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Chor Lau Heung 1984 summary ep 1-10

The followings are episode guides for the New Adventures of Chor Lau Heung 1984. My sincere gratitude the Dramanice for uploading the series with English-sub for us. Major spoilers as the series progresses, hence stay away from this post if you haven’t seen it and want to see it without spoilers. Click here for the summary of other episodes. Click here for Fearless Duo episode summary and here for summary of The Foundation 1984.

First time Song Siu Ching (Barbara Yung) met Chor Lau Heung (Michael Miu), ep 1

Ep 1: Chor Lau Heung, Sue, Rosie and Sugar went together to attend Zo Hing Hau’s 50thbirthday. En route, they met a brazen girl carrying the famous Dark Jade Sword (read this fanfiction for CLH's first meeting with SSC). The girl, Song Siu Ching (SSC or SC), meddled with some affairs such that Chor had to save her, but not before ridiculing her for being over confident. In the Zo Mansion, Chor et al. found that Zo’s daughter Ming Lai was sick such that it almost prevented him from having a duel with another swords master, Sit Yi Yan. To ease his worry, Chor sat down with Zo to have a drink that night to celebrate his birthday. They cited their favourite wine poetry ('Invitation to Wine' by Li Bai, Tang Dynasty) and Zo told Chor he was so lucky to befriend Chor. The next day, Rosie went to town for some medicine but she didn’t return home. Worried, Chor visited the Sit Mansion to look for her. 

Siu Ching met Chor Lau Heung for the 3rd time, ep 2. Look at their eyes...

Ep 2: Chor was attacked by Sit Siu Yan when he sneaked into the Sit Mansion. Sit Siu Yan was a middle age baby who went bananas after having a wrong kung fu practice. Chor was then welcomed by Sit Yi Yan, from whom he learned that Rosie was there to examine Sit’s daughter, Sit Yan Yan, who was also (un)comfortably sick. Being his nosy self (in this department, he’s not that different to SSC), Chor offered to be a peace maker between Zo and Sit. Sit responded by showing Chor his collection of swords and blood-stained clothes that belonged to the swordsmen he had killed before. Sit then warned Chor to stay out of trouble. Meanwhile, Miss Song met singer Yip Shing Lan in town who wanted to meet Sit’s sick daughter but was not allowed doing so.  Being a romantic, SSC decided to help Yip and broke into the Sit Mansion, which didn’t go well with Master Sit. There, Miss Song met Chor again for the third time (the first one was at the restaurant, the second one was at the inn where they stayed at adjacent rooms). When they couldn’t convince Sit to let Yip see Yan Yan, Chor took Yip and Siu Ching out to concoct a plan. After learning that Chor et al. stayed at Zo’s, Miss Song asked him to take her to the mansion. Chor agreed under two conditions: 1) Siu Ching must behave, and 2) she must tell him her name. She obliged and told her name. It was lovely to see how Chor found it satisfying to finally learn her name. Afterwards, Chor launched his plan to help Yip seeing Yan again. The plan backfired when Sit found out about the visit. The ep ended with Mr Sit and Mr Zo meeting at the forest for the duel. The duel was halted midway when Zo’s servant informed him that Zo Ming Lai was getting worse.

Ep 3: Zo and Sit returned home to find their respective daughters dead. However, that night the wind blew hard and Ming Lai suddenly return from death and claimed that she was Sit Yan instead. Dr Cheong suggested it was a soul exchange, a theory Zo immediately dismissed. Curiosity made Siu Ching sneaking into the Sit Mansion to check whether Sit Yan was dead or not. She was intercepted by Chor, who gave up on asking her to leave and sneaked into the mansion instead, together. Baby Sit disturbed them again by capturing Siu Ching and asking her to play. Chor duped Big Baby by asking him to count the stars in return of the moon. I guess this was the time SC realised Chor was an interesting man after all. And I just noticed something after the fourth viewing of CLH (or was it my fifth?). Chor tai-gor started to hold SC's hand here, and she actually liked it. They held hands at least three times that night when they secretly visited the Sword Villa:  when they tricked Sit Siu Yan to count the stars, when they tried to jump the wall to escape the big baby (Chor tai-gor actually held SC's hand before they jumped) but Big Baby stopped them, and the last one was when they really jumped the wall (too fast for me to freeze for snap shot).

Siu Ching and Chor tai-gor started to hold hands, ep 3

Meanwhile, Sit found that his Viper Sword was stolen and immediately went to Zo Mansion to accus the King of Thief Chor Lau Heung as the culprit. However, Chor dismissed it point blank with some intelligence. Then SC got nosy again and dragged Ming Lai/Yan to the living room to meet Sit Yi Yan. Sit and Zo then quarrelled about the daughter. Chor managed to convince the two swordsmen that he would investigate the soul exchange mystery.  He started by subtly interrogating Yip Shing Lan who was found to buy rouge and silk despite his lover just passed away. However, in the middle of the conversation, nosy Siu Ching barged in, dragging a confused Ming Lai/Yan with her.

SC being nosy again, ep 4

Brother Chor and Siu Ching investigating the Sit/Zo case, ep 4

Ep 4: SC’s nosy habit worked this time, for Chor could see that Ming Lan was indeed Ming Lan, instead of Yan the lover of Yip Shing Lan. To confirm, Chor et al dug Yan’s grave that night to find that the deceased girl was actually not Yan. After doing the grave work, Chor et al. returned to Zo Mansion. Chor found his door was slightly open, hence he carefully entered his room only to find Siu Ching rummaging his belongings. He confronted her romantically (as in, fighting her, then locking her hands such that he hugged her from the back!) before asking what she was doing in his room. Totally one of my favourite CLH/SC scenes!

Chor tai-gor found his door slightly ajar, ep 4

Turned out, the intruder was SC. This was how he punished her... (ep 4)

Fuming, SC said she was trying to find something he might have stolen from her (the Jade Seal, that was). Chor said that he didn’t steal anything from her, and SC confirmed it for she had looked around the room to no avail (she didn’t realise he had started to steal her heart, ha!!). Later, Sugar duped SC to sniff a false lead to another famous thief. The next day, Chor, Sue and Siu Ching went to tail Yan’s nanny and Sit Pan (Yan’s brother). They split in two: Sue following nanny and Chor with SC (I want to think that Chor started to enjoy SC’s company... but he could also do that because Sue’s sleuthing skill was proven, while SC was all rushing without thinking. Or he could do that because of the two reasons). SC and Chor then rescued Sit Pan who was attacked by Mr Ma and his Kong Tong clan who accused Sit Yi Yan of murdering one of theirs with the Viper Sword.  Chor tried to clear up Sit’s name, but Ma didn’t buy the story. However, Chor was successful in uncovering the drama concocted between Yip, Yan, Ming Lai and Sit Pan, but not without a fatal cost.

Inspector Ying Man Lei met Chor Lau Heung, ep 5

Ep 5: The star-crossed Ming Lai and Sit Pan died fighting for their love. Seeing such suffering, finally Sit Yi Yan let his daughter run away with Yip Shing Lan. Since Chor et al was of no use anymore, with the heavy heart they took their leave to find the whereabout of the Viper Sword. Siu Ching went with them and their journey made her closer to Chor (like, they would sit next to each other and gossiping with each other). One night, some black-clad men tried to kidnap SC but Chor rescued her. Chor recognised one of the kidnappers as Khoo Tai Pang, the Flying Devil, but SC didn’t know why he’d kidnap her. The next day, Chor et al went to down town where she encountered a man she recognised and tried to avoid, such that she left Chor et al. Chor was worried and searched for her. He later encountered Ying Man Lei, an inspector from the capital city. Ying told Chor that SC came from a high official family and Mr Song was worried for her. Chor et al agreed to split up; the girls searched by boat while Chor went the other way. En route, Chor met another clan whose members have been murdered by the Viper Sword. Chor was accused as the culprit. Other clans were invited to discuss the murder and to conduct a trial on Chor.

Wu Tit Fa suspected Chan Bing as assassin Yat Dim Hung, ep 6

Ep 6: Chor wriggled his way out of the trial and managed to get the leader of Wutang Clan on his side by simple deductions and the help of his ladies and Wu Tit Fa. Chor started to suspect the Bat Clan behind the murder cases. He resumed his journey with the ladies and Wu Tit Fa, but the ladies later went their own way to Beijing because Wu was annoyed by them. Chor and Wu later stayed in an inn whose owner looked very much like their old friend, a professional killer called Fell Cut or Yat Dim Hung. Owner Chan Bing repeatedly said he didn’t know who Dim Hung was until some bandits almost molested his wife Yin Yi.  Dim Hung later explained that he was sick of the vendetta of wuxia world, hence he secluded himself and created a new identity. Unfortunately, his past soon caught up with him. He got a new killing order that night, which he point blank refused.

Assassin Yat Dim Hung, ep 7

Ep 7: Yat Dim Hung paid a very high price for refusing to work for his old “company”. After burying his wife and wrote her name in blood, he donned his old costume (which looked very much like what a bat/vampire costume would look like in the olden days China) and took off. Yat first visited the Wutang Clan because he suspected them to be behind the murder (dunno how he arrived at that conclusion). He was wrong, and got involved in a beautifully choreographed and super-fast swords fight, but he defeated the Wutang leader easily. Afterwards, Yat embarked in a killing frenzy, killing the agents of the leader he suspected, trying to lure the leader out.

Yat Dim Hung vs Sit Yi Yan, ep 8

Ep 8: Chor and Wu were very concerned and tried to track down the Bloody Palm organisation that seemed to have killed Ho Yin Yi, Dim Hung’s wife. Wu Tit Fa made a false deal to assassinate Chor to lure the killer out. The murder attempt failed because Yat Dim Hung arrived to save Chor. Later, Yat confronted the Bloody Palm boss who denied that he killed Yat’s wife. Yat, Chor and Wu failed to kill the boss. Chor recognised the fighting style of the Bloody Palm leader, thus he confronted Sit Yi Yan who apparently was the leader of the Bloody Palm. However, Chor faced a dead end since Sit didn’t kill Yin Yi. Chor still had a duel with Sit because Sit couldn’t let Chor live after exposing his identity. Chor defeated Sit with his excellent gravity-defying skill (hey, it means Chor was actually the first swordsman in his time! Sit Yi Yan and Zo Hing Hau were sort of equal in skills, and Chor topped Sit!). The fighting scenes in this episode were amazing, btw (all fighting scenes in this series were gold!). Chor had to let Sit go because Big Baby got Wu instead. Facing dead end, Dim Hung left. Chor met and rescued Ying Man Lei who was chased by some “goons”. Meanwhile, the three girls found Song Siu Ching but she was soon kidnapped by the men from the Kam Mansion.

Ep 9: The Kams greeted Siu Ching as “Princess” Wing Ching, hence Siu Ching had to admit she was indeed the Princess. The Kams didn’t allow SC to leave the mansion for fear of her safety. The Kams were the family of the late Prime Minister Kam, a loyalist to the Crown, and they snuffed that the Duke were trying to dethrone the Emperor. The Kams tried to save General Chang who were about to be executed, but he died as they rescued him. SC learned that the Kams were trying to save the General, but she couldn’t place its context. There was a funny scene in this ep where SC pretended not to be hungry, but she eventually succumbed and ate like a pig, even talking while eating. So cute! Anyway, the three ladies tried to save SC to no avail, but then SC managed to rescue herself (told you she could take care of herself!). SC went to a restaurant to have a grand meal, but since she didn’t have money with her (left at the mansion...), she was going into trouble. Yat Dim Hung was at the same restaurant and paid her bill. SC took care of the drunken Dim Hung afterwards but he took off after he woke up. Meanwhile, a killer called Ting Fung gathered some killers to find Fell Cut. Dim Hung followed the trail to meet Ting Fung who told him that a person called the Bat Prince knew who murdered his wife.

Chor tai-gor (Brother Chor) teased Siu Ching, ep 10
Ep 10: Ting Fung told Dim Hung to deliver a girl in exchange of the chance to meet the Bat Prince. Dim Hung saw the picture of the girl and was surprised to learn that she was the girl who took care of her the previous night. SC (already dressed up nicely despite not having any money) bumped into the three ladies again. They inactivated her and delivered her to Chor as a funny “retarded” girl. There was a cute scene where Chor touched SC’s chin in jest and SC just glared at him. Having four girls around Chor was now too much for Wu Tit Fa, though. The girls disturbed his chess play with Chor; Siu Ching even splashed a bucket of water at him when she was fighting over the water bucket with Rosie. Couldn't stand it any longer, Wu dashed off again alone. In town, he met a guy named Koh Ah Lam who also liked drinking and disliked girls; hence they immediately hit off. 

Chor tai-gor gave Siu Ching water, ep 10
Chor tai-gor uncomfortable with what Sugar said, ep 10

Meanwhile, SC traveled with Chor and the three ladies who were still a bit hostile to her. They would dash off to find water for themselves and Chor and not giving a drop to Siu Ching. With very nice and iconic background music, realising that SC didn’t have water to drink, Chor gave his water to SC who sincerely thanked him. Peeved that Chor cared so much about SC, Sugar said that they’d arrive at the Stone Valley soon and would soon meet Mr Ying who would take care of SC. SC got annoyed at that and walked away. Chor Lau Heung, who was rather uncomfortable with the way the girls treated SC, followed suit.  Chor asked SC if something was bothering her. SC asked him back about what he thought of it. Chor said that he didn’t know SC’s real identity, but since he was used to live a carefree floating life, she better be not too nice to him. When she asked about the girls, Chor said he brought them up hence they were like sisters to him. Siu Ching said they didn’t think of him merely as their brother. Chor grabbed Siu Ching’s hand and forced her to face him (be still, my heart...). He asked who on earth she was. SC said that Chor Lau Heung should know anything. Chor said that Siu Ching was an exception. 

Chor tai-gor asking about Siu Ching's identity, ep 10
Siu Ching started to feel safe around Chor tai-gor, ep 10

Meanwhile, at the Stone Valley, Ying Man Lei was attacked by Khoo Tai Pang and his goons. Chor and the girls arrived at the Stone Valley to realise that Ying was ambushed. Chor asked SC about her identity again but SC refused to tell. Chor then looked around to find Ying. SC asked whether she could go with him, and he smiled and took her with him. Yat Dim Hung saw the fight and rescued Ying, but Khoo already damaged Ying’s ears. Chor and SC met a bunch of blind, black-clad goons who laughed and cried at the same time, such that Siu Ching got scared and she unconsciously hid behind Chor tai-gor The goons told SC and Chor that the Bat Prince had them blinded because they failed in their deliverables. Our darling couple then returned to the valley to find the three girls and Mr Ying being inactivated by Yat Dim Hong. A fight broke between Chor tai-gor and Yat Dim Hung who wanted to kidnap Siu Ching.

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