. We're going to spend a lot of time together."
YK: "After I die, there will be one less evil person in the world.
You should be happy about it."
MNC: "No, Kang. I don't care how you treat others. You were really good to me."
YK: "Nianci, I've let you down..."

MNC: "If it wasn't too late, would you give up your riches or me?"
I totally bawled when Yang Kang said this...

YK: "I will teach our children properly..."
MNC: "We'll be very happy together"

And with all those beautiful imaginations... Yang Kang left his body...

MNC: "He's very tired. Let's not wake him up..."

Then Mu Nianci sang the 'Willing to Undertake Love' (originally sung by Jenny Tseng). Sharon Yang truly sang the song with her own sobbing voice. Truly poignant...

Below is the complete lyrics:

I know my love to him was wrong to begin with
Yet I’m willing to give everything for him to be true to me once
I’d rather lose my life than change my feelings for him
For his sake I’m willing to endure all the pain and suffering in the world
In my heart my feelings for him can never be replaced
I will endure the suffering of love; I will face the future
I’d rather lose my life than to change my feelings for him 

Then the tearful Guo Jing informed Nianci that he had finished digging up the grave. Nianci nodded then said that she wanted to clean Yang Kang's face first, for "He wouldn't want to be so dirty..."

MNC: "Let me clean his face. He wouldn't want to be so dirty..."

Before they closed the grave, Nianci covered Yang Kang with a mat. She said, "When you were alive, you’d do anything to try and retain your wealth. But you would never have dreamt that you won’t even have a coffin to lie in upon your death...Or that you’d be buried in such a desolate and remote area..."

Then together they buried the body of Yang Kang. The son of a warrior, raised by a coward and a liar, hence took the wrong path in his precious life...

Thus leaving us wanting for some fan-fictions where Yang Kang redeemed himself before he died... Sigh...

Edit 8 Apr 2016:

I have actually written a fan-fiction on Yang Kang's (Yeng Hong's) redemption, read it here...

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