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Chor Lau Heung 1984 summary eps 17-23

The followings are episode guides for the New Adventures of Chor Lau Heung 1984. My sincere gratitude the Dramanice for uploading the series with English-sub for us. Major spoilers as the series progresses, hence stay away from this post if you haven’t seen it and want to see it without spoilers. Click here for the summary of other episodes. Click here for Fearless Duo episode summary and here for summary of The Foundation 1984.

Chor Lau Heung admitted he was worried about Siu Ching, ep 19

Ep 17: Au Yeung Fei fended off his attackers but fell unconscious. Yuen Tsui Wan saved him and brought him to the Peace Mansion, but Au left again after he regained consciousness. Au Yeung Fei went to Mt Hua Shan and told Scary Nun about the Emperor’s kidnapping. Scary Nun pretended not to care, but later she actually contacted Yuen, asking him (more like barking at him) to look for the Emperor. Yuen consented after addressing the Scary Nun as “Mother”. So apparently, Yuen was the bastard child between the Emperor and Khoo Mui. Meanwhile, Yat Dim Hung poisoned Siu Ching’s food with some weakening powder so that she couldn’t run far. Somewhere else, Chor Lau Heung and Wu Tit Fa had a meal break which was interrupted by some goons beating up some members of the Beggar Clan. Wu finished off the goons while Chor – having no need to help Wu handling the goons – was just annoyed because their meal was interrupted again (must be happening quite often). Later, the beggars took Wu and Chor to their branch quarter to meet Mr Siu, the head of the local Beggar Clan. Chor asked the Beggar Clan to help locate Siu Ching. 

Yat Dim Hung tried to deliver Siu Ching to the Bats, ep 17

Back to Yat Dim Hung, he was intercepted by Ting Fung who told him how to reach the Bat Palace. At the Peach Town, SC escaped with the help of Doggy, Yat’s little friend. Yat caught up with them and Doggy was so angry to learn that his idol was actually a kidnapper. He hit Yat with his catapult, but Yat didn’t dodge because he knew Doggy’s anger was rightly placed. 

Fell Cut had a moment of guilt, ep 17

Doggy took off to town and had a cup of tea to calm down his anger. There, he met Sue, Rosie and Sugar who then found Yat and Siu Ching being ambushed by Yat’s old enemies. The three girls took care of the attackers (they were very good!), but at the cost of losing Yat’s track again.  Yat Dim Hung took a detour to Ho Yin Yi’s tomb, thus SC finally realised why Yat kidnapped her. As they resumed their journey, about 50 people from different clans attacked Yat Dim Hung as a retribution for his past killings. Yat killed all, but he was also injured. SC hesitated for a while before she rescued Dim Hung. She took the assassin to an abandoned temple and tried to dress his wound, but Yat said the place wasn’t safe. After dropping her stained scarf in the temple, SC then took Yat to a house owned by an old lady under the pretext that her husband Yat was attacked by bandits. The Beggar Clan found out about the attack and informed Chor and Wu. They eventually arrived at the temple where the Lingering Fragrance found Siu Ching’s scarf. It was nice to see worry carved on Chor’s face as he crumpled the scarf in his palm.

Brother Chor found Siu Ching's scarf, ep 17
Ep 18: Yat asked why Siu Ching didn’t leave him, and she said he needed her to get the info about his wife’s murderer. Yuen Tsui Wan left the Peace Mansion to help the SC case and met a tomboy girl from the Kam family called Ling Chi. The girl didn't have a good first impression at him, but later she fell head over heel for him. Yuen and Ling Chi eventually met Chor and Wu. It was a very nice scene in the restaurant where Yuen and Chor were having a serious discussion about the SC case while Ling Chi and Wu drained up the whole wine jar (the camera went from Yuen/Kam side to Chor/Wu side like a Wimbledon game). Back to Yat and Siu Ching: Yat asked her to leave again, and she again refused. Back to Chor et al: they later visited the Beggar Clan to hear any progress about the SC case, but they found only six dead beggars and one in coma who told them to go to the Night Woods. The four friends went to the Night Wood the day after to be attacked by black-clad men, snakes, and flying cutters.

First time Yuen Tsui Wan met Kam Ling Chi, ep 18 (look at those muscles!)
... and although Miss Kam didn't like him the first time, she would later (ep 18)

Ep 19: Chor Lau Heung saved Wu Ti Fa’s life in the nick of time. After a discussion with the Beggar Clan head, they realised that the injured guy might actually be the killer who trapped them. Chor et al resumed their journey and broke it in an inn in the evening. Yuen Tsui Wan gave an ointment for Miss Kam who became attached to him. Wu wanted to see what Yuen was up to, but Chor forbade him, for Kam Ling Chi obviously took a like on Yuen. Chor also reminded Wu that Miss Koo was waiting for him in Hua Shan. It’s nice of Chor to say that, for with his reputation as a ladies’ man, you wouldn’t think that he supported exclusive relationships. Meanwhile, Au Yeung Fei managed to talk to Scary Nun, who point blank refused to help Au retrieving the Emperor. Au then left to return to the Peace Mansion. Later, Scary Nun sent Wah Jan Jan to Yuen Tsui Wan. Koh A Lam gave Jan Jan a jade pendant for Wu Ti Fa. Miss Wah found Yuen with Chor et al and, after giving Yuen the letter from Scary Nun, she gave Wu the pendant from A Lam. Chor and Jan Jan left Wu for some privacy. JJ commented that Wu, despite being rough, actually cared a lot about her sister. Chor replied that men are good at disguising their emotions. JJ asked if Chor was thinking about Siu Ching. He confirmed, saying that now they lost all tracks of SC. JJ said SC was lucky to have Chor thinking of her. Chor replied that JJ was a nice girl, surely she’d find the right man soon.

Chor tai-gor admitted to JJ that he was worried for SC, ep 19
Meanwhile, Yat Dim Hung woke up one day to find Siu Ching missing. He was beginning to accept the fact that she had left him when she returned with a fat chicken to be made into a soup (Barbara was so cute here!). Baffled, Yat asked why SC didn’t leave. SC said she was touched by Yat’s love towards Yin Yi and decided to help, having faith that Yat would rescue her anyway afterwards. After being lectured by SC, Yat started practicing his swordsmanship again.

SC being so cute with the chicken, ep 19

As Chor et al left the Beggar Clan to resume searching for SC, Inspector Ying and Officer Pak arrived to secretly tell Chor that the Emperor was kidnapped. The three of them agreed to split force: Ying and Pak resumed searching for the Emperor while Chor looked for the princess.

Yat Dim Hung was visited by Ting Fung again who gave him a map to go to the Bat Palace. Ting Fung didn’t want to elaborate the reason behind the Bat wanting Siu Ching, which left Yat concerned. Not wanting to implicate SC further, Yat left her. Being the smart SC, she managed to catch up with him tho. She told him that she would still help him and she’d need his help to escape the Bats afterwards. Later, they arrived at an abandoned temple (they had lots of those, those days...). SC was thirsty so Yat left to get some water.

In an inn, Chor et al was having lunch. Chor looked subdued and, when asked by Wu, admitted that he was very worried for Siu Ching’s fate. A beggar came with the latest info which led them all to the secluded house that Yat and SC had been staying at for the last few weeks. Chor was baffled (and dare I say jealous too??) to hear that Yat and SC confessed that they were a couple and SC was very attentive to the injured Yat. Chor et al resumed the search until Chor and Miss Wah arrived at the same temple where SC was resting. Hearing that Chor and a girl were coming, SC hid herself under a clothed table. When she thought the coast was clear, she slid the table cloth away, only to find Chor raising his eyebrows and grinning at her. She smiled and said, “Long time no see”, to which Chor commented that he was actually expecting a “help” request from her instead of such an impressive greeting. Chor asked what was going on between Siu Ching and Yat, but SC said they had to help Yat first.

A cute scene where Chor tai-gor found SC, ep 19

Nice to see Chor Lau Heung getting jealous (Ep 19)!

Ep 20: Yat Dim Hung refused to accept SC’s help and left SC. The Lingering Fragrance insisted that Siu Ching told him what the heck was happening, hence SC told Chor et al about Yat’s wife etc. Afterwards, in the inn, Chor asked to talk privately to Siu Ching. Blushing, SC waited for Chor’s sweet nothings. However, he kneeled instead and very formally addressed her as one would address a royalty (oh the way Michael delivered the formal greeting was so precious...!). This is my favourite scene (anything where Michael was being super formal was, inexplicably, delicious), tho painful for Siu Ching and me. I actually made a fanfiction based on this scene, it can be read here.

Chor Lau Heung about to formally greet the Princess, ep 20
Anyway, her secret out, SC helped Chor to get up and asked about her dad. Very formally, Chor informed her that the Emperor was kidnapped and he’d help tracking him down. Outside the room, a broken hearted Wah Jan Jan received an advice from Wu Ti Fa that she should just make a memento and give it to Chor. Meanwhile, Yat saved a young woman from committing suicide due to her useless husband wanting to sell her to the brothel. The young woman then followed Yat everywhere until Yat agreed to receive her help.

Siu Ching would have none of Chor's distancing himself from her, ep 20

After a few days’ journey together, Siu Ching finally confronted Chor about him distancing himself from her. Chor admitted he had his reasons: Siu Ching’s status as a princess made it impossible for them to be together. SC forlornly said that she just wanted to be with him and she wanted him to treat her just like before. She rested her hand on Chor’s chest and, after a moment of hesitance, Chor embraced her. In the nearby city, General Luk welcomed them. Since Yuen Tsui Wan was injured, he planned to return home tomorrow. He still had time to make love with Kam Ling Chi that night, tho, despite them not being married! In another room in the Luk Mansion, Wah Jan Jan was examining the memento she had finished for Chor. So it WAS the memento from Jan Jan that Chor was examining later! Bah!

But here it goes: Siu Ching found out about the ornament and asked (nicely) whether it was for Chor, since like, she knew JJ liked Chor. JJ admitted it, but she also said that Chor really liked SC. SC said she wasn’t sure about it anymore, and returned the ornament to JJ. Amazing. A few months prior to this, SC would throw a tantrum if she found out about the ornament. Jan Jan did give Chor the ornament later, and SC actually looked very jealous. As Miss Wah and Yuen left, SC told Chor that she was right, that JJ liked her. Chor was too surprised to stop SC from leaving the scene (she stayed there tho, she was just being blue).

Jan Jan gave wrong-footed Chor a keepsake, ep 20

In Mongolia (or somewhere cold near the desert), Yat finally accepted the help of the woman he used to save. He dressed the woman as the Princess. Both of them managed to arrive at the Bat Palace, but the Bat Prince knew the woman was not the Princess. A fight broke, in which the Viper Sword-wielding Bat Prince admitted that he killed Yat’s wife to make the assassin work for him.

Ep 21: Yat Dim Hung fell into an abyss and was supposedly dead. The girl Tung was kept captive to serve the Bat Prince’s in-house brothel. Since Mr Ying would be arriving soon, Chor said that he’d escort the Princess back to the Capital. When SC refused to go, Chor reminded her of her duties to the Kingdom. Siu Ching almost broke into tears when she said she never wanted to be a princess. All she wanted was just being a common girl who could love and hate as she saw fit. Chor was surprised and uncomfortable to hear this statement. He said that whoever SC truly was, she would always be his best friend. Oh, my heart (and Siu Ching’s) broke to hear this... But, come to think of it, the fact that a ladies’ man like Chor Lau Heung bothered to draw the line actually meant he really cared for Siu Ching, more than “best friends”. Otherwise, why would he bother doing that?

Let's just be best friend?? Ep 21

Mr Ying arrived and asked the Princess to leave for the capital that night. To be safe, Chor Lau Heung would escort her despite her torn emotions. En route the capital, they met again with Sue, Rosie and Sugar. The Lingering Fragrance compared notes with the girls about the Bats, which they obtained from one Mr Know-it-all. They concluded that the Bat Prince was an opponent not to be underestimated.  Back in the Bat Palace, some masked guests arrived there to conduct onsite bidding on some top secrets. During the bid, the Bat Prince killed one of the guests, which turned out to be Mr Know-it-all who had leaked some information to the girls. Later, Tung had to serve one of the guests, who tried to rape her. Yat Dim Hung arrived in the nick of time to save her. Yat then took the identity of the dead guest and joined the next day’s bidding. He failed to kill the Bat Prince for someone else (disguised as another guest).  The next time he tried to ambush the Bat Prince, he fell into Ting Fung’s hand instead and had to escape to save his life. Fell Cut managed to get out of the cave and swim across towards the shore, but he was seriously injured. He was later saved by Monk Plain of Purity Temple who advised him to let go his need for revenge.

Yeah, yeah, yeah... (ep 22)

Ep 22: Wu Ti Fa and Kam Ling Chi were playing chess when Sugar bugged them. The two drinking buddies then left the inn they were staying, while Sugar sulked because she was bothering another date. Chor Lau Heung, Siu Ching and Su Rong Rong arrived at that time, as Sugar turned to leave. Siu Ching apologised to Chor for she thought she made the three girls angry with him. Chor said that Sugar was always a wilful girl, but Rosie and Sue were quite sensible. SC smiled and said that they Rosie and Sue were nice to her. She then became subdue because they would arrive at the Capital soon. The Lingering Fragrance gently grabbed her shoulders and told her that whatever happened, he’d always keep her in his heart. Meanwhile, Wu and Kam had too much alcohol that caused them to make love, despite Wu still loving Koh A Lam and Ling Chi loving Yuen. Wu blamed himself but Miss Kam said she was also partly responsible. Wu promised that he’d take care of Miss Kam from now on. Meanwhile, Sugar overheard Brother Chor, Mr Ying and Siu Ching discussing about the journey and splitting the team into two to reduce suspicion. Sugar learned that Siu Ching was the Princess and thus told her sisters, who then devised a plan to help Chor returning SC to the capital a.s.a.p. The plan was disguising themselves as Chor, Wu and SC. They later met Zo Hing Hau, drank drugged wine and were finally captured by Khoo Tai Pang. Although Khoo later realised that the three girls were not Chor, Wu and SC, he still used Sugar who was disguised as SC to threaten the Emperor. 

When Chor tai-gor realised SC and Emperor were trapped... ep 22

The real Chor et al realised that the three girls had been captured. Together with Zo, they tried to rescue the girls but it cost Zo’s life. Chor Lau Heung was broken hearted, despite SC’s attempt to comfort him (for she also felt responsible). Chor et al finally managed to break into Khoo’s headquarter and retrieved the Emperor and the girls safely (although there was a drama where SC and Emperor were trapped above a bed of sharp knives, hence requiring Chor tai-gor's gravity defying skill to rescue them). However, the Emperor was kidnapped (again) during the fight by another force (not Khoo’s). Chor et al had no other way but to return the Princess to the Palace and resume looking for the Emperor later. En route, SC saw Kam Ling Chi talking to Kam Chi Chung who used to kidnap her months ago.

Ep 23: SC reported what she saw to Chor Lau Heung. The girls tailed Miss Kam as she met her brother to deliver a letter. SC wondered if the Kams actually kept her father. To find out about it, Chor sent a letter to Madam Kam that he would steal the Golden Dragon Staff from her. When the Kams were busy trying to prevent Chor from stealing (in which he did succesfully), Sue, Sugar and Rosie searched the Kam Mansion for any sign of the Emperor. They found nothing, but they were still not assured of the Kams’ innocence. Enraged due to the theft, Madam Kam visited Chor and demanded him to tell the reason behind the behaviour and return the staff. Chor said he had a wager with a friend that he could still the staff, and said staff was safe in the Kam’s kitchen. The “joke” caused a rift between Wu and Chor, for Wu was offended that Chor didn’t tell him about the theft. Kam Ling Chi had to return home, and despite Wu’s begging her, she said that it would be better for them to take a break from their relationship. Disappointed, Wu had a drinking frenzy until he stumbled upon Yat Dim Hung in the Purity Temple. Wu found out about Fell Cut’s plan to attack the Bat Clan, hence, forgetting his anger, the drunkard returned to fetch Chor et al to help the former assassin. The Lingering Fragrance and the Princess joined forces to convince Fell Cut to receive their help (SC somehow managed to deduce that the Bats were keeping her dad captive). Thus, Chor, SC, the three girls, Wu and Yat went to the desert to find the Bat Palace. In Mongolia (I suspect it was where it was), the group discussed about the plan of attack. Chor Lau Heung was surprised to learn that the Bat Prince’s kung fu was even better than that of his former enemies. Meanwhile, in the Bat Palace, the hostage Emperor finally met Tung Sam Leung, the girl that Fell Cut saved before. The Emperor liked Tung because she was smart; thus they started to chat.

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