Friday, 15 April 2016

“Love Makes a Fool of None” - a Chor Lau Heung 1984 MV

"Love Makes a Fool of None" - A Chor Lau Heung 1984 MV from Icha74 on Vimeo.

I was so excited to find the third OST of Chor Lau Heung 1984 a few days ago that I just had to make another CLH MV with that song. The song was titled 情到濃時休說痴 (Love Makes a Fool of None), performed by Liza Wang, composed by Zhao Wenhai and lyrics by WH Tang. This MV is the first MV using the OST of CLH 1984 that I've made, so it's very special to me. Please note that the song ended abruptly from the original source, hence I had to improvise with the last bit. I also refrained from using the usual ending scene of CLH examining the hairpin cos I've done that scene so many times. In lieu, I used the scene where CLH walked forlornly a good few meters ahead of his adopted sisters after SC took a French leave on Ep 5. Although that scene was so early in the CLH series, I can picture Chor tai-gor walking in that manner, if not worse, as he left SC in the Palace in Ep 40.

Lyrics in Jyutping and translation are below the break. Translation was a joint effort between my friends Meenchee, Li Qian and myself. I used the MDBG site to obtain the Jyutping. I dropped the numbers in the Jyutping, and I totally made a guess for the romanisation, hence as usual, please feel free to correct me. 

Hope you enjoy the MV as I do!

“Love Makes a Fool of None” - A Chor Lau Heung... by icha74

Love Makes a Fool of None

Composer: Zhao Wenhai
Lyrics: WH Tang
Vocals: Liza Wang

踏上高處 多少風雨 為何要今朝獨處
Daap soeng gou cyu do siu fung jyu wai ho jiu gam ciu duk cyu
Having been through a difficult journey, why choose to be alone now?

哭笑聲不再復見 情感心內儲
Huk siu seng bat zoi fau gin cing gam sam noi cyu
Tears and laughter are all gone, love is buried deep within the heart

在眼底裡 多少關注 難忘卻空山夜雨
Zoi ngaan dai leoi do siu gwaan zyu naan mong koek hung saan je jyu
So much concern in the eyes, unforgettable yet lonely evening mountain rain 

風雨中挑燈共語 長記心深處
Fung jyu zung tiu dang gung jyu coeng gei sam sam cyu
Our chat under the dim light as the storm battered the night is unforgettable
(Can’t forget our chat under the lantern light as the storm battered the night)

情和恨 涕淚歡娛 問世間哪個作主
Cing wo han tai leoi fun jyu man sai gaan naa go zok zyu
Love and hate, tears and laughter, which one leads your life?

誰說愛海原是飄渺 情若醉休說痴
Seoi syut ngoi hoi jyun si piu miu cing joek zeoi jau syut ci
Who said that the sea of love is beyond reach? Love makes a fool of none

獨怕高處 凄風苦雨 難留得歡欣暫駐
Duk paa gou cyu cai fung fu jyu naan lau dak fun jan zaam zyu
Afraid to stand alone on the mountain peak, bitter sadness in the wind and rain, so difficult to retain happiness

# 只有把多少舊愛 全留於心深處 #
zi jau baa do siu gau ngoi cyun lau jyu sam sam cyu
Only old love stays in the depth of my heart



Anonymous said...

Hi, I also enjoy your MV :) I still remember the sene in minutes 19-24 they both were cute n funny :)

Icha said...

Thanks a lot, Wina! I'm very bias of course, but I think Michael and Barbara made one of the cutest, if not THE cutest wuxia pairing of all time... Barbara and Felix as Huang Rong and Guo Jing were cute today, but they didn't have that much sparks to me. More like friendly relationship, which is okay too... For me, ya...for others will be different...

Sandy Le said...

I have been watching your MV re MB these days and really much enjoying them. I love how you chose and put in order the scenes. Thank you for your dedicated work so that we have amazing MB MVs…. Yayyyyy. :)

Icha said...

Thanks a lot, Sandy! I feel grateful that my works bring back those MB memories for you and others. I did spend quite a bit on the scene orders to make sure they resonance with the lyrics... At times I would also have to pester my Chinese speaking friends to translate the lyrics for me so that I understand the meaning about a song before I make the MV.

Say, if you have a particular song that you'd like me to make into an MB MV, let me know. The song should be either in Mandarin, Cantonese or English, preferably with English translation for the Mando/Canto ver. I like taking prompts. I'm now working on a fanfiction for Tamuyen. Haven't finished it, but I love it that I do it for an MB friend.

Sandy Le said...

Wow, I really feel a truly warm welcome with you offering to make more MVs upon request.

Mmm, I actually would like a CLH mv (or all MB series) with the sub theme song of the Line Walker (Micheal'recent drama, TVB). The song is Love Is Not Easy by Jinny Ng. How d'ya think? Have you watched Line Walker? By the way, I am also fr MB Paradise forum :)

Icha said...

I haven't watched Line Walker, but planning to. I also know which song yo meant. That's not the first/opening rock-nuanced themesong, right? Cos I plan to use that one for a Bat Prince vs CLH MV.

So yeah I think I can make the MV. I need to finish one MV first, and the Li Sai Man fanfiction, then I will do yours. About 14-17 days, okay?

Lemme see if the Love Is Not Easy can use all MB scenes. Perhaps will have to exclude LOCH 82 cos MB were enemies there. What do you think?

Haven't seen you for a while in the MB forum, Sandy. Do you mean the network site or the MB Paradise site?

Sandy Le said...

Yup, not the rock-nuanced song which is the main theme song. Actually the rock-buanced theme song fit well for the fightibg scenes so, yeah, as you suggested.

Also agreed with you to exclude LOCH .

Sure, I can wait as long as I know there will be more MB stuff to enjoy ;) , so please do not put pressure on yourself.

Yup, I meant the network forum. Just droppred by there and saw nice FD background.

Icha said...

Ah okay, now I know which song you meant. No worries, it can be done, just have to finish the other ones first!

For the FD background, saw your post on that. You mean The Foundation background? Or am I the only one who saw the Foundation (Li Sai Man and Chun Sik Sik) background in the Network?