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United We Stand (生繡橋王) summary of episodes 7-9


I'm dividing the last half of the United We Stand (Saan sau kiu wong) into two parts, for I might pepper the episodes with screen shots later. Watch it at Yueyuuu (complete, annoying ads) or Youku (incomplete, not so many ads). Or buy it from YesAsia (free international shipping!). Special thanks to Sandy for filling me in on some plot holes. The next installment will complete the series (Eps 10-12). Click here for all UWS episode guides.

Ep 13 Yueyuyy (Ep 7a Youku)

A Leung talked to Barbara, apologising and asking her about Tung Pang-fei. I think Barbara said that A Leung is A Leung, Fei is Fei. Anyway, A Leung went home disappointed. Fei met A Leung and, in a very stylish scene, gave A Leung a pistol to shoot him, but A Leung just shot something else to vent out his frustration. Later, Barbara was courted by a rich young guy (seems to be the son of Mr Ho’s business partner or something like that). Fei was not happy to learn that Barbara was going out with this Chiu guy, but Fei had to tag along as an escort for Barbara. Later, Chiu directly told Fei to just walk somewhere while he and Barbara had a chat, but Barbara told Chiu that Fei was her friend, so it was okay for him to sit with them.

Later, on the beach, Chiu tried to apply sunblock to Barbara. She reluctantly let him apply the sunblock on her back. Fei who just emerged from the water (God, those days the swimsuit for men were SO unattractive!!!) was jealous, but he didn’t say anything. Chiu later told Fei to just man the beach chairs. Later, Barbara and Chiu found Chiu’s shoe in the water. Chiu was angry, saying that Fei threw his shoes into the water. Fei just calmly claimed innocence. Later, for some reasons Chiu left Barbara to walk back alone with Fei. Fei stole a bike and gave Barbara a ride back to town. Barbara smiled and hugged him from the back. Squeeee!!!

The happy bike ride, Ep 7a

After Fei and Barbara started to get comfy, the story switched to Mrs Lam, who was deceived by her husband Fei Lu into thinking that Fei Lu was very ill. Meanwhile, we spent like 15-20 min with Mr Leung who tried to win his sweetheart (a...madame in a pleasure house, but she was also Mei Hua’s mother) through some convoluted scenario.

Ep 14 Yueyuyy (Ep 7b Youku)

Mrs Lam was later ill, malaria perhaps. A Leung hurriedly informed Barbara about it; Barbara was swinging with Tung Pang Fei (MM). Barbara dashed into Mrs Lam's house with Fei (how nice of him to accompany her...) and of course A Leung, who seemed to have gotten over the fact that Barbara chose Fei instead of him. Later Barbara met A Ying, who just came to fetch the doctor. Both sisters smiled at each other. Well, Barbara smiled and A Ying was like, "What's up?!"

Mary and Barbara concocted a plan to have Barbara visiting Mrs Lam again without Mr Ho's approval (eh, why? Mrs Lam was her real mother!). The plan involved Mary pretending to have a dengue/malaria fever.

Ep 15 Yueyuyy  (Ep 8a Youku)

If ep 7a and 7b (ep 13-14 Yueyuyy) were when A Fei started courting Doh-wan, ep 8a (ep 15 Yueyuyy) was truly when Tung Pang-fei and Barbara Ho Doh-wan cemented their love, IMO.

So, Mary pretended to have the malaria, so the house doctor came for a visit. Poor Mary, she had to heat up the thermometer using a lamp, then put the thermometer inside her mouth to convince the doctor that she had high fever.

She's my favourite cousin, and I can see how Barbara depended and doted on her.

Mr Ho was fooled by the fever scenario, but the doctor (and of course Fei) was not.  Fei actually had the Chor Lau Heung look when he saw Mary and Barbara. He wasn't involved in the plan concoction, but he knew the girls were aiming for something. Fei took Mr Ho outside the room to give the girls some time with the doctor.

The doctor finally gave Barbara the fever medicine when she told him the real reason. Later, in a very cute scene, Barbara secretly slipped the medicine to Fei in front of the unsuspecting Mr Ho. Tung Pang-Fei went to the Lams. After arguing with Fei Lu who didn't want to receive anything from the Ho Manor, Fei gave the medicine to A Ying.

Doh-wan's and Fei's look after DW slipped the medicine to Fei, Ep 8a
I'm not sure Stop Cold was already available in the 1930s...

Later, Tung Pang-fei reported to Barbara that the medicine had been delivered, and that Mrs Lam should recover soon. What follows was a cute scene between Barbara and Fei whereby she pretended to hit him for something he said, but he caught her hand and said something that made her blush even more. Their courtship was cut short due to Mr Ho's appearance. 

A Fei happy to see Barbara happy that Mrs Lam was getting better

Later, Fei took Barbara to see Mrs Lam, who was getting better. I think this is when Mrs Lam truly saw Fei as her future son-in-law. The matriarch  was practically over the moon, despite her still recovering, that such a dashing young man was now taking care of her daughter. 

TBH, in Mrs Lam's shoes, I would act like that too, that my daughter had been courted by Michael Miu!!

This is when Mrs Lam approved Fei as her future son-in-law...

Afterwards, as they left the Lam house, Barbara and Fei met A Ying at the gate. A Ying said what's up to her sister; she actually looked happy and appreciative that her rich sister took the trouble to visit their mother. Then A Ying talked to A Fei about him dating Barbara. Basically, A Ying gave them her blessings in her own way. I think Fei mentioned A Leung, which gained a shoulder shrug from A Ying. Later, Barbara asked Fei what they talked about. Fei told Barbara what he talked about with A Ying, including about A Leung.

Then, Fei and Barbara had a dinner at a cafe until late. Cousin Mary came over with a lot of shopping bags. She took Barbara home with her. It was important for Mary to do that, otherwise Mr Ho wouldn't like it to have the unchaperoned Barbara coming home late, accompanied by A Fei, no less! My impression is that Mary was also out and about the whole afternoon to give Barbara a pretext of going out (the story would be Barbara accompanying the recovering Mary shopping). The girls went home, tiptoeing with Barbara, but Mr Ho knew they arrived home late (and Mary was totally healthy).

I think the girls confessed later that they visited Mrs Lam instead of doing shopping. I believe they didn't mention A Fei's role at all, for Mr Ho was still normal with A Fei afterwards.

But that entailed Mr Ho talking to Mrs Lam later. I mean, he summoned her to his office and lectured her about Barbara being a Ho daughter, not a Lam daughter. I'm thinking this is when Mrs Lam positively developed a dislike towards Mr Ho. I now also understood why the girls had to have the fever scenario, because Mr Ho was apparently a possessive person. Barbara Ho Doh-wan was his daughter. She was never Lam Pui-yu for him.

Meanwhile, Mr Ho had more trust in Fei and let him handle a business case. I think it involved Fei traveling somewhere. However, before Fei went away, he learned from Mary and Mrs Ho that Barbara fell ill. It seems Barbara got the infection from Mrs Lam. Fei literally forced the door of Barbara's room open, such that the nurse had to let him in for a short while. For a few seconds, Fei saw the very pale Barbara lying on her bed, but he was ushered away. 

Later, Fei was waiting for his train to go somewhere for his business. While waiting, he overheard a mother and her daughter lamenting about a man who died (father, husband, son, brother?). Upon watching the ladies crying, Fei realised which one was more important. 

He left the station and ran back to Ho Manor, only to find Barbara's bed empty. Shaken, he feared the worst, for the maid said that the young miss was gone. But when the maid told him that Miss Ho was already taken to the hospital, he dashed there in a flash.

Ep 16 Yueyuyy (Ep 8b Youku)

Fei was shocked when he learned that Barbara was in a critical condition, Ep 8b

Tung Pang-fei arrived at the hospital panic-stricken. He was shocked to learn from Mary and Mrs Ho that Barbara was in a critical condition. 

The devastated A Fei when the doctor emerged from Barbara's room (eh, no, he's not her husband yet, Doctor...)

When the doctor emerged from Barbara's room and told them that her condition was dire, he was devastated. But then the doctor casually said she was out of comma (or something like that), which made them run into the room. A Fei was so relieved when he saw Barbara waking up. I think this was the moment he realised he loved her. When she reached for his hands, he enveloped her hands and kissed them, looking very grateful she was alive.

Fei slowly approaching Barbara, so relieved that she was alive

I think this is when he realised he loved her

So when Barbara silently asked him to come...
...he slowly sat and took her hand

She smiled....
...and he gratefully kissed her hand...


(Okay, now I’m going to pierce your happy bubbles. The way Fei looked shocked and shattered when he learned that Doh-wan was ill reminded me of Barbara Yung's death... I somehow feel that Michael would have had that expression as well, doubled and tripled and more heart-wrenching, when he learned that Yung Mei-ling died...

Noooooo!!! Now I wanna cry!!!)

Then we saw Mr Ho being informed by A Hei, his two-faced assistant (the guy who played one of Yeung Hong's cronies in LOCH 1983, also as Li Sai Man's general in TF 1984) that Barbara was in the hospital being accompanied by A Fei. Seems Mr Ho wasn't in town when Barbara was sick.

Then we saw Barbara and Michael, I mean, A Fei in the hospital. A Fei was feeding Barbara an apple, and she didn't want to finish it (sour?). Then A Fei dangled the apple skin in front of Barbara, pretending to force her to eat it. 

This is a super cute scene, I have to make the GIF...

Before kiss ensued...(well, if not kiss, then something equally sweet), Mr Ho came knocking on the door, hence A Fei was all formal again. He excused himself, stating that now that Mr Ho was there, he could leave. Outside the room, Mr Ho thanked A Fei for taking care of Barbara. Fei said that he and Barbara were friends, hence he gladly did it (or something like that).

Later in his office, Mr Ho made it clear that he didn't like Fei being too close to Barbara. I'm not sure what the content of the argument is, other than Fei was just an employee, and Barbara was the daughter of the boss, but Fei was not pleased with the conversation. As in, Fei was offended. I think Mr Ho said that there were plenty of women for A Fei if he wanted to (just not Barbara). I don't understand why Fei just didn't leave his job... But i doubt it would make Mr Ho lenient towards Fei's relationship with his daughter. Plus, Fei might need or really want the job.

The Boss told the employee to stay away from his daughter
A Fei's disbelieved look when his boss truly banned him from courting Barbara

Nevertheless, Fei decided to distance himself from Barbara. When Barbara was released from the hospital, Fei didn't come to pick her up. When she asked him why he didn't visit her anymore in the hospital (or something like that), whatever his answer was wasn't satisfying for her, such that she left him, which then made him (and me) blue. 

The indifferent A Fei disappointed Barbara...

Doh-wan then went to Mrs Lam, who was pissed off that her favourite son-in-law-to-be deserted her newfound daughter. Mrs Lam summoned Tung Pang-fei, who I think admitted that he distanced himself from Doh-wan because of Mr Ho’s order. I think Mrs Lam later asked A Fei why he didn’t explain it to Doh-wan himself, but I didn’t understand his answer... But, suffice to say that Mrs Lam didn’t blame A Fei anymore.

Later, Tung Pang-fei drown himself in wine in a restaurant. The blue Fei made A Leung happy. He said that Fei might be afraid of courting Barbara, but him A Leung wasn't afraid. A Leung even bought some red roses from Mei Hua and went to the Ho Manor to see Babs, who didn't want to see anyone it seems.

A Leung's behaviour seemed strange to me for the first time. Since ep 7b or so, when Mrs Lam got sick, he seemed to have started to accept the fact that A Fei was the guy Barbara loved. A Leung was starting to be normal again around A Fei, he even accepted Fei's help when Mr Leung wanted to impress his mistress. The fact that A Leung was too ready to jump the gun, visiting Doh-wan at the Ho Manor, indicated that A Leung still fancied her, but he backed off because Fei and Doh-wan were an item. When they broke up (rather, Fei distanced himself from Barbara), A Leung took the chance again to court Barbara.

The red roses brought trouble to A Leung though, cos Mei Hua reported that A Leung bought flowers from her, must be for A Ying. A Ying dressed up, but never received flowers. She then realised that the flowers were for Barbara instead, which made her almost skin poor A Leung alive...

Never make the Dragon Ying dress up for nothing...

Ep 17 Yueyuyy (Ep 9a Youku)

A Ying and A Leung were involved in a trouble caused by the thugs that were now working for Mr Ho. It seemed the thugs wanted a letter from A Ying's casino office. The thugs took Ying hostage and Leung had to rescue her with the help of Tung Pang-fei. After thr rescue, A Ying being A Ying, she still managed to open a row with A Leung, which led to them fighting in a restaurant. A Leung accidentally injured Ying's right cheek with her own whip, that Ying cried and asked sarcastically whether A Leung would hit her if she was her sister Doh-wan. A Leung realised he'd been taking A Ying for granted. He caressed her cheek, the two made up and started dating. 

A Ying and A Leung finally saw eye to eye and started dating

A Leung cozying up with A Ying

Fei Lu was captured by Andy Tai's character for a reason I don't know, but Andy soon released Fei Lu. They then discussed something only God and Cantonese speakers know about. I know though that Fei Li signed a paper for Andy Tai, but he only signed some...footprints or so, that made Andy rolled his eyes heavenwards. Can't Fei Lu write?

Ep 18 Yueyuyy (Ep 9b Youku)

Meanwhile, Tung Pang-fei kept evading Barbara (which hurts me too!). One of Mr Ho's mistresses who was caught by A Ying (as Barbara) kissing with another guy planned a revenge against Fei and Barbara. The mistress (Sam Leung) told Fei to meet Barbara, the mistress' boyfriend told Barbara to meet Fei. I don't know if Fei suspected something, or independent of his suspicion, but he orchestrated a cruel plan to Barbara. When Barbara arrived at his place, Fei came with a prostitute. My heart broke to see Barbara crying and left, and I hate Tung Pang-fei right then!! However, it hurts me too to see A Fei's face as Barbara left. 

I so want to slap Fei's face here for Barbara!

Seriously, he was an @$$hole here!

Thus when opened the door, she just left!
Well, I know it hurts you too, Fei, but you were really good at being a jerk!

Basically, A Fei wanted Barbara to forget him, hence the cruelty borrowed from Li Sai Man's book. Mr Ho who came to Fei's place based on the tips from the mistress then saw Fei cozying up with Fei's own mistress instead. Somehow, I think it made Mr Ho believing that Fei had given up on Barbara...

Still want to slap that smug face!

Yet, the tide changed when Mr Ho caught his mistress Sam Leung cozying up with the boyfriend. Mr Ho kicked out his mistress. When Sam Leung walked out of the house with her boyfriend, the kind Barbara gave her some money. In a moment of consciousness, Sam Leung told Barbara something that made Barbara looked pensive. I think Sam Leung told Barbara that Fei never had another woman, and that he always loved Barbara instead.

Later, Fei was involved in a black market case for Mr Ho that caused him to receive some serious injuries. I think what happened was that he disapproved of Mr Ho trading illegal weapons. Tung Pang-fei then tried to get some evidence of that trade for the police. Together with Andy Tai and A Hoi, they tried to obtain that evidence by visiting a warehouse. They found the weapons, but some masked men suddenly came barging in.


Ha Nguyen said...

I love your reviews and comments. "Never maket he Dragon Ting dress up for nothing" you got me laughing so hard again. I think A Ying is cuter than Doh Wan..maybe because Im a tomboy myself and was never really a fan of all dressed up.

OMG Fei is a JERK! I dont think DohWan should have forgiven him so easily. Yeah even though he was pretending to see someone else, its still a crappy thing to treat someone like that. Why couldnt he just be honest with her and they have a secret relationship vs playing with someones emotions like that.

Plus Fei should suffer more before Doh Wan forgives him! LOL. Its time for a fanfic of these two...preferably called "Doh Wan's revenge" hahahahaha

How about Doh Wan has many handsome suitors and shes actually having a great time talking to them on her dates...which makes Fei so jealous and that he tries to get into a fight with her date.

Take that FEI! ( P.S. you still so HOT, even though you need to be seriously SLAPPED! )

Ha Nguyen said...

Just watched the part where A Leung and A Ying made up..tailed by A Leung's date hahahahahaha. I dont know what A Leung said to A Ying after he accidentally hit her with her own wip, need translation there, but his date ( old lady in yellow ) was hilarious!

Love this scene. These two need a kissing scene here!

Icha said...

LOL! Yeah, i like Dragon Ying better than Doh-wan actually, though DW redeemed herself for trying to run away with Fei and also defending him from Daddy Ho's gun later. I love it so much that Ying actually pecked Fei's cheek, that was so hilarious! But Ying and Leung made a cute couple too... and I love it how Ying saw Fei as her tai-gor...

OMG, that's a cute fanfic of UWS you suggested there... I'm parking it on my MB blog to-do list, which is growing like crazy. At this rate, I won't run out of ideas until late this year... I just need more time to do them, LOL!

Thanks a lot for dropping me comments, you sweet you!