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The gorgeous costumes of CLH & SSC

The pink/white/blue garments from Ep 1 and 4
I should really sleep now because I need to wake up before sunrise tomorrow. However, I miss Chor tai-gor and our adorable Siu Ching, hence I just want to make a short post on the gorgeous costumes worn by Chor Lau Heung and Song Siu Ching in the 1984 Chor Lau Heung series. I counted that Michael Miu had at least nine ensembles, while Barbara Yung wore at least 12 numbers for this series, excluding her peasant-style garments in Ep 17 and 35, among others. Other actors had adorable costumes too, but I will limit this post to CLH and SSC. I will just post the photos here with some comments on the episode numbers.

My favourite CLH/SSC ensembles is actually the clothes they wore at the same time during their first meeting and Ep 4. Chor tai-gor had white garments with very little soft pink embellishment with a white gossamer cape while Siu Ching's tunic was pink and blue with white under layer, as shown above.

Another shot of CLH/SSC pink/white/blue garments. I also like Yung Yung's dress there

Then Chor tai-gor wore the pink/green on white while Siu Ching had a yellow on white garment. This one below is from Ep 2 when they met again for the 3rd time. SC's yellow on white number was also worn by Li Lok Wan, the sister of Li Sai Man in The Foundation 1984 series. 

SC changed again to her baby pink/baby blue on white number in Ep 4 when she rummaged through Chor tai-gor's belonging and got a punishment from him like this... (he was still wearing the pink/green on white ensemble). Definitely one of my favourite CLH/SSC scenes and, since I quite like CLH's garment here, I like the costume pairing too.

I'd say it's a nice punishment for her... (Ep 4)

Then SC wore a silver-white on white garment on Ep 5, while Chor tai-gor returned to his white number with pink and blue embroideries. I like the way Chor tai-gor looked at her with concerns here. 

Chor tai-gor looking concerned at SC, Ep 5

She also had the second silver-white tunic which in ep 9-10 which was different from the one she wore on Ep 5. I love her silver-white numbers.

Yeah, who are you, baby? Ep 10

In Ep 12-16, Chor tai-gor donned light blue gossamer layers on white, and I also love this ensemble. In Ep 15-16, SC wore another pink tunic with a more intense tone than her first, baby pink/baby blue tunic.

CLH's blue gossamer layer, Ep 13

SC's second pink tunic, Ep 15

Then after SC was kidnapped, Yat Dim Hung bought her a new yellow tunic (how nice) and poisoned her wine too (not nice!). SC also had the time to wear a more classical country style when she was nursing Fell Cut in Ep 18-19.

SC with chicken was sooo cute! Ep 19

In Ep 17, Chor tai-gor changed into white and red garment. He wore it up to Ep 20 below (as SC returned to the buttercream yellow tunic).

Yeah, wrong-footed much, Chor? Ep 20

Then for Ep 21, CTG changed into lavender gossamer on white while SC adopted another white on white number. I love this combination too!

Yeah yeah yeah... Ep 21

Afterwards, they traveled together to help Yat Dim Hung. In Ep 23, Chor tai-gor donned his light blue gossamer number again, while Siu Ching remained with her white number. 

The gang intercepted Fell Cut's attempt to attack the Bat alone

SC got a new addition of peach on white in Ep 24. In Ep 25, CTG changed back to his pink/blue on white garment. The two wore this combination until Ep 27.

SC in her peach dress trying to make CLH jealous, Ep 25 (she first got the dress in Ep 24)
CLH/SSC traveling together, Ep 26

Then SC changed to a deep purple number in Ep 29. This purple ensemble was also worn by Lok Wan in The Foundation 1984 series. CTG remained faithful to the pink/blue/white number until Ep 30 when he donned the lovely buttercream yellow on white ensemble. CLH also wore this soft yellow number when fighting Monk Mo Fa (played by Lau Dan who was Szeto Man-Mo's teacher at Fearless Duo) at the beginning of Ep 1. This buttercream number is also one of my favourites.

He promised to return, Princess, and he did. Ep 30
Here's another shot of Chor tai-gor's yellow number, Ep 30

Afterwards, Lingering Fragrance had this regal gold and white ensemble from Ep 31 and also Ep 32 when the Emperor asked if he'd like to be his son-in-law. Somehow I don't really like this number, but it's still okay. Particularly because Chor tai-gor wore this number when he finally sealed his commitment with SC to take her with him roaming the world carefree.

Yeah, listen to father-in-law, Chor tai-gor... (Ep 32)

Lingering Fragrance then donned his lavender on white ensemble again in Ep 35-36 when he was poisoned and had to deal with Ting Fung and Khoo Tai Pang. Oh, if you like, you can check my fan-fiction on this subject of CLH et al being poisoned here

The poisoned CTG wore the lavender number when defeated by Ting Fung, Ep 35

After having to use some country-style dresses in Ep 33-34 to escape the Duke's men, SC returned with a lovely sea-blue number that she wore when she saved Chor Lau Heung from Khoo Tai Pang. This sea-blue tunic is definitely one of my favourite SC numbers! I also have to put Baby Sit Siu Yan here cos his interactions with SC were always adorable! SC's sea-blue number was also worn by Lok Wan in The Foundation 1984 series. But I personally think those recycled dresses looked much better worn by Barbara than by the actress who played Lok offense...

Cute SC with Baby Siu Yan, Ep 36

Meanwhile, Chor Lau Heung returned to his pink/green/white combination for traveling to Yunnan with the Princess in Ep 36, tho later they'd adopt a lovely pair of black on black for the same episode when confronting poor Ting Fung. They're really such a darling in their couple-in-black number! By the way, the black number Chor tai-gor worn was very similar to what Li Sai Man worn in some episodes of the Foundation 1984. I think the costume designer might have tweaked the torso and shoulder parts of the Foundation black costume slightly and changed the colour of the pants between the two series. As in, CLH wearing black pants, whereas Sai Man wearing white pants for the ensemble. 

In Ep. 37, SC had a new peachy number while CTG returned to the old but classical pink/blue/white ensemble. SC would also wear this peach tunic when she finally joined CTG on-board the Fragrant Boat in Ep 40.

Our Trio Detective in Ep 38
In Ep 40, Chor Lau Heung changed to a grey on white number. Didn't really fancy it, but it's growing on me. Princess Wing Ching donned a lovely silver/white number for her dates and her last talk with Chor tai-gor in the Palance. I didn't really like this princess garment of hers, but now it grows on me. Btw, check this post for the hairpin and garden screen caps to see that Chor tai-gor was also broken-hearted to leave SC in the Palace...

Oh, you two broke our hearts... (Ep 40)

Then for the last scene, we have the grey/white number for CTG and the peach number for SC. I of course love the final scene, so I don't care what they wore (or whether they wore anything, haha you wish!), as long as they were finally together!

Good on you, guys! Ep 40

So that's it, folks! Which number(s) do you like the best for CLH and SC?

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