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Fearless Duo 1984 summary of eps 1-7

The followings are the summary of Fearless Duo episodes. Special thanks to Dramacool and Dramanice for uploading this series. With all my love for Michael Miu and Barbara Yung for giving me this series. Click this for all episode guides of Fearless Duo. 

Szeto Man Mo developed a habit of bickering with Lam Chor Yin, ep 1

Ep 1: Supreme Master Cheung was drinking in town. Lam Chor Yin (Barbara Yung), daughter of the governor, strolled the town in her lovely yellow dress, used her magic to reveal Wu Yat Chu Big Mole cheating and found a cute rabbit. She then saw Master Cheung fighting. She went home and asked Auntie Wu to teach her more magic, but the old lady refused. Governor knew about his daughter sneaking out, hence she was grounded. Chor Yin still managed to sneak out the day (dressed as a boy) after and met Szeto Man Mo in town. Rather, bickered with him over his jade pendant stolen by a pair of thief (so refreshing this bickering couple! As Chor Lau Heung, Michael Miu was smart but calm. As Szeto Man Mo, he was a big mouth!). Szeto and Lam were apparently business rivals; both their fathers were involved with some corruption cases. The next day the two families went to Master Cheung for support. Man Mo went along and met A Yin who was disguised as a boy (that was how Man Mo recognised her from the jade incident). They had a mouth brawl again before A Yin left for fear that her father found out. They then met Master Cheung separately. Man Mo didn’t realise the meat-eating Taoist monk was the Master, while A Yin begged the Master to accept her as a student (and was rejected). Later, the Master taught Mr Szeto and Mr Lam to be more considerate with their positions and donate some money to the temple.

CY wanted to beat MM for laughing at her, ep 2
MM and CY weren't happy to be engaged, ep 2

Ep 2: Master Cheung was defeated by his junior hence he had to leave the school. Inspector Ying, I mean Inspector Tse arrived in town and stayed at Mr Lam's place. Inspector Tse later fancied Chor Yin, who fancies her rabbit Po Yi much more (Mr Tse was played by Kwok Chung who later played as Inspector Ying in CLH. No wonder He had good camaraderie chemistry with Babs in CLH!). Thinking that Inspector Tse was the auditor the capital sent to check his accounts, to iron out their rivalry and smooth things up, Mr Szeto decided to marry his son to Mr Lam's daughter, and Mr Lam accepted the idea. When following Chor Yin dressed as a boy, Man Mo finally found out that the boy he knew was a girl due to her marriage prayers. Chor Yin was insulted and they both said they'd never dreamt of marrying the other person. Later, when they both found out that they were engaged to each other, both wanted to break off the engagement.

CYMM weren't happy to get married, ep 3

Ep 3: the Lams persuaded Chor Yin to marry Man Mo in such a way that she finally thought it was a good idea. OTOH, Man Mo still found the idea ridiculous. Although he did send the jade (the one stolen and retrieved in the market), he tried to fight his dad so that he could escape the wedding, but dad defeated him and threatened to chop his hand or head or pig tail whatever. It was a funny fight scene; never tot Yeung Hong/Chor Lau Heung/Li Sai Man could fight the funny style! On the wedding day, MM was giving CY cold shoulders (while wearing a silly black cap with golden horns, so it destroyed the effect, hahaha!). The problem became complicated when the broken hearted Inspector Tse Chung Leung appeared drunk in the banquet. Man Mo was pissed off that a man dared to claim his wife during the wedding day. He bickered with Chor Yin about it then returned to the party. Pissed off, Chor Yin drank wine and started to hallucinate such that she accidentally slapped mum in law. 

It went downhill when Inspector Tse professed his love during the banquet, ep 3

Then Tse babbled that he was there to catch criminal Ng Pak something, instead of to audit the finances of Szeto and Lam. Szeto was annoyed that he got to marry his only son without actually needing to, so he and his wife persuaded Man Mo to divorce Chor Yin on the ground of her being unfilial (slapping mum in law). Man Mo originally didn't want to for he thought it was too cruel, but eventually he did. He left Chor Yin a letter (might be a text message these days) about the divorce and left the town. Being the willful girl she was, Chor Yin set to find him and demanded explanation. While avoiding Yin, Man Mo met the exiled Master Cheung, who also had to escape his evil brother. The dumb and dumber then set out together. 

Ep 4: Master Cheung got fed up with MM who always followed him around, not to mention being so picky with tea hygiene (haha, MM was a far cry from the the elegant Chor Lau Heung in many things, including how to drink tea!). But then after finding out that Man Mo had seven moles on his foot, Cheung wanted him as his disciple. Man Mo refused for he was attracted to Fa Ying Fung, a pretty troupe actress, hence he enrolled in her theatre. Bro Tong (Ying Fung's actor partner) tested him with the spears and asked MM to do a spear fight and somersaults, and Yeung Hong, I mean Chor Lau Heung, I mean Man Mo easily did those (like, Michael really did those spear fighting, somersaults and back flipping himself!). Man Mo passed the test and joined the troupe. He then stayed at an inn where he met Chor Yin again. She asked him why he divorced her, he told her that Tse and slapping mum were the reasons. He then told her that he liked Actress Fa now, causing Chor Yin grieve before she decided to see what was all the fuss about. Meanwhile, Tong got jealous with MM and asked his assistant to swap the dummy knife he had to throw at MM with the real knife.

MM was actually concerned that CY got injured because of him, ep 5

Ep 5: There’s an error in the Dramanice Ep for this one, so I didn’t watched it until I got the DVD (Canto with Eng sub) from Indonesia. So, CY and Big Mole overheard the conversation between Tong and his assistant about the real knife. She then watched the show and when Tong threw the knife at MM, she ran to protect him and received the knife instead. MM was worried for her, but she refused to be touched by him. MM later asked SM to go and make sure CY was okay. SM slipped into CY’s room when BM was running for medic, and then placed a spell on CY. Inspector Tse came, SM ran away, but from the description, CY knew that it was Supreme Master who saved her. Meanwhile, Tong followed Fa, thinking that Fa was going on a date with MM. Turned out, Fa was doing a healing ceremony for herself. Since Tong already saw her, Fa killed Tong. So Fa Ching Yung was actually the student of Evil Head. Big Mole then found the body and did a very stupid thing: he took Tong’s snuff bottle (like, the one Chor Lau Heung usually used for his nose) for sale (cos it was an expensive item). Then BM brought back the body and did a ceremony using Tong’s body to make himself rich (palm/face). BM then sold the snuff box to Inspector Tse. The body was eventually found by the troupe. Tse did an investigation and when he realised that his snuff bottle was actually Tong’s, he immediately arrested. SM examined Tong’s body and realised that Evil Head’s third student called Yan Fung was behind this. SM told CY about this, making her worried cos MM was still in the troupe, hence his life was in danger. CY asked SM to help MM. SM gave CY a safety charm for her to give to MM. Pretending that she wasn’t interested in helping, CY gave MM the charm. MM reluctantly accepted it because CY said it was from SM.

CY pretended to be reluctant in giving MM the charm, ep 5

Ep 6: MM gave the charm to Miss Fa instead. Fa asked him where he got it from, the big mouth MM told her that Supreme Master did. CY met her uncle in town, a high official there. Uncle was annoyed about MM hence he and his henchmen paid the latter a visit and forced him to apologise to CY. What followed was then a super-cute, must-watch, typical MB scene where MM pretended to care for her but actually just wanted to get away from the place. He tried escaping several times but had to return to their room for fear of being beaten to death by CY's uncle (or his guards). MM also tried to hug CY several times just because CY's aunt was watching, and he got a slap from CY instead. Super funny! Eventually they slept sitting on the chairs cos there was only one bed and CY didn't want to share the bed with him (tho for practicality sake he was okay with it). I wrote a fanfiction about the scene after they slept on the chairs here.

CY wanted to slap MM again for proposing to sleep together, ep 6

Later, Miss Fa drugged MM to kill SMC to no avail, cos SM already realised that Fa was actually Yan Fung (Evil Head's third student). She also coerced him to drug CY's uncle family such that they started to sound funny. Eventually SMC and CY cleared Big Mole's name and Inspector Tse realised Miss Fa was the murderess who killed actor Tong. Still wouldn't budge that Fa was evil, MM took her for a walk.

Miss Fa died, leaving MM broken hearted, ep 7

Ep 7: Dramanice and Dramatv both have the Ep in Mandarin. It takes away the nuances and charms of this Ep for me for we can't hear Michael Miu's deep voice (that voice OMG, not even Andy Lau has that voice!!), or Barbara's cheerful voice. Anyway. After SMC and CY advised MM (Man Mo, not Michael Miu) to tail Miss Fa, MM finally realised Miss Fa's real identity. Though he was angry at first, he later forgave her and asked her to run away from her master. However, unable to withstand the remote torture, Fa finally attempted to kill MM. SMC, CY and BM arrived in the nick of time to save MM. Fight ensured and Fa was killed. MM was angry that SMC killed Fa, such that he left, ignoring CY who had been rescuing him again and again. 

Inspector Tse ganging up with CY, ep 7

SM and CY followed MM's track to a town. There, MM saw CY in an inn. MM bribed a waiter to lock CY in the restaurant warehouse, not knowing that the waiter also received payment to deliver CY to a rapist. MM then left the inn but was stopped by Supreme Master, who lectured him about how ungrateful MM was to Yin who had done everything to save him. MM finally realised his mistake and unlocked Yin just in time she was about to be molested by the rapist. Yin was livid cos she tot MM did it on purpose (locking her up so she could be molested). Tse Chung Leung arrived as a hero and took Yin away despite SMC trying to explain that MM wouldn't plan such a thing like molesting a woman.

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