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Fearless Duo 1984 summary of eps 8-14

The followings are the summary of Fearless Duo episodes. Special thanks to Dramacool and Dramanice for uploading this series. With all my love for Michael Miu and Barbara Yung for giving me this series. Click this for all episode guides of Fearless Duo. 

CY found the poisoned MM, ep 11

Ep 8:back to the Cantonese version!! OMG, I can't believe how significant this is for the enjoyment of my viewing! Michael's voice, OMG! Dubbing his voice in Mandarin doesn't do justice at all, unless he's the one who speaks Mandarin himself! (I’ve listened to Michael’s talk shows in Mandarin, his voice is still lovely...) Anyway. Since Chor Yin was angry with Man Mo, Tse Cheung Leung was able to accompany her here and there. She didn't fall for him, but she did like him because he was nice and always tried to protect her. Tse finally found criminal Ng Pak Tin and, after some hostage situation involving himself and Yin, Tse got Ng (who was killed by an officer during the hostage overtake). Tse then made some comical scenes about his injured legs so that Yin could take care of him longer (Tse was such a baby around Yin; it's funny that they later had a role reversal where he practically babysit and chaperoned Song Siu Ching in Chor Lau Heung). Meanwhile, Man Mo regretted being nasty to Yin, but he still found it hard to let go of Miss Fa. MM and Master then met Tung Yi, an orphaned girl whose veranda was obliterated when MM wanted to get away (again) from Master. The dumb and dumber then stayed with Tung Yi for a while to fix her house and accompany her. When they finally wanted to leave, Tung Yi went to town to buy some dinner ingredients as a farewell. There she overheard Tse asking the doctor not to heal him too soon so that he could be with Yin longer. Tung Yi borrowed that idea and twisted her ankle so that MM and teacher still stayed with her.

Ep 9: it's Mandarin-subbed again! Bugger! Michael Miu's voice was, still is, very gorgeous. Barbara Yung's voice was very unique; sweet but unlike general female dubbers. Dubbing their voices just robbing us of nuances... Anyway; it’s actually the last ep in Dramanice and Dramatv that are Mandarin-dubbed, so it’s okay. Tung Yi and Man Mo went to the Green Dragon Deity Festival and met Chor Yin n Tse Chung Leung there. MM started to look uncomfortable to have CY finding him with Tung Yi (and that he saw CY with Tse). MM n Tse fought for a stick of hawed candy and MM won. CY didn't deign to look at MM properly but he looked at her several times. I think MM was still feeling guilty after locking CY, and he might start to realise that CY had indeed been treating him well before he ruined it all by divorcing CY and locking CY up. 

CY wanted to take a detour when she saw MM, ep 9

...and A Man looking wrong-footed to see CY with Tse, ep 9
MM very conscious when buying candied haw with CY nearby

Anyway, Tse eventually proposed to CY through the wife of his subordinate. CY said that she just treated Tse like an elder brother. Tse thought she agreed hence starting the wedding preparation, including inviting the baffled and disappointed MM. On the wedding day, subordinate's wife drugged CY and placed her in the wedding room for Tse (Tse was conducting the ceremony with a double, actually). When CY found out, she said that she had married once and, although MM was bad, Tse was even worse. Tse got mad and accidentally pushed CY such that she hit the table and fainted. He brought her to a hut, then kidnapped MM who was drowning himself in wine to forget his sorrow about CY's wedding. Tse then brought MM to the same hut. He then burned the hut but Supreme Master saved MM and CY. Later, CY returned MM's jade, stating that she wouldn't chase him around anymore. MM was disappointed with this decision.

CY returned the jade to A Man, ep 9

Ep 10: Cantonese version, thank God! CY visited the crazy Tse inside the jail and cried for him for he'd become lunatic and couldn't recognise her anymore. Tearfully, she said Chor Yin already returned home, to which Tse replied that her parents did miss her so much. Realising that Tse truly loved her, CY cried again. She gave him chicken, he halved it and asked her to give the other half to CY. She cried, promised to do so, and left. 

CY crying to see Tse's mental state, ep 10

Later, SMC managed to have CY boarding Tung Yi's house under the pretext of teaching her magic (he asked MM to build a hut for her without him knowing that it was for her). CY n Tung Yi got closer and CY realised that TY really liked MM. MM himself realised that he wanted to make up with Yin, but dunno how. Supreme Master concocted a plan involving a fake vampire bite that made MM looked like sick to garner Chor Yin's sympathy. She did finally sympathise with him, but Tung Yi saw how they were very close and got offended.

A Yin taking care of A Man, ep 11

Ep 11: All Cantonese episodes from ep 10 onwards. A very important episode for MB, I mean MM/CY cos they really reconciled here. To make MM realise how much CY loved him, Supreme Master tricked Chor Yin to pray for MM, though MM was actually healthy. CY agreed, hence MM was happily convinced that his newfound love to CY would be returned. However, that night one of the swindlers attacked MM and poisoned him such that his ‘vampire bite’ became worse. The swindlers then used Tung Yi to further poison MM by giving her ‘medicine’, such as MM's health deteriorated quickly. Despite CY taking care of MM, he still left cos he didn't want to be a liability. Stubborn CY searched for him and found him in a cave. No matter how much MM told her to go, she sticked around. Meanwhile, Tung Yi told Supreme Master about the medicine that she obtained from the swindlers. SM realised they could save MM. Tung Yi didn’t believe that the swindlers were bad until she checked it herself.

Ep 12: The swindlers invited ‘Supreme Master’ to fix the vampire problem. The ‘SM’ was none other than Big Mole, who helped the real SM teaching the swindlers a lesson. My favourite in this ep is the plenty MMCY scenes. MM finally apologised for being such a jerk, CY said they shouldn't talk about the past cos she had her faults too. MM said that he feared he wouldn't live long, but given the chance, he'd cherish his moments with CY. He'd be so happy to marry her, and CY said she'd be a good wife... 

The lovebirds finally reconciled, ep 12
Although MM didn't see a future with her due to his illness, ep 12

Later, after the swindler scenes, we found our couple again. MM took a nap, sleeping on CY’s lap. Very romantic. I wish CLH/SC had this scene...must be beautiful with the Han clothing and flowing hair.... 

MM woke up from his nap on CY's lap, ep 12

But then Tung Yi found MM when CY was out to pick fruits. MM said that he always treated Tung like a sister, so she must not get it wrong. After confirming that she and MM were actually like siblings instead of lovers, Tung explained that MM's illness was easily curable. MM was so happy cos he could live and marry Yin. He then said to Tung that they (he and Yin) would have 10 sons, 10 daughters and many grandchildren. At that time, Chor Yin came and heard only the last bit. Angry, she left MM without listening to him. MM tried to find Yin to no avail. 

After he was cured, he then helped SM defeating Earth Fire, the 2nd disciple of Evil Master. MM then was initiated and started training with SM. He still found time to return to the cave he and Yin used to stay at just to reminisce on her. SM finally took him home cos he wasn't concentrating on his lessons. At home, MM told mum and dad that he wanted to marry Lam Chor Yin. Mum and dad point blank rejected, hence he went to the Lam Mansion himself to propose to Yin. After clearing up a misunderstanding with Auntie Wu, he was told that Yin n Mrs Lam were visiting her cousin cos Mrs Lam wanted to see if she could marry her daughter to that cousin. (actually, MM was passing by the palanquin that carried Mrs Lam and Chor Yin, but of course the lovebirds didn’t see each other).

Ep 13: We are introduced to a new character here. Mrs Yip is the wife of the late Mr Yip, who is Mrs Lam’s friend relative. Chor Yin called Mrs Yip “sister”, so I think she’s like her cousin twice removed or something. In that town, Cousin Tsung (which looked like a pig...) courted CY, but she ignored him. She then befriended Mrs Yip and admired her tenacity and hard work in securing the Yip Enterprise (or whatever the company is called). But Cousin Tsung and Second Uncle (Tsung’s father, CY’s uncle) disliked Mrs Yip and hired a black magic master to make Mrs Yip’s tummy swell as if she was pregnant. But since she was a widow, her being pregnant without a husband would be bad for her reputation (and the towns people wanted to erect a Stone of Chastity for her, WTH!).  After several doctor visits, Mrs Yip became desperate and tried to commit suicide, but was rescued by Man Mo and Supreme Master. SM realised that Mrs Yip was attacked by black magic (i.e. that the embryo inside her was evil embryo), hence he transferred her evil embryo to himself to cure her. 

Ep 14:  Man Mo escorted Mrs Yip back to her mansion, just in time for the unveiling of the Stone of Chastity (blergh!). Mrs Yip saved her reputation and then invited MM (as her ‘cousin’) into the Yip Mansion for they decided to investigate the evil embryo case together. MM was happy to see CY, but CY didn't deign to look at him. After sleuthing Cousin Tsung and second Uncle, MM reported back to Mrs Yip in the evening. CY getting jealous of MM and Mrs Yip and threw a flower pot into the room! That’s not enough, CY then bit MM's nose! OMG that was so funny! I tot she was going to kiss him!! 

CY didn't kiss MM here. She bit his nose!!! (ep 14)

To prevent CY from being hysterical, MM cast a rope spell at Yin that made her fall and wounded her nose. Hence, both MM and CY had cute bandages on their nose!

Cute nose bandages, ep 14

Mrs Yip reconciled the two lovebirds by telling CY the whole story about her evil embryo. And SM n Mrs Yip getting to know each other, and he's pregnant cos he had transferred her evil embryo to himself. Later, when Mrs Yip visited SM, the 2nd uncle (Chor Yin's 2n uncle) and CY's cousin of a pig trailed her to ambush her. Luckily, MMCY arrived in the nick of time to let SMY hide behind the hut. Then MMCY pretended to date (well, they actually were) in the hut, just the two of them. When uncle and cousin barged in, MM openly admitted to the jealous cousin that CY was his wife so cousin shouldn't address her too intimately. Oh, and MMCY embraced there too. Sure it was exaggerated to convince cousin, but I dare say MMBY, I mean, MMCY enjoyed it! 

Nice to see MM openly admitted that CY was his wife (ep 14)

CY playing the part, but she also enjoyed it, ep 14

Later, second uncle asked the black magic guy to attack Mr Yip remotely, but the latter was saved by MM, who had got the hang of SM's Magic. I still prefer MM's bare hand fight without any magic tho, so I'm glad it wasn't all magic but also some fist fight.

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