Wednesday, 6 September 2017

Update on Barbara Yung's tombstone

Sina's news on initiative for Barbara's tombstone

Apologies for the slow update on Barbara's tombstone. Last night, Rob informed me that the Hong Kong fan-club has persuaded the local newspaper to upload news about relocating Barbara's tombstone. The news was published yesterday (5 September 2017). Some of the HK media that uploaded this news are HKON and Oriental Daily (this is the e-paper of Oriental Daily).

In the Mainland, Sina has also picked the news for their own website, as seen here. The title of the article implies that the tombstone is definitely going to be returned to Hong Kong.


We know this is not a certain case yet - I wish it is... so let's keep praying and trying.

At the moment, we're still hoping that Lam Chak et al in Hong Kong will be able to secure a place for Barbara's tombstone in HK. If by October (which is next month) we have not found a place, we need to ask Andrew Chan if it's okay for him to store the stone in Cambridge first until we find a place in HK. Funds can be raised for that storage as well; some Mainland fans have contacted me, stating that they are willing to donate some funds for the storage. If anyone would like to contact Rob directly, his email is rmmmm1959 at hotmail dot com.

The rest of the Sina article is under the break. It says that Michael Miu and Felix Wong have been contacted, but so far there has been no traction. I hope we'll see the light at the end of the tunnel soon. I have also embedded a YouTube video I found just now about this news. Xinhua also put this news online, see here (Thanks to Rob Radboud for the link).

Update 13 September 2017: Friday last week (8 Sept), Lian He Ban Bao (a Singaporean newspaper) published the news about Barbara's tombstone. Last Saturday, Rob Radboud sent me the scans. The scans are below the break, courtesy of Ann (Singapore).



新浪娱乐讯 据香港媒体报道,已故艺人翁美玲虽已离世32年,但翁迷仍然遍布世界各地,而翁美玲在英国剑桥的墓碑,稍后因翁母的骨灰将与翁美玲合葬,而原有之心形墓碑亦会换上新墓 碑,有‘翁迷’正筹谋把心形墓碑运到香港摆放,以让翁迷可睹物思人作对翁美玲怀念,不过几经奔走至今仍未觅得安放地点。

  据翁迷表示,翁美玲母女10月合葬,与翁美玲的家人、荷兰籍初恋男友Rob Radboud联系,希望将翁美玲旧有的心形墓碑运返香港,并在一个公开地方安放,惟寻找可以安放的地点并不顺利,曾查询香港不少寺院但都遭到拒绝,有翁 美玲的粉丝讨论过将墓碑放于翁美玲就读过的学校,以及找翁美玲生前好友苗侨伟及黄日华等帮忙,但暂未付诸行动,据说,翁美玲母亲谊弟的大仔Andrew指 若今年10月前找不到存放地方,会考虑将该心形墓碑暂存在英国的仓库或他的车库内。



Lian He Ban Bao news (Friday 8 September 2017)

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