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Chor Lau Heung 1984 summary eps 31-36

The followings are episode guides for the New Adventures of Chor Lau Heung 1984. My sincere gratitude the Dramanice for uploading the series with English-sub for us. Major spoilers as the series progresses, hence stay away from this post if you haven’t seen it and want to see it without spoilers. Click here for the summary of other episodes. Click here for Fearless Duo episode summary and here for summary of The Foundation 1984.

Siu Ching and Brother Chor took a tea break, ep 36

Ep 31: The Emperor distributed rewards to the grand masters and sects who rescued him. However, Chor Lau Heung didn’t deign to attend the ceremony, which ticked SC. She confronted him in front of the three ladies, who smiled knowingly this time (including Sugar). We have a cute scene here where Chor chased SC by calling her “Princess” but she didn’t deign to stop until he stopped calling her that and called her “Siu Ching” instead. Chor explained that he didn’t like those types of formalities, and SC should have known that he was like that. Besides, what kind of title would His Majesty confer him with? The King of Thieves? This joke made SC smile, then she said that it was true that Chor wasn’t the only one refusing the title. Scary Nun and Yuen Tsui Wan also rejected it. Chor found it weird, hence he told SC that he had been suspecting that Yuen was the Bat Prince after all. He told SC about the broken snuff bottle (back in Ep 29) and that he could smell the fragrance of his signature balm on Yuen after the fight. Chor warned SC not to tell anyone about this because it might alert the Bat Prince. That night, Yuen visited the Emperor and told him how he liked conversing with His Majesty. HM told Yuen that he’d like to adopt Yuen as his son after he regained his throne again. Scary Nun found out about the conversation and warned Yuen not to be careless. Uncovering his identity means that the world would know that Khoo Mui once had an affair (i.e. she was a human), thus she would need to abdicate.  

The day after, the Wutang alliances left the mountain to return home. One of them (Mr Wong) was coerced by Ting Fung to kill the Emperor that night. The plan failed miserably because they had excellent masters surrounding HM. Not to mention Yuen who managed to scream “Watch it, Father!” as he saved the Emperor. HM then interrogated Yuen, who still refused to admit that he was Khoo Mui’s son. Eventually, HM had to ask Scary Nun, who finally admitted it. HM was very happy to finally meet his son; Yuen was even happier. The next day, SC told Chor about Yuen, which baffled Chor because it just didn’t add up.

As they arrived at the Kams, Chor apologised again to Madam Kam and told her how he felt very uncomfortable about what had happened. Mrs Kam said that it wasn’t their fault; the Duke was too crafty. That night, Kam Ling Chi reconciled with Yuen Tsui Wan, who wasted no time in telling her that he was to be the Crown Prince.

To lure Emperor’s camp, the Duke planned a capital punishment for Wu Tit Fa and Koh A Lam. Chor of course wanted to save them, although he realised that it would reduce the number of people protecting the Emperor. That night, Wu and Koh A Lam shared their wedding wine. The next day, Chor et al left with the blessings of the Emperor (and SC asking him to return safely, in which Chor smiled sweetly). 

Wife, I mean SC, asked her husband, I mean Chor tai-gor, to return safely, ep 31

They saved Wu and A Lam and escaped to Mt Hua. Meanwhile, Yuen masqueraded as HM so that HM and SC, guarded by Auyeung Fei, were able to escape to Mt Hua as well. The rescue had put a strain on Wu-A Lam relationship tho, because the girl once again hesitated to show her affection to Wu in front of Scary Nun. That hurt Wu Tit Fa a lot.

Brother Chor having some inferiority complex, ep 32

Ep 32: The two groups (Yuen et al and Chor et al) reached Huashan (which was still rather intact despite being burned...). The Emperor called for Chor that night (actually it was SC’s idea and Chor saw it through). HM asked Chor to help Yuen ascend the throne should something happen to the Emperor. Reluctantly, Chor agreed. Then HM asked Chor to take care of SC, i.e. whether he wanted to marry Siu Ching, and he actually blushed! Chor, not the Emperor. It was a very lovely scene where the Lingering Fragrance actually didn’t know what to say. The Emperor asked if Chor didn’t like his daughter. Chor said that it was not the case; it was just that he considered himself not good enough for Siu Ching. Interesting. Even the flamboyant Chor Lau Heung had his insecurities. Then Chor had a very lovely talk with SC. When SC asked whether Chor said yes to her father’s proposal, Chor said he’d think about it. Disappointed, SC bade him good night. Chor stopped her from leaving by saying that she’d grown up and become more reasonable and sensible. He worried that if she lived with him, she’d live a rough life. She also had to adapt to the way he lived. SC said she didn’t mind cos she just wanted to be with Chor Lau Heung. Chor smiled and promised that after the whole business of installing the Emperor back to throne was finished, he’d take SC roaming the world carefree. SC was all stars and suns. Me too!!!

Chor Lau Heung finally sealed his commitment with Siu Ching, ep 32

Then CTG (Chor tai-gor, 'elder Brother' Chor) told Wu (who was getting ready for a date with A Lam) about Yuen being the son of the Emperor. He also asked Wu to sleuth about Yuen and Khoo Mui, for CTG sensed there was a catch in their relationship. Wu agreed. Before he met A Lam tho, he ran into Kam Ling Chi and Yuen Tsui Wan who were having an argument. Wu thought that the argument was about what happened between him and Miss Kam, so he apologised to Yuen. Judging Yuen’s surprised look tho, I don’t think it was the reason Yuen had a fight with Ling Chi. Yuen became furious; Wu said Yuen could just kill him.  Wu then met A Lam, who just had an argument with Scary Nun and thus decided to leave with Wu. Wu decided to come clean to A Lam, but before he told her about him and Miss Kam, Ling Chi barged in and told A Lam about it. A Lam understandably was very disappointed and broke up with Wu right away. 

Poor Drunkard Wu... ep 32

The next morning, Wu got so angry that he lashed at Scary Nun and disclosed Yuen’s identity as the Emperor’s son, thus shaming Khoo Mui. A Lam lashed a sword at Wu for his insult. Scary Nun finally told her students about her relationship with the Emperor and resigned from being the leader. A Lam decided to be a nun and took the leadership of Hua Shan, despite Wu crying and begging at her. Her new name is now Dik Chan (Btw, Sharon Yang looked very pretty here without the silly bang!). Wu Ti Fa was of course broken hearted. In fact, almost everyone – including Ling Chi – felt sorry for him.

Chor Lau Heung trying to calm down a broken hearted Wu Tit Fa, ep 32
The newly appointed Master Dik Chan ignoring Wu, ep 32

Meanwhile, the Duke used a fake Emperor to transfer the throne to himself. Ying and Auyeung Fei conveyed this news to Hua Shan. Chor decided to just expose the lies in front of everyone during the coronation. The plan not going well. The Duke had someone assassinated the fake Emperor in front of everyone, making the real Emperor looked like the bad guy (I don’t understand this olden day stuffs; I know they don’t have photos back then but surely one could recognise their own Emperor? But apparently not. SC had to produce the Jade Seal as evidence of their royal identity).  Worse, Madam Kam and Au-yeung Fei died sacrificing themselves and Kam Chi Chung (Ling Chi’s brother) was captured. Chor et al were separated from the Emperor and SC during the fight. Good thing SC and dad had the Scary Nun and Inspector Ying with them. Bad plan, Brother Chor, baaad plan! You should have rallied His Majesty’s supporters first!

By the way, this ep had some scenes cut I think at the end, hence I had to make deductions.

Ep 33: The Emperor, SC, Khoo Mui and Ying Man Lei wanted to leave the capital but the gate guards were suspicious. Before things got worse, an empty cart was pushed into a nearby fence, causing commotion and providing the quartet to escape. I’m sure they cut some scenes here; for that cart wouldn’t just crash the fence on its own. Did Chor Lau Heung do that?

Siu Ching and the loyal Ying Man Lei, ep 33

Anyway, without Chor around, they surely ran out of their chance to survive. However, I’m actually glad that they were separated this time, for it showed us that Siu Ching also had more than sufficient brain capacity. She took upon herself to secure her father’s safety. Together with Mr Ying, she checked the city to see whether the coast was clear enough to resume travel. It was then that they met Yip Sing Lan and Sit Lan, Sit Yi Yan’s daughter. As we know, during the first few episodes, Chor et al helped Yip and Sit Lan escaping her father’s wrath. Siu Ching told Yip that her father was a Court official who was defamed by his enemies, hence they had to run away. Feeling that he owed Miss Song (and Chor Lau Heung), the Yips sheltered Song et al despite Sit Lan finally learning that Mr Song was a fugitive. However, the six of them eventually had to leave Yip’s house after Ying beat up some officers who bullied Mrs Yip. They somehow managed to travel to Yunnan to the shelter of General Tuen. The Yips realised that they had been travelling with the Emperor, but the Emperor wasn’t offended with his views.  Yip actually had good political views and sense of justice too, and the Emperor liked chatting with him, so the Yips stayed with the Emperor in Yunnan and was conferred the title of the Imperial Musician.

Meanwhile, Wu Ti Fa met Chor Lau Heung again. The two of them exchanged notes, and this is where I realised it wasn’t Chor who helped Siu Ching et al escaping, cos he didn’t know their whereabouts (Wu didn’t know either – so who did?). I suspect that after the failed attempt to intercept the coronation, Chor got separated from Sue, Rosie, Sugar, Wu, Yuen, Miss Kam, and the Hua Shan women. Chor and Wu then hid themselves inside a brothel. Chor also snooped around the Court and realised that all his friends were at large. The only casualty was Mrs Kam and Auyeung Fei. Chor stole some gold from one of the high officers, and I think he managed to save Kam Chi Chung (but that one was behind the scene, so I’m not sure). After a failed attempt to kidnap the Duke, Chor and Wu withdrew to a place outside the capital and met Sue, Rosie and Sugar there. The smart Sue suggested that they had to use the crab method to dismantle the Duke’s force, i.e. dismantling his supporters first.

Back in the Tuen Mansion in Yunnan, Khoo Mui saw Sit Yan about to wash a pink baby cloth. Sit Yan told her that the cloth belonged to her husband Yip Sing Lan. As a baby, Yip was found wrapped in the cloth. Khoo Mui shed tears because Yip was apparently her long lost son. So perhaps it was “good” that Chor’s plan didn’t work out well, cos then they found the real crown prince...

Ep 34: Chor Lau Heung started the ‘Operation Crab’ to dismantle the Duke’s force. However, Khoo Tai Pang suspected that Peace Mansion harboured the rebels, hence he attacked the mansion. Poor faithful Mr Kau had to sacrifice himself to protect Yuen and Miss Kam. Poor Mr Kau... At the end of the ep, the Duke was secretly captured. Well done, Brother Chor! Seems what should be done is just finding the Emperor and reinstating him and all will be well. But nooo.... the Bat Prince returned! And of course you can see from the thin veil who he was.   

Siu Ching dressing Chor's wound, ep 36

Ep 35: Our smart CTG (Chor tai-gor) also had his suspicion about the Bat Prince and he devised a plan using Wu’s wine to prove his theory. The next day, Yuen Tsui Wan left for Yunnan. Chor Lau Heung & co got poisoned but they were saved from Ting Fung by the Big Boy Sit Siu Yan and Miss Wah Jan Jan. Yip and wife wanted to leave Yunnan but Khoo Mui prevented them. Listening to Khoo Mui’s rant about true love, Siu Ching left Yunnan to find Chor (I miss him too...). The end theme is the romantic song again (perhaps by Liza).

Ep 36: Khoo Taipang tried to ambush Chor’s HQ but this time SC saved him instead with the help of the Beggar Clan! Chor also acted as if nothing was wrong (even asking Sugar to play music), hence Khoo was confused. Chor et al dropped the Duke et al at Mt Hua, then the team then split: Wu Tit Fa and the girls guarded Hua Shan, while Chor and SC travelled to Yunnan. Later our Velcro Couple fought with the Bat Prince and his minion which caused Chor to be injured. Cos the injury was not fatal, Chor asked SC to go to Yunnan for an urgent matter, and he would go to find Dr Cheung instead to treat his injury. Yuen arrived in Yunnan, claiming that he was the one who had the idea to capture the usurpers. Later, he overheard his mother’s secret he never knew. Note: read this fanfiction on my alternative take of ep 36 with the Khoo Taipang ambush.

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