Saturday, 17 June 2017

Michael Miu's birthday tomorrow (Sunday, 18 June 2017)

An oil painting of Huang Yaoshi 2017 (Michael Miu) by Cheng Zhifeng(陳志峰)

Tomorrow, well, in less than two hours in Hong Kong, will be Michael Miu's birthday. He will be 59 years old tomorrow... may he always be healthy, happy and prosperous (that goes also for his family). 

I am on another (very important) deadline next week, hence I'm not sure if I can dedicate time to make something for Michael tomorrow. But just in case, just in case I cannot, at least I want to give him an early happy birthday... and a gratitude for coming into my life so early in my childhood... and reappear again recently as Chor Lau-heung, Li Sai-man, Szeto Man-mo, Tung Pang-fei, and yes, even as Yeung Hong (Michael still gives the best Yang Kang/Yeung Hong to date, IMO). And most certainly, most recently, as Huang Yaoshi, the Peach Blossom Island Master.

In this post, I insert four paintings that have been painted by at least two painters for Michael. The first one up here is an oil painting of Huang Yaoshi (LOCH 2017) by Chen Zhifeng (陳志峰), as acknowledged by Michael in his Weibo dated 6 June 2017. This might be the info page of Chen Zhifeng. I know not the identity of the painter of the three paintings after the break. Let me know if you do know. 

I love these paintings, they capture the beauty of the almost-60 Michael Miu. Sometimes, I cannot believe how graceful he has grown up, has matured. Michael, like wine, actually looks better with age...

Thanks again, Michael... and happy birthday. If I cannot make anything for tomorrow, at least I want to say this today: I love you, and I thank you for your presence in my life...

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Awesome pics! Thanks ICha.