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LOCH 1983 episode guides (eps 20-30) and interim impressions

Wong Yung bored to death listening to Yuewen's poem recital, Ep 20

Ep 20: The start of LOCH part II. Naughty Wong Yung and innocent Guo Jing went exploring around a city inside the Song region and met Hong Qigong (Hung Tsat Kung; played by Lau Dan, who also played as Supreme Master in Fearless Duo) and Yuewen. Unknown to WY and GJ, Ouyang Ke was also looking for Yuewen. WJ/GJ warned Yuewen and Hong Qigong, not knowing that the latter was actually the leader of Kaypang (the Beggar Clan). Yuewen explained that the Jurchens might be looking for the Book of Wu Mu, a book that Yang Kang was telling Mu Nianci about (so Yang Kang wasn’t really lying back then when he said that the book was very important?). Ouyang Ke et al attacked the hut WY et al was in, but then they were met with the Beggar Clans. WJ and GJ fell into a trap, but it actually saved them from the fight. Yuewen died beaten by a poisonous snake, but Hong Qigong retrieved the Book of Wu Mu from him. Qigong then asked WY/GJ to escort him to deliver the book to the Song govt.

Wong Yung pushed the boundaries of her pranks at Hong Qigong... ep 20

Somewhere else, we got news of Yang Kang. The gorgeous antagonist met his associates within the Song territory. Yeung Hong asked Ouyang Ke et al to retrieve the Book of Wu Mu from Wong Yung and Guo Jing. Within 10 days. With WY and GJ dead! Gosh... how nice of you, Yeung Hong! Not! But the Jurchens eventually realised that WY and GJ were accompanied by Hong Qigong, the North Beggar, who was one of the Five Great Masters of that time (in addition to Ouyang Feng, Huang Yaoshi/WY’s father and someone else...).

Hey, look! Yang Kang borrowed Tang Dynasty Li Sai Man's robe!

Ep 21: Wong Yung cooked delicious meals for Hong Qigong so that the Kaypang Leader taught Guo Jing some skills to defeat Liang Ziweng (the guy who owned the snake that GJ beat; he also played as Master Yuen Hong of Wutang in Chor Lau Heung 1984, and also as Szeto Man Mo’s dad in Fearless Duo 1984). Yang Kang ordered his minions to kill the Fourth Prince of Mongolia (Tuloi) who just arrived in the Song Empire to persuade the Songs to collaborate with the Mongols to fight the Jurchens. Tuloi had indeed arrived in the Song territory with Huazheng. He planned to steal the Book of Wu Mu from the Song Palace library that night, but YK’s minions attacked first, such that Tuloi and Huazheng had to run away. Tuloi escaped into the Song Palace and stole the Book of Wu Mu.  When he was attacked by the Song soldiers, Wong Yung (who came to find some snacks for Hong Qigong) helped him. Wong Yung and Tuloi were later caught by Yang Kang’s minions. Yang Kang imprisoned Tuloi for he knew the value of Genghis Khan’s son. As for Wong Yung, Yang Kang gave her to Ouyang Ke who always fancied her (how could you, Yang Kang??).  But lucky for her, Mei Chaofeng came and told Yang kang that no one should harm her sister (really, I need to check myself. I like Yang Kang and Mei Chaofeng despite them being baaaad!). Yang Kang adhered to his teacher’s wishes and told Ouyang Ke that he should be able to wait, for Wong Yung would eventually be his.

Meanwhile, Huazheng’s men caught Hong Qigong and Guo Jing. HZ was so surprised to see Guo Jing there. She eventually learned that her brother might have been imprisoned by the Jurchens along with a girl called Wong Yung, who was Guo Jing’s close... friend.

Ep 22: Ouyang Ke lured Huazheng out and asked her to poison Hong Qigong’s wine. Huazheng asked GJ if he’d ever forgiven her if she did something bad. GJ was confused, but he didn’t have time to ask anything. Huazheng eventually poisoned Qigong’s wine. Later, the team split in two: Qigong went to battle Mei Chaofeng while GJ had to save WY and Tuloi elsewhere. GJ successfully retrieved WY and Tuloi, however, WY was jealous with Huazheng, and vice versa. OTOH, Qigong found it difficult to fight Mei Chaofeng (QG arrived alone cos). However, just as the things got worse for Qigong, Guo Jing and Wong Yung arrived with the Mongols arrived to assist Qigong. They then hid inside Mei Chaofeng’s practice chamber, where Qigong taught Guo Jing another of his tricks. While Yang Kang took a rest, Ouyang Ke attacked Mei Chaofeng, who then thought it was Yang Kang’s idea to attack her. A map fell from her pouch, and it seemed to be important. Guo Jing finally blew the chamber wall, just at the time the Mongols came to assist them. Huazheng protected GJ from Yang Kang’s claws, hence she was injured. Qigong asked Guo Jing to ask Wong Yung to treat Huazheng’s injuries, for the claws was the trademark of her father’s fighting style.

Ep 23: Guo Jing asked Wong Yung to save Huazheng. Although she originally refused due to her jealousy, she eventually relented and saved Huazheng. Meanwhile, Yang Kang and Ouyang Ke entered an abandoned temple to take a rest, and they met Mei Chaofeng who accused YK for ambushing her. Chaofeng defeated Ke, Ke asked YK to leave with him, but YK refused. He told Chaofeng truthfully that he didn’t ambush her. Because Chaofeng was injured, he then carried her elsewhere. Ouyang Ke followed them. Later inside a cave, YK was about to get Chaofeng some food when she told him that she knew he just used her. Had she been without excellent martial arts, he’d not even look at her. YK said it was true. However, “in this cruel world you’ve been the best to me.” All others (Guo Jing, Wong Yung, Qiu Chuji and Nianci) called him a traitor without thinking how it would be difficult for him to change from being a Jurchen to be a Song overnight. Chaofeng laughed and said she liked that trait of his, that he thought a despicable act as nothing wrong; just like her. With that “newfound understanding” between them, Yang Kang left to find food for his teacher. While he was away, Ouyang Ke came to attack Mei Chaofeng with his snakes, however, Huang Yaoshi came to save her and took her away. YK came back to find dead snakes and his shifu gone. Some Mongols attacked him but he could get away.

Wong Yung helped Mei Chaofeng readmitted back to the school... Ep 23

Meanwhile, WY and GJ saw Hong Qigong and Huang Yaoshi (Wong Yeuk Si, Cantonese) having a friendly duel. Later, WY introduced GJ to her dad. To appease her dad, she even called her “father”. Mr Wong later forgave Mei Chaofeng as well. However, he still hit GJ, which made GJ receiving hugs from Huazheng, which later made WY jealous. WY smashed things inside her room, and Mr Wong helped her smashing things (this father/daughter is so funny). GJ finally told Huazheng that he wanted to be with Wong Yung. Huazheng almost committed suicide in front of Wong Yung, which made the Han girl left GJ with her dad.

Old Heretic and his little demoness, Ep 23

Ep 24: after a series of drinking frenzy, Guo Jing finally left Tuloi (he was to be Kublai Khan’s father, apparently, this Mongol Prince!) and Huazheng, but Wong Yung’s boat has departed. Then we saw Yang Kang being captured by Mongolians by the order of Tuloi, being forced to drink poison and being dragged behind the horse (for real, Michael was dragged behind the horse! Or was it his double?). He then escaped the Mongols and arrived in a town where he stole bread because he was very hungry. He was chased by the mob and randomly hid in a house. As Fate decreed (or as Jin Yong decreed), Mu Nianci lived in that house. She took care of Yang Kang. He woke up, so surprised to see Nianci there, and threw away the porridge she made him. He yelled, asking why she was so nice to him, while because of him, Mr and Mrs Yang died. Tearfully, Yang Kang then said he regretted being tempted by wealth, for had he been stronger, his parents would still be alive and then he’d be married to Nianci already. 

I do feel that Yang Kang was sincere at this stage, Ep 24
Ah these two lovebirds...(Ep 24)

Unexpectedly, Guo Jing arrived asking for shelter (cos all inns were full). GJ was happy to see Nianci, but he was surprised to see an injured Yang Kang there. YK himself shoved a sword at GJ, telling him to avenge his anger at him. Knowing that YK was poisoned by the Mongols, GJ then departed to Tuloi’s palace to ask for an antidote, despite YK’s yelling at him, asking why he and Nianci were so nice to him. 

Because they are nice people, Yang Kang...

Later, realising that he might live, Yang Kang then promised Nianci that he'd marry her once he recovered. I do believe he was sincere here.

I don't think he was lying here. It wasn't a sweet talk...

Yet, Tuloi refused to help and he imprisoned GJ instead. After Yang Kang trying to run away to escape her, Nianci was left with the only other option; i.e. transfusing her own blood to Yang Kang, despite the fact that she’d be poisoned instead due to the blood transfer.

Ep 25: Nianci left after curing Yang Kang for she didn’t want him to feel guilty. Guo Jing finally arrived after Huazheng freed him and gave him the antidote. GJ arrived back at Nianci’s house to find Yang Kang awoke with guilt, for he was unconscious when Nianci transferred her blood to him. Since GJ had the antidote, Yang Kang then left with the antidote to find Nianci, but he was too weak. Guo Jing then left on his behalf, after Yang Kang thanked him (the first thank? The only thank...? at least there was gratitude). 

GJ found Nianci just in time to prevent her from committing suicide. Nianci took the antidote, then asked GJ to tell YK that she’d be waiting for Yang Kang at the Flower Pavilion with one condition: that YK gave up the status of the Prince of Jin. GJ conveyed the message to YK, who hesitated. GJ was furious and told his sworn brother that Nianci had sacrificed herself for him, so how could he be so hesitant?! (I’m angry too!). GJ also told YK that his lust for wealth had caused his mother’s demise, so he better not made the wrong decision this time! Yang Kang then left for the pavilion, but he saw Wanyan Honglie and cronies looking for him. He originally left secretly to see Nianci, but he then remembered the wealth and status (and a bit of care) that Wanyan Honglie gave him... then he ran back to his dad.


Giving up on Yang Kang, Nianci and I cried together... 

God... if only letting go of a charming bastard is that easy... poor Nianci... (Ep 25)

Although to be fair to Yang Kang, he wasn't thinking of abdicating his royal status when he promised to marry Nianci... (shut up and stop defending him, Miss!)

Wong Yung was having a luck tho with her love, for Guo Jing found her. However, Ouyang Ke and Liang Ziweng also found them, such that they had to run away. Ouyang Ke and Liang Ziweng chased them and demanded them to show up. However, another couple showed up instead (they were having some romantic rendezvous behind the bush nearby WY/GJ. Later, WY/GJ found the couple again. They were Lu Guanying (Austin Wai! Austin Wai! The CLH 1984 Chuen Yung Yat Dim Hung Austin Wai!!) and Cheng Yaojia, who had to secretly meet every time for fear that their father and teacher would be mad with them dating. 

Lu Guanying (Austin Wai) secretly dating Miss Cheng Yaojia, Ep 25
Wong Yung must have seen too many dramas!!.

After Miss Cheng left, Lu Guanying (Luk Kunying Cantonese) took off with his boat, only to realise that the naughty Wong Yung and Guo Jing were in the boat. They then had lunch together. Young Master Lu apparently would have a contest soon, so of course WY wouldn’t miss it. She was right not to miss it, for Lu Guanying was actually facing his lover Miss Cheng. Due to their hesitance, their relationship was found out during the duel. Miss Cheng was escorted back by her teacher, while Guo Jing and Wong Yung returned Master Lu to his mansion. Lu Guanying was later scolded and beaten by his father (the actor who played Sit Yi Yan in CLH 1984). Wong Yung was suspicious because the mansion’s configuration and garden were the exact replica of Peach Blossom Island. They trespassed the garden successfully into the inner chamber and met the Old Master Lu.

Ep 26: The Lu family apparently was a family of noble thieves who stole for the poor; like Robin Hood and Chor Lau Heung. That night, after his father received WY and GJ, Lu Guanying and his men attacked Duan Tiande who was trying to bribe Yang Kang (who was decked as the Prince once more). YK couldn’t bother with the pearls and gold, he just wanted a map of the Song army supplies. Guanying attacked and captured YK, who later escaped but defeated again by the Old Master Lu. Mu Nianci came out of nowhere to rescue YK, and fell for his sweet talks again. Okay, I love their love story, but I hate it that YK always sweet talked his way out instead of just being honest. I mean, if he wanted to join the Jin Empire, we can discuss about it (perhaps because the Songs were full of corruptors back then?). Calling Wanyan Honglie “father”, I can understand too, for YK also eventually called Yang Tiexin “father”. But lying to your lover repeatedly like that? Yang Kang, you need to grow up!

Still, Nianci left to find Mei Chaofeng, who later came to rescue YK. Inside the Cloud Manor (the Lu Mansion), she met the Seven Freaks (who just happened to be there out of a misunderstanding) and Mr Lu, who was actually her cohort at the Peach Island Academy of Martial Arts (hehehe). There was a little Peach Island School of 13th CE reunion inside the Cloud Manor, as Mei lamented her fate and Lu Chengfeng was surprised to learn that Mei’s lover had died ages ago. By the way, Lu Chengfeng was crippled because Mr Wong (Huang Yaoshi) was livid that Mei and Chen stole his manuscript (hence he broke the legs of his disciples, charmer!). In the end, Mei still demanded Lu to release Yang Kang.

Ep 27: Lu Chengfeng finally released Yang Kang. However, when his son asked whether Duan Tiande should be released as well, Wong Yung told them that Tiande caused the demise of Guo Jing’s father. The heroes then set up an altar with Guo Tiaoxian and Yang Tiexin’s tablets, and told Yang Kang how Tiande was responsible for the Guo-Yang demise.
Wait, so all those days together, Mr and Mrs Yang never told YK that Wanyan Honglie paid Duan Tiande to attack the Niu Village? Like, Yang Kang really didn’t know that Honglie paid someone to attack his parents’ village?

Yang Kang after killing Duan Tiande, Ep 27
Anyway, realising this, YK killed Tiande on the spot. This action gained approval from the Seven Freaks and Guo Jing (Wong Yung still held her reservations, of course). YK and GJ later held a sworn-brothers ceremony. But then YK left for “Niu Village”, but he actually returned to Yanjing (the capital of Jin). GJ was of course disappointed to learn about this. But he didn’t have a lot of time to be sad, because he and WY had to help Lu Guanying and Cheng Yaojia to be together. 

About this later couple, the smart WY devised a plan, involving her becoming a servant in the Cheng household (because her “husband died”), and became the match maker between Young Master Lu and Miss Cheng. She even brought the game up a level by having Miss Cheng attacked by Ouyang Ke’s snake (actually just a common snake, where GJ pretended to be Ouyang Ke). Total Wong Yung fest during this episode; she’s just so too cute!!

The busybody "servant" Wong Yung helping Yaojia, Ep 27

Ep 28: WY’s trick got Guanying and Yaojia married. However, during the ceremony, Sun Bat Yi (Canto; Sun Bu’er for Mandarin; she’s Yaojia’s teacher) and Taoist Qiu Chuji (both from the Quanzhen Sect) barged in. Both Taoist masters had just returned from the White Camel Mt and received testament from Ouyang Ke that this time he didn’t have anything to do with Yaojia’s snake poisoning. A fight broke, Yaojia ran away and fell into a valley; Taoist Qiu and Guanying were too late to rescue her. Guanying later drowned his sorrows in wine. Miss Cheng was of course still alive, rescued by Huang Yaoshi himself. After listening to her story, the Old Heretic took her back and confronted his old disciple. Old Master Lu was very happy to see his teacher again, and that he’d forgiven him. Old Master Lu then immediately approved of the marriage between Guanying and Yaojia. However, Huang Yaoshi himself didn’t approve of the marriage between his own daughter and Guojing. He left for the island with Wong Yung, leaving Guo Jing sad, drowned in wine. Later, Huazheng found GJ and talked some senses with him.

Yung-yi and Daddy on the island, Ep 29

Ep 29: GJ went to Peach Blossom Island and was trapped between Peach branches. He was then indirectly rescued by WY, then he took refuge in a cave where he met Zhou Botong, the eldest of the Quanzhen Sect who had been trapped inside the island for 15 years. GJ and Zhou became sworn brothers, then GJ met WY, who took him to see her mother who had been either dead or hybernated for at least 10 years inside an underground ice cave. Later, Ouyang Feng and his nephew Ouyang Ke arrived on the island to ask for Wong Yung’s hand in marriage (for the nephew). Hong Qigong arrived in time to assist WY deflecting Ouyang Ke’s proposal.

Ep 30: Huang Yaoshi decided to hold a contest of three tests to decide between Guo Jing and Ouyang Ke. Guo Jing finally won. 

Yung-yi and Daddy, Ep 30

However, Ouyang Feng had another agenda; he tried to steal the Jin Yin manuscript from Huang Yaoshi by capturing Guo Jing.

Interim impressions:

Well, I can see why people are ambivalent towards Yang Kang. This charming bastard is indeed scheming and rather wishy washy... but he oddly also had that weird filial stroke within him. He truly cared for his shifu Mei Chaofeng, in a twisted way. He still loved his foster father, but he regretted the wrongdoings he did that brought the demise of his birth parents. He killed Duan Tiande without a blink when he realised that this cockroach was also responsible for his parents’ demise. Yang Kang loved Nianci, he was very worried when he woke up after his injuries and found Nianci gone... yet he still broke promises after promises he made. When next time YK said, “After all this time, you still don’t trust me?” (and he surely would!), Nianci should reply with, “Yeah, give me one example where you actually showed that you could be trusted!”

But that would Wong Yung’s reply, not Nianci’s... Not that Wong Yung would ever trust Yang Kang anyway!

Speaking of Wong Yung, she definitely grew up in the last 10 episodes; tho I think the way she stole Hong Qigong’s clothes were a tad mean. She was very funny, and I agree with Tammy et al that the reason this series was fun to watch was because of her interactions with Guo Jing. I should add that WY’s interactions with the Old Heretic (her dad), Hong Qigong and Zhou Botong were gold! No wonder Barbara’s interactions with Sit Siu Yan (CLH 1984) and Supreme Master (FD 1984) were very natural; they’ve worked together before in LOCH 1982...

I also love Wong Yung’s clothes and hair. I now wish that Siu Ching had her hair styled like that, for it definitely shows the ample volume of hair that Wong Yung had. But perhaps, if SC’s hair was like WY’s, then people got a bit confused whether she was WY or SC...

Now, here’s the thing. Regarding the romance between WY and Guo Jing, I still haven’t got the vibe. You can tell that from the very fleeting summaries that I wrote for the WY/GJ scenes. I don’t hate the couple; I really agree that they’re cute together. As I said before in one of my comments: “I think WY isn't compatible with Yang Kang here in this series; YK do need someone like Mu Nianci (which is so much like Mother Bao in character) to bring up his good side. With someone like Wong Yung, Yang Kang would just rebel more, cos he disliked being told what to do.”

Still, I haven’t got that butterfly feelings in my stomach whenever I watched the WY/GJ scenes. I laughed alright, particularly when WY was pretending that GJ was dead; she was so funny there! But I still see them as friends instead of lovers...

Perhaps there are couples whose chemistry is more of friendly instead of hot and fluttery (as in, giving the butterfly feelings inside the stomach)... and to me WY and GJ are one of them. And nothing wrong with that.

And don’t hate me for this please. I do think WY and GJ are compatible in LOCH 1982. I just don’t find their chemistry sizzling. It went so far that I watched eps 2-4 of CLH 1984 (scene-jumping to CLH/SSC scenes) after finishing LOCH ep 30, and I was smiling like a moron to see CLH flirting and arguing with SSC in those scenes. Sigh.

I have no doubt that Barbara Yung and Felix Wong were good friends back then. I’m not advocating otherwise, nor that I said that WY/GJ are not compatible (I think they are, but without the sizzling chemistry I personally like). But now I have a totally biased hunch that, off screen, Babs might be getting cosy with Michael as well, and the film makers caught this chemistry between them, hence they were later cast for four series as a couple.

Regarding the late Austin Wai, it was refreshing to see him in this series not as a depressed ex-assassin, but as a somewhat normal Young Master, whose only problem was that he and his lover were not able to be together. Austin looked fine in this fineries...However, I do have to say, Guanying didn't look so happily surprised when Yaojia returned after being presumed dead. I mean, he was happy, but the surprised look on his face to see the love of his life returned from dead was not enough, at least to me. Had it been Michael who played Guanying, he'd put at least 10 different emotions in those few seconds upon realising Yaojia's return... just like Chor Lau Heung's multifaceted emotions when he thought Siu Ching had arrived on the boat. But I guess, that's why we have Michael playing the multi-faceted Yang Kang instead...

Am I being mean by saying this about the late Austin Wai? I hope not. I think he was adorable... I just find Guanying's reactions towards Yaojia's return a bit too simple...

I will try to steer away from the chemistry discussion for the next round, and focus more on the story development. I do find the politics between the Jurchens, the Mongols and the Songs back then quite interesting (but yes, full of bloodshed, sadly). Oh, and I want to buy “The Secret History of the Mongol Queens”, I think it must be a very interesting read!


Anonymous :] said...

I loved this part of LOCH because I loved the intro of Zhou Batong, Hoang Yaoshi and Hong Qi Qong. I loved their interactions with Barbara. It was so cute, and comedic. I love the scenes and just the feels, like it feels they were family.

I also liked the scenes where the disciples of Hoang Yao Shi meet up and how they treat WY. Super cute. They really look out for her.

I also liked that you mentioned the other actors who got used and casted in 80s movies with other series with Barbara, Felix and Michael. I always refer to them as their names in LOCH when I am watching movies with my mom. Lol.

I've seen another series with Austim Wai where he played main character and you're right his expressions aren't very versatile. Which is probably why he got casted as assassin so often lol.

Anonymous :] said...

And I was like you when I first started LOCH. I was thinking I couldn't see Barbara with Felix. But I think those two brought it in terms of creating the relationship between QJ and WY.

WY's character would probably he difficult to have someone like YK because she's so smart and too playful, she'd need someone like QJ to be patient, forgiving and not as smart as her to see her antics. Lol. I can see YK and WY butting heads and not having those "playful" fights.

I also don't think WY would put up with YK's antics.

Oh and Barbara and Felix are closer in height. Lol. Michael towers over her.

Anonymous :] said...

Also, growing up in the 90s, after these series got dubbed into Vietnamese.... lol. My mom and aunt used to comb my hair like how WY's hair was. Puffed up with small bangs lol. ๐Ÿ˜‚๐Ÿ˜‚๐Ÿ˜‚

Icha said...

Hahaha! I didn't have bangs because of Wong Yung et al, but I did have ribbons all over my hair, pretending to be one of the wuxia heroines! I even tried to move the ribbons around like a weapon!

Nah, it's not that I can't see Babs with Felix... I think Wong Yung and Guo Jing are definitely compatible for the story. It's just they don't have sufficient sizzling chemistry between them, at least to me. But I do think there are couples who work more like friends than a sizzling hot couple, but their relationship actually works; and WY/GJ is one of them, IMO.

"WY's character would probably he difficult to have someone like YK because she's so smart and too playful, she'd need someone like QJ to be patient, forgiving and not as smart as her to see her antics. Lol. I can see YK and WY butting heads and not having those "playful" fights. I also don't think WY would put up with YK's antics."

Totally agree. In LOCH, Guo Jing was the only person who could temper Wong Yung's characters, just like Nianci was the only one who could help Yang Kang.

The only other character that I think will be able to tame Wong Yung would be Chor Lau Heung (Michael's version), but I'm being biased again, LOL! Not to mention totally different stories and dynasties!

Tamuyen Truong said...

Yes! I would totally agree that o would want Wong Yung's hair and clothes to be matching up with Siu Ching! Yes I know people might not be able to tell the difference but her hair in LOCH is so much can more cuter I guess?! I actually think her outfits in this series is more prettier and easier for her to fight in. The thing is, Barbara as Siu Ching is of course always adorable but it kind of looks like her hairstyle in CLH was a bit mature in a way and her hair was actually shorter than WY's. Anyways yes Hahahaha I would think it would be really funny to have Wong Yung be tamed by Chor Lau Heung! They would technically kind of be perfect for each other because they both can play pranks and make jokes out of each other and CLH can deal with her. Wow we are connecting two stories! Also, I do think Felix and Barbara are genuinely cute together but they just don't have enough spark yet. Felix does resemble a hero in a way and he is truthful and noble although he is dumb! Michael how ever is kind of mixed in the middle where he would want to be a hero but he turns into a villain. Also, WY and GC interactions with WY's father, Hong Qigong, and Zhou Botong are so hilarious!

Icha said...

Tammy: "Barbara as Siu Ching is of course always adorable but it kind of looks like her hairstyle in CLH was a bit mature in a way and her hair was actually shorter than WY's."

True. Now that you've mentioned it, I agree that the film makers (costume director, whatever) might have decided to put her in a different hair style also to make SC looked more mature than WY. And SC was indeed more mature than WY in the beginning of both series. SC did pranks, but those pranks were not borderline cruel the way WY's earlier pranks were (stealing a beggar's clothes was mean).

Speaking of hairstyle, I also much prefer Yang Kang's hairstyle than Chor Lau Heung's. I like men knot to have the "tail" instead of having all upper hair tucked inside the knot. CLH's hairstyle was like that, his knot doesn't have a tail (he had two hair knots, actually), whereas Yang Kang had one knot with a tail (if that makes sense). True that CLH's hairstyle made him look dandier, but I much prefer YK's or Li Sai Man's hairstyle. But yeah, I understand why CLH's hairstyle was made dandier; cos he was indeed dandier, and if his hairstyle was the same as LSM or YK, we would be a bit confused which one is which.

In terms of costumes, I like both WY and SC tunics, and I wish that SC could have some of WY's floral tunics. Very cute (I might write a post on costumes later, perhaps in a month's time...). I like YK's costumes as well; his red and white Jurchen costume was by far the best IMO, but I also like his purple and white costume where he visited Nianci's old house (that's in Ep 34, to be posted).

Tammy: "Hahahaha I would think it would be really funny to have Wong Yung be tamed by Chor Lau Heung! They would technically kind of be perfect for each other because they both can play pranks and make jokes out of each other and CLH can deal with her. Wow we are connecting two stories!"

I know, right!! Would be funny to see SC getting jealous at WY for CLH was also paying attention to the Song Dynasty girl, hahaha! I totally can see CLH outwitting WY's pranks and vice versa!

Connecting the two stories would be difficult tho, cos the only bridge logical enough was the reincarnation theory that I've used in "Karmic Connection". Unless we totally went sci-fi and make it a totally non-serious fanfic, haha! Don't give me the idea! ...

Or actually, gimme the idea... ^_^


Anonymous :] said...

I think it would be hilarious if there was WY and CLH mash up. But I think WY needs the "naive" and "gullible" GJ. I don't think WY would want someone to out-trick her or be smarter than her. Lol.

Are you going to be watching ROCH (Andy Lau) after you finish LOCH?

I really appreciate your episode synopsis, because this is one of my favorite series. I'm glad my mom passed on her liking for this series with me. I'm so picky when it comes to watching new 'wuxia' series now because these series are what I grew up watching, and the new CGI is out of control lol.

I moved out of my mom's but I recently found a series on Hulu called "Prince of Lanling" I thought it was pretty good for a modern day make of a wuxia series.

Enjoy the rest of it. :)

Icha said...

Hahaha, I think you might be right, Anon! WY might not like to be courted by someone who outwits her... unlike SC who readily accepts CLH's intelligence. Wait; SC actually also disliked CLH in the first place, thinking that he was Mr Know-it-all. Then she slowly melted. WY could be like that too; but it might take her longer to accept defeat or balance of power...

I really appreciate your comments too, Anon! Thanks for the comments.

I'm not sure about ROCH; been thinking about it, but man, these long series really takes my time... I do like Susanna Auyeng who played as Wong Yung in ROCH, so I might watch it for her (somehow Andy Lau didn't leave me that imprinted impressions the way Michael did to me, although Andy is gorgeous, amazing etc...).

New wuxia! Don't even open the can of worms! They don't rely on clean fighting scenes, more like on cables and CGIs! I didn't realise how much I detest CGIs until I watched CLH 1984 with the numerous clean fighting scenes. They did use cables back then for the last fight between CLH and the Bat Prince, but other than that, most of the fights were clean no-aid fights.

There's one more thing I realised from the old school ancient wuxia series: they are less cheesy with love scenes. They were more restricted; even in LOCH I didn't see GJ saying he loved WY or YK saying he loved Nianci. They said something like "You know what I feel for you", but not the overuse of "love".

I mean, there's nothing wrong with the use of love if that befits the culture. In British movies and certainly Italian movies, this word is amply used. But I think with some Asian cultures, at least those set in ancient times, the excessive use of "love" might actually be counterproductive.

Just my two cents after watching the MB period wuxia...

Tamuyen Truong said...

Icha yes I think CLH would be able to outwit WY's pranks and smarts but wouldn't WY be able to outwit CLH as well? I mean she is very intelligent here in comparison to CLH. I would actually think it would be funny if they slowly did fall for each other over time. Like at first Siu Ching was ignorant and arrogant sort of like WY when she met CLH. CLH seemed drawn to her already because she maybe was different from any girl he has met. Probably WY would be the same in his view. The thing is, WY is also a straightforward person and she says what she thinks and CLH likes that. I don't know, Anon did brin up a good point though. WY would not like to be courted by someone who seems more intelligent than her. She might even think that CLH himself is arrogant! Overall, I would think that would be funny if it could happen though! And thanks for posting these Icha! It rally helps me get an overall of the story because I haven't watched it in a while!

Tamuyen Truong said...

Hi Anon! What did you think of the Return of the Condor Heroes? Honestly, I thought Andy Lau was a great actor and Idy Chan was absolutely gorgeous as Dragon Girl. Susanna Auyeng is a great later version of WY and the later version of Guo Ching. The cast is an overall excellent cast. Although ROCH is good, but it isn't as good as LOCH. It also seems like it isn't as funny. Oh well, maybe this series was leaning into being more serious!

Icha said...

No prob, happy to do the posts, as you can see! And guess what, I've written th first few paragraphs of the WY/CLH fanfic already! Totally silly, but hey, it's hypothetical anyway...

I don't remember ROCH the way I remember CLH, perhaps because I just watched ROCH whenever I came to my cousin's house. I remember the last few episodes, where Yang Guo found Xiaolong Nu, and the subsequent battle with the Mongols, and some bits when YG was stil forbidden to have a relationship with XN, but that was it. But perhaps the lack of young Wong Yung made the ROCH less funny compared to LOCH. I remember that I was a bit disappointed with the older Wong Yung cos she was so unfair towards YG. But since watching Susanna Auyeung in the Foundation, I like her, hence if I do watch ROCH again, that would be because of her. Although Idy Chan and Andy Lau were admittedly very cute together...I find the pair rather too serious (understandably, given the girl lived in a tomb and the boy was an outcast due to his dad's misconducts).

I actually remember more about the Heaven Sword and Dragon Sabre (starring Tony Leung), cos that was the series I rented and brought home to watch (VHS anyone?). I like that series, I thought Tony was very cute back then.

Tamuyen Truong said...

Hahahaha awesome! Would love to read that fanfiction! I will interesting to see what you coem up with! Yes, Tony Leung in the Heaven Sword and Dragon Sabre was a memorable series. Kitty Lai as the Mongolian princess was pretty I guess and smart. I actually think that Barbara would have fitted Kitty's role because of her strategies and smartness. There is actually one film called the Rough Ride and Tony and Barbara are paired up. So I guess they have a chemistry there.

Icha said...

I love Kitty Lai's role in HSDS! I agree she was a much better pairing for Tony's character than the other girl who turned out to be the murderer of his teacher (she then became a nun?). I might actually watch that series after LOCH, but for the sake of continuity I might be better off watching ROCH first...

I agree that Barbara might have been suitable for Kitty Lai's role, tho that would be weird cos it is a trilogy...and not to mention she was gone already in 1986 (sob...Babs...). But one blogger commented that Babs actually had good chemistry with all actors she paired up with, so Tony wasn't an exception. I can relate, for I was actually enjoying the idea of a love triangle between CLH, SSC and Fell Cut (at least CLH getting jealous while the other two were just getting cosy with each other); Babs scenes with Austin Wai were actually pretty cute!