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The gorgeous costumes of Wong Yung and Yeung Hong (LOCH 1983)

Wong Yung's first appearance as a girl in a lovely light blue number (Ep 10)
Barbara Yung Mei Ling and Michael Miu Kiu Wai seemed to wear gorgeous costumes in almost every drama they played. In addition to the gorgeous costumes in the New Adventures of Chor Lau Heung 1984, they also donned some lovely numbers in Legend of Condor Heroes 1983. Tammy and I even think that the costumes Barbara wore as Wong Yung were cuter than those she wore as Song Siu Ching; and mind you, Siu Ching had lovely tunics! Michael as well; he had gorgeous garments in LOCH 1983. Hence, these are some of the numbers they wore in LOCH 1983. If any of you find me missing a particular number, let me know. I'll display Wong Yung's wardrobe first, then Yeung Hong's.

Also, I have added some screen shots of the last episodes of LOCH 1983 from ep 55 to 59, particularly during the Yeung Gor/Yang Guo baby naming scene.


Wong Yung wore the light blue tunic in several episodes, incl. Ep 19
Tammy noticed that this light blue number was also worn by Sung Tim Yi in CLH 1984. 

Sung Tim Yi borrowed Wong Yung's clothing for CLH 1984 (Ep 11)
Pink, blue and bright colours like bright yellow and orange seemed to fit Barbara's complexion. She had some lovely pink tunics in this series as follows:

This one from Ep 20 seems different from Ep 13

Here's another shot from the soft pink tunic of Ep 20
Wong Yung looked good in peach too (she has two of them at least).

Ep 23 with Daddy East Heretic
Another shot of the first peach version

A different peach tunic when hitting the fake Qiu Qianren

This one is pale orange ...

Pale orange, but not yet towards yellow (Ep 57)

Babs even looked lovely as a servant...(heh, she looked lovely even as a beggar!)

Ep 27
Then she had this beautiful ice blue number that I root so much! Ep 43 and 47 respectively...

She also had this lavender number (and look at Yeung Hong's gorgeous coat; we'll come back to that later).

Yeung Hong vs Wong Yung, Ep 43

Wong Yung had quite a collection of pink tunics...

Ep 49
A gorgeous baby pink tunic from Ep 55

And her complexion looked gorgeous in bright yellow!

With the Old Imp in Ep 50
With Daddy in Ep 50
The feisty yellow tunic vs Yeung Hong and Ouyang Feng (Ep 51)

Wong Yung also had some buttercream yellow tunics as follows (thanks for Tammy for reminding me of the ones from Eps 17 and 31!):

Ep 17 when she killed a bird
Here's the close up (Ep 17)
When they met Fell Cut, I mean Austin Wai's character (Ep 25)
And another one from Ep 31 with bamboo patterns...

And last but not least, Wong Yung had a lovely floral number. She wore it when we first saw the Peach Blossom Island (Ep 29). 

God, I love this father and daughter!

She also wore it when she met Kwok Ching again after being held captive by Ouyang Feng (Ep 57 ish) and when she met baby Yeung Gor/Yang Guo (Ep 59). She also wore it for her final interview with Genghis Khan and when she and Kwok tai-gor (Kwok Ching/Guo Jing) left for the Peach Blossom Island (all from Ep 59).

In total, minus those prankster clothings she had when helping Yaojia and Guanying, she had 14 15 tunics altogether. Those are the ones we could identify. Which brings the following questions: How much was her monthly allowance from Daddy Heretic? Hehehehe...

Oh and I have to comment on Wong Yung's hair. Tammy and I had a discussion on this, and we think that Wong Yung's hair is more gorgeous than Siu Ching's. WY's hair was longer and made her looked younger than Siu Ching. Perhaps it was on purpose, for WY was supposed to be more childish than SC. I mean, SC was also feisty, but her pranks were not as mean as WY's (at least compared to WY's first appearances).

Wong Yung's hair (Ep 20)

Wong Yung's voluminous hair (Ep 23)
I wish Siu Ching had Wong Yung's hair... (Ep 25)

Now, for Yeung Hong... as a prince, he definitely got stacks of gorgeous coats. These are some examples. My favourite is hands down the Jurchen red and white number, which looks like a Mongolian garb to me...

 Yeung Hong's Jurchen garb, Ep 19

The back shot of my favourite Yeung Hong garb (Ep 17)

Just like Chor Lau Heung, Yeung Hong looked gorgeous in white.

...although he was later defeated by Kwok Ching, Yeung Hong still looked gorgeous (Ep 19)

This water-green number seemed to abide to the original Jin Yong novel (Yeung Hong was first depicted wearing a water-green tunic). However, I dislike the shoulder cover. I prefer it without the cover.

Ep 11, first time meeting Mu Nianci/Mok Nim Chi
Ep 42, tho I still don't like the flaps on his chest

Yeung Hong apparently knew Li Sai Man... he borrowed a black and white tunic from the latter... (or perhaps LSM borrowed it from Yeung Hong...).

Ep 20

Yeung Hong had some tunics of purple hue; he looked good in it. Much better than the water-green tunic.

Ep 33 with his cronies

Ep 34 at Nim Chi's old house

And of course he looked gorgeous in red!!

Marrying Nim Chi, Ep 35

But Michael, I mean, Yeung Hong looked gorgeous even in a farmer's clothing...

Yep, even when he was distressed over Daddy Yeung's death...(Ep 19)
...or when he almost died poisoned by the Mongols (Ep 24)

The last costume for Yeung Hong before his demise was this beautiful light blue over white, covered with dark blue velvet coat. I won't put the scenes of his demise; I have shed enough tears for that scene (see this post if you wish). I'll put this happy one instead (tho Nim Chi wasn't excited here).

As a new father, Yeung Hong looked good in blue... (Ep 47)

Let me know if I miss any WY/YH costumes!


Tamuyen Truong said...

Yes I have to agree that WY's costumes are so pretty in this series as well as her cute hair! My goodness I would live to see SC with those hair and clothes! But SC has her own style and sense of maturity and we don't mind that. And yes Icha you are actually missing two WY outfits. There is a yellow tunic she wore in the first series when Bao Xiruo returned to YK's father. To be more descriptive, WY wore it when she told KC that she was so bored and wanted to go to town to eat. Also, she wore another yellow floral tunic with pink/peach flowers when in the second series when she was stranded in the island with Hong Qigoing and Ouyang Ke. Those were the ones I noticed were missing. And yes! I found YK's costumes to be beautiful and regal. Like Yeung Kang looks similar to Sai Man in that black and white tunic which was kind of funny! Also, I believe that Mu Nianci had a pretty nice wardrobe with her country clothes and her more prettier tunics once she married Yeung Kang. Her hair before she got married was pretty as well as the updo once she was married. I am so obsessed with WY's flowery tunic though! They look so gorgeous and they seem to make her look even more cuter! But anyways, we love Barbara so we are obsessed no matter what she wears!

Icha said...

Oooohhh, thanks a lot, Tammy, for noticing those! I will fix it this afternoon cos my friend will borrow the DVDs from me, hence I will be off LOCH screen shots for a few weeks...

Noticed Nianci's gorgeous wardrobe too; perhaps one day I will write an article about her costumes. But for now, I think i better fix those missing WY tunics and then move on to a CLH MV. It's been a long while since I did anything with CLH and SSC, save the Mirror fan-fiction...

Will let you know when I post those tunics!

Icha said...

Hi Tammy, I've added THREE more tunics, all buttercream yellow, for WY! Geez, she has 14 tunics altogether at least. Rich girl...

Thanks for the reminder!