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Interview with Michael re LOCH 2017

Michael Miu was interviewed on 7 October 2016 on his recent roles in the Line Walker 2 (as Cheuk Sir) and in the Legend of Condor Heroes 2017 (as Huang Yaoshi). The followings are the translated and original versions of the interview. I have based my translation for the LOCH 2017 part from Google Translator, MDBG and the Kaypang Gallery Indonesian translation (thanks, Pangchu!). I translated the third and fourth parts myself from GT and MDBG. I didn’t translate part 1 about Line Walker 2; but I hopefully will in due course.

The original article can be found after the translation. It’s really nice to read the thoughts of our beautiful and wise Michael. Enjoy! Oh, and do correct me when you find mistakes in translation and interpretation, I surely have made some...

Update 9 Oct'16: Thanks to Krabs from SPCnet for editing some of my translation!

7 October 2016 by Zhang Xia

Part 2: From the Young Prince to Huang Yaoshi 

Michael Miu who starred in LOCH 1983 as the Young Prince (Xiao Huang Ye) Yang Kang, and harvested a large number of fans because of this role, has just finished filming the new version of LOCH where he portrayed the Master of the Peach Blossoms Island. This new role has apparently been his dream.

Reporter: This time you join the 2017 Legend of the Condor Heroes as Huang Yaoshi, which is a stark contrast to your previous role [in the 1983 version as Yang Kang]. Why did you choose this character this time?

Michael Miu (MM): the LOCH is a very complex and classic story with a very diverse audience ranging from those who watched the (1983) version and the current younger generations. Audience and readers will have their own images of the heroes in the story.

As for my reason for portraying Huang Yaoshi, there are two reasons. The first one is that I hope the audience don’t always associate me with Yang Kang, the Young Prince. Instead, I hope that they can see me as a new, fresh character. The second reason is because I am very fond of Huang Yaoshi, I think he is cool. He rules over an island, he excels in martial arts, he is unpredictable... I am overwhelmed by all those attributes. Also, the whole island is full of peach blossoms; I feel this person must be very romantic. Of the utmost importance: he is Huang Rong’s father; thus he must be full of wisdom. So, when I was approached for the role, I said, "Just stop, I'll take it."

Michael as Huang Yaoshi 2017 with Li Yitong (right, Huang Rong) and an actress that portrayed Mrs Huang

Reporter:  This version of Huang Yaoshi has certainly made people looking forward to. Can you share us a little more detail?

MM: I cannot share too much now... but indeed we have many versions of LOCH series in the past, each leaving their own impressions. We do not intend to make a superior edition or new classic of the novel. I just hope to be myself, to create a new HYS, to let the viewers see a unique portrayal of HYS.

Peach Blossoms Island, from Michael's weibo

Part 3: Don’t call me a male god. I’m just an actor

From the romantic Young Prince Yang Kang to the [绝代双骄 - not sure this one] to the Generals of Yang, MM has been viewed by female viewers as an absolute god (in terms of ‘hunkiness’ I suppose). But MM said he didn’t dare to claim that title, for he’s just an actor.

Reporter: In the Mainland, your fans see you as an absolute male god.

MM: A god! Hahaha! I know this is an encouragement (a praise?), but the term “god” is too much. I cannot be a god, I’m just an actor, hahaha!

You ask me to define what a "god" is, I dare not give comments, for there are so many handsome actors out there. I think each actor has his own charm, his own aura. As long as you have confidence in yourself, you stand up there in front of the camera, express yourself, that’s the best you can do.

Reporter: Which one do you prefer: doing business or becoming an actor?

MM: To be honest, I prefer being an actor, for the business world has too much pressure. The actor just performs in front of the camera to relax your mood. You can do it freely without giving yourself too much pressure. I used to do business which gave me a lot of experience and many friends. I feel that my greatest achievement in trade/business is to become a much calmer person than before, which is applicable to life and filming.

Reporter: So now you choose to live in freedom, does it make you calmer?

MM: No matter whether it’s life or work, relax is important. When you’re agitated, (remember that) things will be better (more comfortable) as long as you relax. I think having sufficient time to rest is very important for everyone. It’s also important to exercise. These days, people exercise more than we used to, which is good.

Michael Miu (Yang Kang 1983) and Chen Xingxu (Yang Kang 2017)

Part 4: Retirement is boring

MM currently doesn’t want to retire, for if he does, he might feel bored. If you can (still) work to maintain vitality, to motivate life, it’s better to go on working, for thus life is fulfilled and happy.

Reporter: What do you do when you are not working?

MM: I have two things in my life: reading and watching movies/going to the cinema. I can enrich life experience and improve my own performance through reading and watching movies. As for going to the theatre, I want to learn from the performances of other actors.

Reporter: If you want to retire one day, do you want to travel with your wife?

MM: I really haven’t thought of retiring, haha, because retirement is boring, nothing to do. I think working is very important for everyone; it’s up to you whether you want your load to be busy or easy/relaxing. There’s this vibrant dynamic during filming. If you retire, you may not experience such a state again.

Reporter: Any suggestions for hard-working younger generations?

MM: Be positive when working, for thus you will always learn something. For young people and students, reading is working. For office workers, working is learning. In short, people must have things to do. People easily age if they are bored. Hence, we must always work, or having a goal, don’t waste the time and energy you have.


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