Sunday, 6 November 2016

What to bring while travelling

I have almost finished summarising United We Stand episodes 7-12 (until the last episode). However, I need to do some real-world stuff first today before being able to post the next UWS summary. It will take me at least three hours to do that, so I might not be able to post it today. But I'll try.

Meanwhile, here's something for you in case you're going to travel and in need of packing. I love travelling, but I hate packing with a passion, hence I created this joke below. It compares the items we pack these days to the items the wanderers packed during those jianghu era. The answer is below the break (have been updated to include some extra essentials).

Have a nice weekend!

This is the answer:

And the bitter truth is, most of the 21st CE list are those I carry around during travel...(perhaps except for the gift box from Mum. If I have no more space, I'd tell her to send it instead...)

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