Saturday, 28 October 2017

Update on Barbara Yung's gravestone

Barbara's grave in June 2017

Hi all... My apologies for not updating this blog for more than a month. About a month ago, Rob Radboud informed me that our friends in Hong Kong couldn't find the place for Barbara's gravestone. Thus, possibly the gravestone will be moved to Mainland China. I somehow felt sad about it, because Barbara's hometown was in HK, and I'd love to see the gravestone installed in HK. However, of course I know that Lam Chak et al had tried their best, much more than what I could do from behind my computer in Australia...

Then I think two weeks ago Rob informed me again that now Andrew Chan will bury Barbara's gravestone in the same square of grave as her own ashes. It seems that there is a belief that it would be much better for Barbara's spirit if the gravestone does not leave her grave. It might be a Chinese culture, which I somehow understand and respect.

Thus, for now the gravestone will remain in the Cambridge City Cemetery. I will not be able to see it the next time I'm going there... but I know that it will be there, buried underneath Barbara's new gravestone.

I used to think that Cambridge was too far away for fans to visit. However, after witnessing how beautiful and serene that town is, I am actually glad that Barbara's grave is in Cambridge. The lush beautiful greeneries of Cambridge provides that peaceful feeling... such that Rob said that coming to Barbara's grave is akin to a second home for him. There's peaceful solitude there that I actually have come to love.

I hope to visit the UK again next year... and if I do, I will make sure I make another post about it...

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