Sunday, 16 July 2017

Jianghu meetings vs modern meetings

I'm still slow in updating because of my recent European trip... so pardon this short trivia. I have a fan-fiction in mind, short as it is, which I hope to post in the next weekend or earlier. Meanwhile, have a nice weekend, and please help us with the relocation of Barbara's tombstone! (Chinese translation is here).

Just in case the writing is too small:

Jianghu vs modern meetings


Methods of invitation: through a courier or an acquaintance or by throwing a knife into the room of invitee (usually for a duel)

Methods of response: through said courier or acquaintance or just by showing up (for the duel)

Venue: a large auditorium of an important sect, a valley, a temple, a restaurant 

Agenda: to determine who's the best in jianghu (also for duel), to respond to a general jianghu challenge (e.g., an expert swordsman on killing spree) or to win a girl's heart (also for duel)

Updates obtained from: gossips at restaurants, listening to conversation from a rooftop, rendezvous in a forest at night

Modern meetings

Methods of invitation: email (formal, informal), whatsapp (informal), phone call

Methods of response: see above 

Venue: office, cafe, corridor of a convention center, lobby of a hotel...

Agenda: most likely not to determine who's the best in jianghu.

Updates obtained from: email, whatsapp, social media, phone calls

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