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Fearless Duo 1984 summary of eps 15-20

The followings are the summary of Fearless Duo episodes. Special thanks to Dramacool and Dramanice for uploading this series. With all my love for Michael Miu and Barbara Yung for giving me this series. Click this for all episode guides of Fearless Duo. 

Szeto Man Mo finally married Lam Chor Yin properly, ep 19

Ep 15: MMCY tracked down the black magic guy and found his hideout. MM managed to cancel out the black magic thus SM was cured. However, they didn't found anyone in the hideout. Unbeknown to them, the black magic master was killed already by his teacher. Not the Evil Master, but Sky Heart, the 1st disciple (played by the actor who played as Wai Tin Ho in CLH actually). Cured, SM then concocted a plan to make 2nd uncle n cousin Tsung admitted their rotten plan in front of the village elders, such that the two pigs were exiled (despite Madam Yip's mercy). Madam Yip then invited SM to stay at the Yip Mansion. Big Mole arrived and joined MMCY acting as a go-between for SM and Madam. MM himself, he returned his jade to CY, asking her to keep it cos it is a very important item for both of them.

Ep 16: Madam Yip politely refused SM's love because she wanted to remain in the Yip Mansion to take care of her late husband's legacy. SM understood and they remained friends. Sky Heart attacked SM using 2nd Uncle such that SM n MM had to devise a strategy to defeat him, involving playing possum. Although masquerading as 2nd Uncle, Sky Heart was finally killed, stabbed with a wooden sword (akin to stabbing a vampire with with a stake). MMCY then had to safeguard Sky Heart's body for 3 days to make sure that he remained dead. MMCY got slacked and Cousin Tsung came to check his father's body. Sky Heart killed Tsung and placed the latter' body inside the coffin such that SM didn't get suspicious. Later, the Lams n the Szetos came to Yip Mansion to confront MM for taking away CY. MM tried to make peace with his in-laws and apologised for being a jerk.

Man Mo trying to win his prospective-in-law's support, ep 16

Ep 17: oh, this Ep broke my heart... It started very well with MMCY getting married, despite SM having to pull some tricks with Szeto Sr and MM having to ride the palanquin and CY kicking the door instead (it was really funny). MM was so sweet, he said he'd do anything as long as he could marry CY. But then during the ceremony, Tse Chung Leung came and threw a knife at MM. It wasn't Tse tho, it was Sky Heart. MM n SM joined forces to kill Sky Heart for good. 

CY made herself a human shield to protect MM, ep 17
... A Man was livid to see his wife sacrificing herself for him (ep 17)

But Yin was dead. SM said they still had a chance to return her to life. MM had to catch her spirit at midnight, put the animus grasshopper inside a bottle and safeguard it against spirit catchers. MM did it, but after daybreak, there was a mini earthquake such that he broke the bottle...

This is seriously too close... (ep 18)
... to MB home for me... really too close... (ep 18)

Ep 18: MM and SM decided to move Yin's body back to her house because she would still roam this dimension for 7 more days. Yet Evil Head caught her spirit and used her as a hostage. CY's spirit visited MM and told him to let her go. MM decided to learn the last two pages of the school manuscript. The pages are forbidden, hence SM said they couldn't be teacher-student anymore. But as a friend, it's okay for him to help MM. Jesus, this Ep reminds me of MMBY in real life. Would Michael wish to turn back time to prevent Barbara's death?... Although Fearless Duo is more light-hearted than Chor Lau Heung, the theme was too close to home for MMBY, so now I'm a bit blue. At least the Ep is on Cantonese again, so I'm feasting on Michael's voice...

He loved her so much... (ep 18)
Although her spirit asked him to forget her...(ep 18)

He kept fighting for her... (ep 18)

Ep 19: SM helped MM to learn the last two, forbidden steps of the manuscript such that they defeated Evil Head. EH still warned MM that the boy would then be like him (a cold-blooded murderer) due to the black magic. True, MM's face n hands were now often black during relapse. Soon, like EH, he would hurt others too. MM wouldn't believe it and resumed by installing CY's spirit again with the help of SM. But since CY has been away from her body for a while, she had amnesia. MM n SM took her to see Tung Yi but CY couldn't remember. 

MM trying to make CY remember her past, ep 19
Although she couldn't remember anything, she felt safe with A Man, ep 19

Then, since MM still wanted to marry CY, they got married again. There, SM in the form of Tse attacked again, such that CY remembered everything, thus we're all happy again. This episode also has a cute scene where CY asked if MM was hiding something from her. MM was reluctant to answer, but he then said he had a mistress. CY looked sad, but then MM laughed cos he was just joking. CY hit MM playfully and MM pretended to cry. They then hugged. CY then asked MM to please be honest with her, cos only then she could help him. It was a totally sweet scene. Not saccharine... just normal sweet. I feel like Michael and Barbara were not really acting here (or in many scenes). The way MM laughed when CY found out he was joking was a real laughter. 

MM joked about a non-existent mistress, ep 19 he deserved a beating from his lovely wife...
...but she still sensed something wrong...
...despite her husband's reassurance (ep 19)

They seemingly were happy now but for the relapse MM had several times. He still tried to hide it from CY who of course could sense something was wrong. Eventually, Auntie Wu saw the problem and told CY about it.

Ep 20: MM couldn't hide his symptoms anymore because CY saw him snatching a kid to suck his blood. CY prevented him from doing that and then tried to save him. SM and MM finally attacked Evil Head to force him to tell them how to reverse the process. It didn't work. Not only MM killed EH in the process, EH also finally admitted he didn't know how to stop the vampiring process. Seeing no other way, MM tried to kill himself but SM stopped him. The Master told MM that EH's face changes back to normal after he died. Hence, to save MM, they had to kill him first and then capture his spirit the way MM did for CY. 

A Man's disheveled look during relapse (rather sexy I 'd say), ep 20
Supreme Master had to kill A Man to save him, ep 20

That night, SM chained MM to prevent him going ballistic during relapse. Yet the relapse trigger was too strong that MM broke the chain and attacked SM. SM finally killed MM and asked CY to safeguard his body and capture his spirit. MM visited in the form of a butterfly and CY caught it and put it in a jar. However, when she opened the door, she tripped and the jar broke as well.

Then we have Alan Tam's beautiful "Who Can Change" with replay of previous scenes since MMCY met...

I'm so happy to find this old couple... (ep 20)

Then we saw an old lady trying to catch butterflies. Failing to do that, the old lady coughed. An old man tapped her shoulder and told her that they were old now, so she shouldn't catch butterflies again. The old lady turned out to be CY, who told the old MM that the butterflies reminded her of him. Old MM laughed and said she still remembered that accident years ago. They laughed. MM told CY that their grandson Siu Kau was waiting for them. They then walked away in peace...

So... the broken jar didn't kill the butterfly then. I assume Supreme Master and Chor Yin finally caught the butterfly or Man Mo's spirit again and installed the spirit inside the body, hence resurrecting him. Cos it worked out that way to CY, despite having Evil Head around. This time around... it should be easier to capture Man Mo's spirit...

Aaaand... that's it, folks. Fearless Duo, another charming series of Michael Miu and Barbara Yung. It has a different tone from Chor Lau Heung, but hey at least we also have a happy ending here. It's totally recommended if you're a Michael Miu, Barbara Yung, or MB fan, and with 20 episodes only, you only need 2-3 days to watch them all. Just a whole weekend, that's it...

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